BelAmi Had “Reservations” About Releasing Maori Mortensen’s First Gay Sex Scene Because Of His Arm Tattoo

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BelAmi has released the very first gay sex scene from newcomer Maori Mortensen, and it comes with a scene description revealing that the studio had “reservations” about releasing this scene. You can read that description below, but first, some photos of Maori (who is clearly hot as fuck, with an excellent cock and a great body), who is one of the best BelAmi newcomers this year. His scene partner is drop dead gorgeous Ariel Vanean, who gets to fuck the versatile Maori bareback.

001 002 006 010 012 014 017Here’s the BelAmi write-up, in which they say they had “reservations” about releasing this scene (which is a good scene), and they were “hesitant” about Maori due to his arm tattoo. Compared to other gay porn star tattoos, it’s barely noticeable!

It took us a little while between filming softcore material with him and hardcore which resulted in a bit of an extended gap since you last saw him (we were a bit hesitant mainly due to his arm tattoo, which we know we will get ample feedback on here). His fuck buddy for today is Ariel Vanean and the scene is filmed by Vlado Iresch. Despite our reservations, Maori is a great versatile performer who loves fucking and getting fucked, which is on show here as Ariel gives him all that he’s got.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Ariel Vanean Fucks Maori Mortensen Bareback]

  • DaveAtom

    He’s cute. But I just really care about Ariel being here. He is the star everytime, everywhere, with everyone.

    • TrumpToupee89

      I wish they would let him perform with his beard. He looks very hot with it.

  • Svenne

    Both are hot. Omnomnom. #foreskinsuperiority

  • Proud Nerve

    No beards, no tatts… how dumb

  • B.C.

    I thought BA broke their taboo with Kevin Warhol. One tattoo per guy policy. How is this any different from Kevin’s neck ink?

    • JasCo

      I prefer a tattoo on the arm to one on the neck.

      • B.C.

        Yes, always a better choice, but I prefer small tats on not so visible places.

    • Ty Huber

      True re: Kevin, then they doubled down with cutie-pie Sven Basquiat’s shoulder tattoo, which most twink lovers (like me) fail to even notice. There’s even body hair showing up at BA. Both developments have served to polarize the BA community, however; endless pearl-clutching can be enjoyed by reading the BA Forum (membership required, though).

      • B.C.

        When I got into intensely following porn I had subscribed to BA, but it is mostly “same old, same old”, and my interest dwindled. I kind of wanted variety, not just drooling over vanilla flavour. Then I discovered CockyBoys. They offer great variety, and I like their little ventures into artsy genre.

        • Ty Huber

          This is such an interesting topic. I, too, enjoy artistry in porn yet sometimes find it pretentious (come on, it’s guys fucking). I frequently bought a 30 day membership at Cockyboys and agree that they have high standards, but so many scenes were so extravagantly edited and compiled as to appear less than real. I’m delighted to see Cockyboys move in the direction of more bareback, natural sex and I’m eager to sign up again sometime soon. Re: BA and “same old, same old,” I was attempting to wank this morning to an older scene with Ennio Guardi topping the darling Chris Young, and it occurred to me that it was EXACTLY the type of scene so many BA haters reference: mechanical, dull, rote kind of thing. But I think BA has evolved, and while they don’t always hit it out of the park, the quality, the artistry, the eroticism are better than ever. I don’t know what their recipe is, but it seems to include long shots (as opposed to lots of clips) and attention to having many things to enjoy in every shot. That is, in the same shot I’m enjoying the penetration, also the facial expressions, and the musculature of the models. That’s careful porn production. IMHO, BA continues to provide what fans have always enjoyed, but they also keep expanding their content to respond to newer interests.

  • Xzamilloh

    Oh, wow… a model of color lol

    • Svenne


    • Scrapple

      Lol. That’s why they named him Maori.

  • lukaeber

    Neck tattoos are fine … but an arm tattoo? Scandalous

  • GN

    Wouldn’t want to promote even a smidgen of diversity, arm tats is how it starts. Next thing you know models show up covered from head to toe (in brown skin).

    • Scrapple

      That would give them an excuse to film a sequel to the culturally diverse masterpiece that was “Jambo Africa.”

      • Burkeman

        We are talking about a studio that used to claim they only employed straights, because gays and bisexuals are too ‘fussy’.

    • Hari Kalyan

      lol hey its the look they’ve cultivated for the past 25 yrs and what their fans have come to expect. You’re not gonna shove diversity down BelAmi’s throat. Its not in their vocabulary. As popular as they are you could argue it is very much niche site.

  • Symon Lee

    Welcome to the world of BelAmi everyone!! This is where all our money is going to….xD

  • CamCam

    They’re both sexy and this scene looks sexy too. I’ll definitely check it out.

  • When I saw the first pics I thought he was hiding a Nazi tattoo or something, but then when i saw the arm tat I thought to myself Bel Ami needs to move into the current times where a Pew Research Center study that said about 38 percent of young people ages 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo.

    • Ty Huber

      I also expected to see something offensive and I commented upthread about this. Suffice it to say, the target audience for BA is slightly older than the 18-29 range and can be very set in their ways.

    • johnn

      38%? how ordinary and unexceptional tats have become..

  • PaulieP

    It’s a start now just get some life into them……any of them….

  • Eclipse

    Imma let y’all finish but Ariel Vanean is one of the greatest porn stars OF ALL TIME.

  • johnn

    honestly i think tats are sooooo common and ordinary, everyone seems to have one, if a hot guy really wants to be different DO NOT get a tat- that will make you different and stand out LOL. tattoos are not the exceptional “bad boy” “hey look how exceptional and different i am” thing that they were a long time ago. some say oh but mine is different, exceptional, not like the rest, well i’d be willing to bet that for a while now most of us glance over a tat on a guy because they are so ordinary and very few people really take any time to really look a them

    • nick

      Are you my mother ?

  • C3xxx

    ‘Scuse me as I lose myself imagining Maori doing a haka in the nude. Tattoo? what tattoo

  • John

    Well past what BelAmi does…give me Lukas, Johan and Dolph forget the rest….

    • Ty Huber

      Your comment made me nostalgic for BA’s days of yore, especially when Sebastian Bonnet was a headliner. Such a beautiful and charismatic young man whose body was, by contemporary standards, just okay (and delightfully delicious, make no mistake). With no disrespect to the models you mentioned, I think BA has continued to provide astonishingly sexy models and the direction and production quality are better than ever. And while no one will replace Lukas, Johan, and Dolph, there are many, many models who can rival each of them. Time marches on.

      • Paul J

        Sebastian Bonnet…… a real star, I’d watch him do the washing up. (Shirtless of course). Also Johan topping in Lukas Story II I think. It was like he went into a trance…

  • Eric from Sweden

    Well, I can tell you that the scene is hot as hell!! That’s all that matters to me.

  • Jon

    Maybe if they channeled this energy into finding models that aren’t boring dolls who can’t fuck, their studio wouldn’t be so useless.

    • von schlomo

      I read so many MESMERIZED by Bel Ami and gushing over so many different facets of utter perfection and I wonder if they just fell off the turnip truck. I guess Bel Ami is so wonderful if you haven’t seen anything else AND haven’t seen too many BA scenes….because they are monotonous and overly trained/directed.

  • TheLisp
  • UnhealthyNutter

    Why is some white Eastern European guy named ‘Maori’ when he’s not at all Polynesian??..

    • Ty Huber

      BA guys get their names assigned to them. My guess is that GD liked the sound of it, and there was little thought given to the ethnic or cultural significance. But I agree that it’s an odd choice for a name.

      • von schlomo

        In my estimation, you are half right. Duroy sits around thinking of model names in his spare time and since he’s not an idiot nor is he provincial, he knows EXACTLY what every single name means, its derivation and everything about it. That’s why he chooses them.

  • pje821

    I hate tattoos, and have been criticized heavily for expressing my opinion. Almost any studio you could name employs models covered in ink, so fans of ink have endless choices. One of the reasons I remain a subscriber to Bel Ami is the lack of ink on most of their models; there are exceptions. And, of course, their masterful technical quality. It’s one of the rare studios whose scenes I can watch and not be distracted/disgusted by ink. Yes, their models have a similar look (too may skinny boys for my taste) but their standards are generally high. I like darker-skinned models equally as much, BTW. There are plenty of choices out there, so enjoy what appeals to you and ignore the rest.

  • He’s fine as fuck. I personally think the tattoo is cute.

  • I hate his tatoo and tatoos in general. I hope Bel Ami won’t have any more models with tatoos.

  • Alan Song

    doesn’t bother me at all.