2015 Battle Of The Helix Twinks Round 2: Which Twink Is Tops?

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helix twinks2Nearly 25,000 votes were cast earlier this month, making Kyle Ross the clear winner in Round 1 of the 2015 Battle Of the Helix Twinks. Now, it’s time to find out which twink will win Round 2.

Take your time examining the five mega twinks in this post. Once you’ve finished, please vote for your FAVORITE of all five twinks in the below poll. Like one twink in particular and want to see him succeed? Feel free to vote for him as many times as you want, because this poll is open to MULTIPLE votes. Voting will remain open until next Monday, March 30th at 11:59 p.m. The winner of this second round will face off against Kyle Ross in the ultimate, final battle of the Helix Twinks to determine who is the 2015 Twink Supreme.

Who will win round two in the Battle Of The Helix Studios Twinks? Vote (as many times as you want) below!

andytaylorAndy Taylor: Sassy powerbottom who never met a cock he couldn’t ride!

Must watch scene: Jasper Robinson fucks Andy Taylor.

[Helix Studios: Andy Taylor Complete Filmography]

kody knightKody Knight: Horse-hung twunk with a heart of gold.

Must watch scene: Kody Knight and Evan Parker spit-roast Luke Allen.

[Helix Studios: Kody Knight Complete Filmography]

maxcarterMax Carter: Versatile superstar who gives just as good as he takes!

Must watch scene: Max Carter flip-fucks with Dustin Gold.

[Helix Studios: Max Carter Complete Filmography]

jacob-dixon_1400273279024jacob dixonJacob Dixon: Seductive sweetheart with the biggest twink cock in gay porn.

Must watch scene: Jacob Dixon fucks Cooper Steele.

[Helix Studios: Jacob Dixon Complete Filmography]

jessiemontjessie-montgomery_1378932732848Jessie Montgomery: The blond bombshell.

Must watch scene: Landon Conrad fucks Jessie Montgomery.

[Helix Studios: Jessie Montgomery Complete Filmography]

Which twink is tops? Don’t forget to vote below as often as you’d like until Monday, March 30th at 11:59 pm!helix twinks2

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