Antonio Biaggi Accuses NakedSword Of “Fake Cum Shots And Fake Fucks”

Posted July 31, 2015 by with 32 comments

antonio biaggi pamThe last time we heard from Antonio Biaggi, he was calling Boomer Banks “desperate” for making his bottoming debut. Now, the horse-hung hothead is coming for NakedSword, accusing the gay porn studio of having “fake cum shots” and “fake fucks” in a series of videos posted to Twitter and Instagram this week. Here’s the first one:

Why so mad? Antonio Biaggi is probably upset due to a recent article on NakedSword’s blog disparaging his status as a porn star, which went on to call his membership website “janky” (which, to be fair, it is).

Here’s another video for his Spanish-speaking fans, in which I think he’s saying pretty much the same thing?

And here’s the last video, in which Biaggi defends his website’s content (before being cut off for talking too long):

I love a good social media fight, but they’re usually better when people are dealing in truths. And unless I’ve missed something over the years, NakedSword has never released a movie with fake fucking or fake cum shots (and I try to keep track of those). So, Antonio Biaggi, if such movies do exist, let’s see ’em, you big-dicked nutjob.


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