Justin Matthews Gets DRENCHED In His And Arad Winwin’s Cum

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dg1a1642When I first saw these photos and then the opening of this CockyBoys video, I was like, wow, Justin Matthews looks good.

dg1a1719Then, by the end of the scene, when I saw the tan and glistening Justin Matthews completely drenched in both his and Arad Winwin’s massive loads, it was clear that Justin Matthews doesn’t just look good, he actually looks better than ever:


After cumming all over himself, Justin takes Arad’s load on his face, in his mouth, and on his chest:


The hotness of ripped muscle hunk Arad Winwin obviously speaks for itself, but with Justin Matthews, this is among CockyBoys’ most drop dead gorgeous duos of the year:

dg1a1748 dg1a1829Note: Memberships to CockyBoys are 50% off using this or any link in this post.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Arad Winwin Fucks Justin Matthews]


  • a b

    That’s a lot of fake cum

    • Zachary Sire

      Not sure what you’re talking about, as you clearly see both of their cocks cumming in the video.

      • peter

        Was going to say. This ain’t FraternityX where they need to show the Miracle Whip dripping out of the ass.

    • zetan

      Not sure if it is fake but I’d choose a well executed fake shot over some weak genuine raindrops any day.

  • zetan

    FACIAL! FACIAL! Facial…Ok that’s not a pretty enough face, so whatever…

    • peter

      You’re kidding me


    WOW! That’s a scene I need to watch.

  • CamCam

    Yeah this scene looks like a BIG winner!

  • Schnitzel

    Wow they both look good and good together. That last gif of Justin licking his lips or cum of them is really hot. A winwin scene.

  • Jbj

    Fuck yes – what a hot pairing! Is there anything hotter than Justin’s abs popping?! ?

  • Sebastian S
  • peter

    Justin makes me so fuckin’ hard! I love seeing him take it!

  • Scrapple

    Arad used to be the most boring of tops, then somewhere along the way he actually became good. This pairing looks saucy.

    I’ll be very upset if Justin Brody leaves the industry before destroying Justin Matthews.

    • Sebastian S

      He HAS gotten better and much more connected with his scene partners. My only critique of his topping is that sometimes he does that thing where he’ll do 2-3 strokes then moves around, almost like he’s not in a comfortable position. Very minor quibble.
      This was very enjoyable. Justin looks very lovely.

  • Jason

    My only concern is, he looked great in the speedos in the first part, but if you’re gonna do speedos for the scene, you need a better tan. But bottominh and being glazed in cum works well for me.

    • peter

      I wish Justin’d spent more time in the speedo. He wore it so well! He has the kind of body for which they were meant!

      He’s bronzed enough from the waist up. It looks like he spent most of the summer wearing board-shorts.

      Based on the absence of anyone on the Pines beach, my guess is that this scene was filmed shortly after Labor Day, which while still pretty warm is a tough time to get a tan.

      • Jason

        I agree that the wearing of the speedos was too short. Yes he looked hot, and I guess speedos are not his norm, but part of the prep should have been the right tan.

  • rafaeljock

    Arad is really fuking hot but he should bottom

  • emercycrite

    Justin looks amazing here. The light fuzz he has all over his biceps and arms is so fucking sexy.

  • Eiger

    Granted that Arad is truly HOT, however, he really should bottom.