Arad Winwin Slams Jeremy Spreadums In Yoga-Themed, Cum-Drenched Fuckfest

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mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-58Arad Winwin and Jeremy Spreadums are two of the best looking models working today, so seeing them paired together is an epic muscle/hotness overload. Their ripped bodies look great, and this is a yoga-themed scene from GayRoom:

mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-12 mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-32

Hottest duo of the year? Perhaps…

mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-76Both Arad and Jeremy’s sexual performances are on point (it appears they really enjoyed fucking). Also, GayRoom’s photos are nice, so I’ve included a lot of them below for your viewing pleasure. The scene trailer is down at the bottom of the post.

mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-22 mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-21 mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-24 mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-35 mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-44 mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-46 mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-81 mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-154 mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-178 mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-184One complaint: Both of the cum shots in this scene are massive, and they were filmed well. So, I don’t know why GayRoom (like a few other studios) still stages these fake cum shot photos:

mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-221 mr_jeremyspreadums_pics-236Gif of Arad Winwin’s actual cum shot, which is one of the longest, most explosive, never-ending cum shots of 2017:

aradjeremy1Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayRoom: Arad Winwin Fucks Jeremy Spreadums]