Ashton Summers Takes A Naked, Steamy Shower With Tyler Hill, And You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next…

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Pride-Pound-009Ashton Summers has topped several of Helix’s best bottoms over the last few months, and today he gets to taste possibly the best, sweetest bubble butt of them all…Tyler Hill’s:

Pride-Pound-011 Pride-Pound-012 Pride-Pound-014 Pride-Pound-015 Pride-Pound-020 Pride-Pound-023 Pride-Pound-025

This starts with sucking and rimming in the shower, and both Ashton and Tyler show off their fine bodies:

Pride-Pound-027 Pride-Pound-028They eventually move out of the shower to fuck, and if you’ve seen either of these performers have sex before, you know how good this is going to be:

Pride-Pound-029 Pride-Pound-034 Pride-Pound-035 Pride-Pound-036Based on their physical appearances alone, this is the best looking duo of the month so far, but their topping and bottoming skills also makes this some of the best fucking of the month, too. This was beautifully filmed during Las Vegas Pride just a couple weeks back, and you’ll see some fun cameos from other Helix models (Joey Mills, Cameron Parks, etc.) in the opening moments. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Ashton Summers Fucks Tyler Hill]


  • emercycrite

    Ashton was one of the best things to come out from LE.

    • sxg

      Don’t you mean escape from?

  • Etienne

    ..perhaps just about the ONLY good thing …

  • Scrapple

    They look great dry. They look great wet. But I will never understand scenes where the models are getting frisky in the shower, then cut to them fucking in the bathroom or a bedroom and they’re not still dripping.

    • Philip Broad

      Me neither.
      Also, when two guys are kissing fully-clothed in the street and the very next second they’re naked on a bed.
      How do they do that?

      • Scrapple

        Gay Magic.

  • Zealot

    Ashton Summers Takes A Naked, Steamy Shower With Tyler Hill, And You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next…

    I love this game! (and if it involves a spinning top in someone’s ass…..SCORE!)

    I’m going to say that someone involved is going to have cleaner hair.
    Someone is going to drop the soap…on purpose
    Something may be going into something else, and hilarity will ensue
    A prize of some sort will be won
    Vadim Black will not appear and offer an environment-saving tip

    What do I win??

  • Jon

    All these toppings lately, he better not go that dumb Diego Sans route and stop bottoming.

  • Devin

    That all? I was expecting something shocking

  • Baradude
  • Stacy

    I saw Helix and was hoping for more Cole Claire

    • Galaxy_Scribe

      Said no one ever

  • Jbj

    Oh my – an extremely hot duo here. ??

  • TK

    Tyler’s twitter makes it seem like he and Evan are splitsville. He’s moving out.

    • lukaeber

      Maybe he’ll start barebacking again.

  • Ray Stevie

    I love it how they both have pimples! So cute

  • Marcus Collack

    Every now and again, you see a porn star that could easily be on the CW, MTV, a myriad of internet platforms, and/or reality shows, and you think to yourself why does the porn agent immediately not try to get them on these shows, they look spectacular they have a big dick, and they are willing to do nudity and simulate sex (cause you know they’re having actual sex) Ashton Summers is one of the people.