ATTA GIRL: Meet The Woman Behind Treasure Island Media’s Meth-Slamming, STD-Injecting Movies

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10171231_10152300472081465_5195594037904669099_nMeet Treasure Island Media’s new digital marketing and affiliate manager, “Scarlet.” On her Tumblr and her Twitter, her name is “Scarlet Faux,” and unfortunately she’s not happy with my recent coverage of her employer. So, she canceled the Str8UpGayPorn affiliate account. (As you’ll recall, Str8UpGayPorn has already pledged to donate any Treasure Island affiliate revenue to an AIDS charity.)

tawny sverdlinScarlet sells movies featuring men being turkey basted with 200 loads of HIV-positive semen, so she probably knows a thing or two about batshit drama!

A quick Google search reveals that before Scarlet was promoting Treasure Island Media and leaving comments here under the name of the tube site she runs, “ToxxxicTube,” Scarlet had a fairly expansive social media presence. Earlier this year, she even wrote an article about how to handle insomnia!

Speaking of good health, what I put into my body has a huge impact on how well I do or don’t sleep. Drinking alcohol before bed, for example, interferes with obtaining deep sleep. Sleeping pills have dozens of terrifying side effects including addiction, depression and cancer. Chugging coffee well into the evening? Yeah, that’s a bad idea, too. The stimulating effects of coffee last up to eight hours, so if you’re aiming for a 10 o’clock bedtime, a hot cup of coffee in the afternoon will not help.

Are you the kind of person who takes health advice from the kind of person who markets movies like Slammed, Viral Loads, and dozens of tube clips featuring men injecting themselves with methamphetamines? If so, take it from Scarlet!


Nowadays, Scarlet is committed to promoting Treasure Island Media porn like So You Wanna Be A Cum Dump and of course her ToxxxicTube site, and she was even at the Phoenix Forum last month. I wonder if she did any meth and got fucked bareback while she was there??


Do as I say, not as I do!

What’s next for Scarlet? Well, the last person who held Scarlet’s job at Treasure Island Media, Mitch Mason, resigned from his position and is now being sued by TIM for a variety of offenses. So, who knows what the future holds for Miss Scarlet!


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