Treasure Island Media’s Viral Loads Features Jar Of HIV-Positive Semen

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pozcumDare you to drink it?

If you read the press release for Treasure Island Media’s Viral Loads last month and have been on the edge of your seat waiting for the trailer, today’s your lucky day. Featuring Dayton O’Connor, Derek Parker, Drew Sebastian, Blue Bailey, Logan Stevens, and several other gay porn stars cumming into a glass jar labeled “poz cum,” Viral Loads is sure to be a big hit with Cal/OSHA officials.

pozJust what in the world are they going to do with a jar full of HIV-positive semen? Dump it all inside Blue Bailey’s ass, of course.

Blue Bailey got in touch with me the next day and said he wanted some kind of man-worship initiation. So I took a few days to set it up. When he enters the room, he knows he’s in for a real rite of passage. The willing, hungry lad gets gang-fucked by a roomful of studs. Most are poz, some are neg. Who the fuck cares? Not Blue, that’s for fuckin’ sure. 

To finish up his man worship initiation, we bring out a brimful jar full of more than 200 poz loads. Blue’s good buddies Dayton O’Connor and Drew Sebastian carefully squirt every fucking drop up Blue’s knocked-up ass. Max X slurps Blue’s jizz-leaking ass throughout, establishing himself as the new world’s felching-champion.

Well, thank goodness Dayton and Drew were careful! Who the fuck cares, indeed:

[Treasure Island: Viral Loads]

Treasure Island Media isn’t really a gay pornography studio anymore, is it? Now, their business model is 100% focused on fetishizing the deliberate spread of infectious diseases. But with today’s drama over AB1576—the proposed California legislation that would mandate condoms and STD testing for all porn productions statewide—TIM might not be able to celebrate for much longer. Unless they have enough money to transfer their entire operation out of state? It all seems so pointless. We’re dedicated to letting people give each other HIV, so we moved to Nevada.

The irony, of course, is that while TIM wants to make having sex and becoming infected with HIV feel like some kind of horror movie, many Americans with the virus are living longer, happier, and healthier lives than ever before. But TIM is in the business of terror and death (which is a weird thing to expect people to jerk off to) and this is all they know. It’s all they have left. And there’s still an audience for everything, I guess. Even snuff films.


  • Diesel Washington

    U hit the nail on coffin(bad pun)
    Clearly they don’t care about anything but Hype. This is what porn has come to??

    • JoshChicago

      But, then again Terrance, where would YOU, be, without “Hype”?
      Regardless of the fact that it’s always your own.

      But I digress.

      • Dazzer

        There’s throwing shade and then there’s waiting 12 hours for the sun to pass the median to actually find a shadow.

        Frankly, JoshChicago, I expect better wit from you. Everyone has an off-day, but you don’t have to make it public.

  • NickDC

    Breaking News:

    Although a late edition, the Jar Of HIV-Positive Semen has been nominated for Grabbys in the following categories: Best Newcomer, Best Actor, Best Versatile Performer and Performer of the Year.

    • Mike G

      It is a freaking hot video no matter what those opposed to it say.

  • Cosmic

    Why don’t they cut out the middle man and just film straight up corpse fucking?

    • JoshChicago

      because Michael Lucas is being kept alive by injections of Embalming chemicals which prevent him from being your main, middle man.

    • Why are you available?

      • Cosmic

        Don’t worry your job is safe.

    • Mike G

      That is ridiculous. HIV is no longer a death sentence but a chronic illness and it is much safer to shoot a bareback film with all poz guys. You need to get up to date…it isn’t 1995.

      • Cosmic

        I’m sorry I don’t care how technically “safe” it is,when you make a video glorifying HIV infection and bug chasing that’s just sick.

        • Mike G

          You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I sure don’t want to watch any porn with condoms. I do think bareback porn is on the rise for a reason but I also believe they should only use poz actors not bug chasers. There is def a reason TIM quickly rose to the top of gay porn industry…they make hot videos.

          • Cosmic

            Well if you’re into videos of guys slamming meth and carving names into their partner’s chest and using the blood as lube then I doubt we’re going to see eye to eye on much of anything.

        • Phraughy

          It is sociopathic. Very very disturbing.

      • Phraughy

        Yeah, a chronic illness that has wreaked havoc in my life.

    • StarTrek1701

      Careful what you wish for…

  • Dean

    This kind of thing is really hot in straight porn. Although at least there you don’t have to worry about the diseases and such. Whether it’s “poz cum” or not, I’d rather they try not to fetishize it and just let the act speak for itself.

    • JoshChicago

      Currently, aside from Michael Lucas, himself – you are the sickest mother fucker who posts here. Congratulations!

      • Dean

        Thanks grandpa. That means alot <3

        • JoshChicago

          Fuck you and die a slow and painfully infected life without the meds you can’t afford.

          I hope that didn’t sound harsh.

    • zach

      ??!? Because no one in straight porn can have STDs? LMAOOOOOOOOO

      • Dean

        Testing in straight porn is pretty good at weeding out performers with diseases and infections so nothing gets transmitted during scenes like these, which gay porn does not have, and I’m pretty sure you already knew that’s what I meant.

        • Estelle

          There is no testing for herpes or hepatitis hpv, both of which can have devastating life long effects on a person. Up until last year syphlis was not regularly tested for either.

        • JoshChicago

          Yes! And Rod Daily will most certainly be there with you to back this up! What could possibly go wrong with trusting people in porn to have YOUR interests before theirs?


          • LB

            Rod’s girlfriend’s HIV was caught in her pre-shoot testing, and Rod tested poz shortly thereafter. Neither one of them shot for the straight porn industry after they seroconverted. In their cases, the straight porn industry’s pre-shoot testing policy was effective in keeping HIV off the set.

    • jcd

      you are a piece of shit, but you already knew that seeing as how you get off on deadly disease. A shit streak of our existence here that no one will give a shit is gone.

      Have fun taking your poison pills to keep yourself alive.

      • Dean

        This is porn dummy. It’s not that serious. Get over yourself.

  • Zoompietro

    I can’t believe that they really do this stuff; I mean I really don’t believe that they’re actually doing this. They’re just tricking people to create buzz. There’s no way! What guy in his right mind would let someone inject 200 poz loads into him? This has to be a gimmick.

  • NG212

    TIM is gross as hell. As usual.

    Regarding ‘Fergus,’ the Irish football player referenced on the home page, people are more outraged by his second scene. It’s called his ‘Second Audition,’ and he flip fucks with this other guy, including making out and the full oral spectrum. It’s a little more exciting than his first video.

  • JoshChicago

    “Treasure Island Media’s Viral Loads Features Jar Of HIV-Positive Semen”

    Wasn’t that jar already given as the “wedding/BF- gift” to Michael Lucas’ new boyfriend through his [Lucas’] careless, reckless and irresponsible raw fucking of his beloved, new hole to fuck, as a sign of studio profit, love and desperation?

    Michael Lucas is Raw fucking his HIV+ boyfriend, and then, in turn, raw fucking the models whom he pays to perform for him. What could possibly be wrong and go wrong, with any of that?

    • jcd

      yeah but it’s cool n stuff, having to take toxic poison pills every day. Or something like that

  • Bull

    I don’t know what’s worse, TIM for making this or the people who buy. I’m not horrified as much as I am sad.

    • It is a porno not a how too educational video. The “semen” is probably fake anyway. You people that take everything so seriously like it is real really need to lighten up.

  • JoshChicago

    Hello! and good-grave evening!

    I’m Michale Lucas and I’m here to tell you all that even though I was born 40 years before The AIDS crisis infected many of you still alive – and those of whom you have previously buried….

    It’s OK now to fuck RAW HIV+ people without risk to others. Others being those I fuck and then demand you to fuck as well.

    It’s all about the blue pill TRUVADA, that you probably can’t afford to buy (not that you would if you could) and the misinformation about that pill which I have chosen to believe.

    I have chosen to believe this because I need to believe this. My studio is dependent upon you fucking, or getting fucked by me, or others, who have raw fucked HIV+ individuals and thinking it’s OK and safe to do.

    Here’s $300.00. Spread the virus amongst you. Just don’t call me when you need the cash or insurance to pay for the other two pills every month – for the rest of your life.

    • Dazzer

      Now that is excellent shade. Made me laugh. Thank you for that.

  • It’s Butterscotch pudding not semen!

  • GN

    Although the thought of it is gross, HIV-positive semen that has been sitting around and exposed to air, has been rendered innocuous. Drink away, (if you must).

    • It’s funny that anyone would actually think that is real semen look at the color semen is usually not that brownish and there is some sort of white past settled at the bottom of the jar so that tells me it is fake. They were making a porn that is a work of fiction like that POZ semen.

      • That’s how cum looks like if you let it in a jar for a long time

        • Seaguy

          And you know this from experience?

          • I know this from the thousand of videos on the web about this, just visit xtube, there are a lot

          • Seaguy

            I visit Xtube there are no videos that I have seen with cum in jars that has been sitting for a long time. I don’t know what xtube videos your talking about.

          • Haver you searched it?
            You don’t know if you don’t search for it, is like YouTube, there are weird corners

          • Seaguy

            I typically search for topics that I know will find vids that turn me on to get me off and “jars of cum” or whatever term one would use to find something like that does not turn me on.

    • AndrewAndrewAndrew

      Absolutely. It’s totally laughable someone would think there’s any virus left in that – if it’s even real semen. However, there’s probably plenty of bacteria…

      • Barb Lester

        we were taught in our infectious disease class..that it mainly lasts about 10 minutes on a dry surface. and it is so physically fragile compared to others that if u get some on your hand..and NOTHING is reachable, rub it on a dry part of yur arm hard.not sure that one stood test of time. but it IS a fragile virus, relatively hard to tranmit. i hope its just a protein shake.

    • pdquick

      That’s not really true. There is no amount of time that semen sitting around can be considered “rendered innocuous.”

      But remember, this is a fantasy shot for a porn film. The real life actors are generally either already positive and on meds, or on PrEP.

  • Zealot

    Nothing sexy about this. It’s like watching mass suicide.

    BTW…I guess i just assume that everyone at TIM is HIV-positive, and they keep passing it back and forth like a volleyball. Maybe that’s what season 2 of “Helix” could cover….the mop up of TIM’s studios.

  • Spongey

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the virus could not survive once it was exposed to air or outside the body. So this may just be hooey.

  • Paul Morris or whoever runs his twitter account weighed in:

    Paul Morris

    10 hrs · Twitter ·

    Odd to be told that my company’s “in the business of terror and death” by one who profits directly from my work.

  • ToxxxicTube

    Hey, if you wanna link to the video you have to put a store link in 😉

  • jcd

    I am ashamed to be gay and in the same group with these disgusting, diseased shitbags.

    • jlenoconel


    • Cosmic


  • Jimmi Shrode

    Ew. Just ew.

  • Shane

    I’d rather have 200 men fuck my hole and have a live loads inside me. That’d be something!

  • Jacob Matthew

    Hi is there any gay poz porn companies I want to do porn.yes I am 26 bear and poz bottom

  • Shorty Latino

    .OH my gosh !! i love to get load to be filled up inside my hole… Im HIV poz and undecetable for 14 years I was told by doctor that I have an excellect number of my tcells and VIral loads . be Honest i never believe in condom at all .. so i kept countine to get load inside my hole …

  • Barb Lester

    anyone think that these men would be having safe sex if they were not being filmed? i know the argument normalizes n glamorizes it for others. and am willing to see any info on that.

  • nanfeng

    This is a travesty! They have no finesse, A jar? A freaking jar? They should have gone with a crystal decanter. My god!

  • Mercy Johnson

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  • Bob Budenbender

    Don’t know why so many complain about breeding and seeding,safe sex is bullshit and we all know it, Pig sex is where its at and only wish TI would use me like other have been used. I’d beg for it!

  • Phraughy