Gay Porn Before And After: Austin Wolf 2012 Vs. 2019

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NSV064_SD_0838Today’s Gay Porn Before And After features gay porn star Austin Wolf, who started his adult career all the way back in 2012 on the now defunct Randy Blue. Seven years later, Austin is still going strong as a Falcon exclusive, and he also owns and operates his own membership site for performer-created content, 4MyFans. Austin Wolf 2012 vs. Austin Wolf 2019:

aus555I know these Before And After posts can be more fun when there’s been a dramatic or noticeable change in a performer’s appearance, but I don’t think Austin Wolf has really aged at all!? His body is more defined, but he somehow looks almost exactly the same, and he’s still as fresh-faced as he was seven years ago.

2012 vs. 2019:

aus44 aus77The only difference between Austin’s Randy Blue days and his current work at Falcon is that, as many know, Austin does not bottom in his Falcon scenes.

Austin Wolf did get fucked twice on Randy Blue in 2015, by Kurtis Wolfe and then Tyler Wolf (maybe he only lets guys with the same last name as him fuck him?):


Will we ever see this giant bubble butt being fucked again?

Austin Wolf Austin Wolf Gay Muscle Hunks Austin Wolf and Kurtis Wolfe fuck each other Austin WolfAustin’s four-year bottoming hiatus hasn’t hurt his career, and he’s back today in his first great scene of 2019, topping powerbottom Alam Wernik in the finale of NakedSword’s Rags To Riches:

NSV064_SD_0782 NSV064_SD_0797 NSV064_SD_0764Trailer (watch full scene here):

[NakedSword: Austin Wolf Fucks Alam Wernik]

  • Huron

    Alam looks perfect sitting on Austins cock. Austin has really become a daddy and it looks amazing on him. Always loved seeing him. He has always given hot pounding!

  • Ceecee

    I think Austin Wolf is insanely hot, he was then and he is now.

    Also onlyfans content might be largely trash, but Austin’s stuff is absolutely the very best of the lot. I think it’s just the right mix of hot amateur homemade stuff but it’s not dark as night or filmed on a Nokia flip-phone.

  • The Porn Emperor

    He really needs to bottom more, but he’s always feuding with other pornstars, including those who would be good tops for him.

  • Cosmic

    A jerk then and a jerk now.

    • A hot jerk!

      • Cosmic

        Is still a jerk.

  • macko

    I’ll take both versions…all the time.

  • Hotpocket_cub

    Kinda hot both but hes just more swole, more chest hair and less on top of his head.

  • Xzamilloh

    I do love tats, but the stomach one reads “tramp stamp”

    • GayhawkAZ

      And he’s had that bullshit for over 10 years, because he posted on his Instagram a picture of him for that whole 10-year challenge. It was ugly then, it’s ugly now.

  • Like a fine wine he just seems to get better with age.

  • von schlomo

    Nope and never. I guess for all y’all he’s the perfect example of his type? (A type that does nothing for me.)

  • pje821

    He’s very handsome and has perfect musculature, but I despise his tattoos. They’re ugly and very distracting, which is too bad, because he’s a good performer/

  • PaulieP

    he no longer goes to my gym but he spent more time going from locker room to shower and back to the locker room and back to the shower… almost like a ping pong….


    Such a handsome fella. xoxoo

  • TruthTeller2020

    The irony of this scene, when we know he’s been fucking Alam Wernik off camera for a minute. Austin Wolf needs to go back to bottoming more often( his got the ass for it). As much as he wants to be this alpha “strictly top”, he lack the equipment ( he’s barely average) and the skills. He’s always so mechanical in his scenes.

    • Ty Huber

      I’d generally agree with the “mechanical in his scenes” statement, but have you seen his pairing with Justin Owen on RB? Steamy. I’d have loved seeing those two flip (I dig putting the smaller/younger guy on top of daddy now and then).

      • SteadyNUnremitting

        His scenes post Randy Blue, has been mechanically.

    • TomJudsonWas

      He doesn’t do anything off camera and Alan W is a sexed up Home Alone kid

  • TruthTeller2020

    Both Alam Wernik and Austin Wolf are classic buttaheads.

  • Public_Gall

    I’m so pissed off about showing his ass in every scene’s screenshot. If he doesn’t want to get fucked on the scene, why does he keep showing his ass? and his topping is getting worse through the time. It’s so boring and monotonous from I waste my money for his fan site once.

    However, I prefer he get fucked since his face and body reaction when he’s cumming is more suitable when he gets fucked.

  • CamCam

    He’s hotter now than before but his scenes are worse now than they were in the past. He sucked dick a lot more in the Randy Blue days but now it’s a miracle to see him put a dick anywhere near his face. And it would be great if he bottomed again. He’s one of the poster children for all that’s wrong in gay porn in 2019 where men don’t worship and adore their partners ENTIRE body, not just being all about the ass. All he needs to do is suck dick regularly again and even do some bottoming and I’ll change my tune on him otherwise throw his ass out with yesterday’s trash.

  • Kanaka

    I just can’t. If you can muddle through his 4MF scenes he spends an inordinate amount of time tweaking his nips. Just annoying.

    • von schlomo

      Probably an attempt to inflate his flat dick.

  • Luthor

    Like all other muscle tops, not interested unless he bottoms.

    Such a shame the gayporn industry is so predictable when it comes to who tops and who bottoms.

  • #FearlessFanatic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜ

    how has he not caught anything? he fucks any and everything that breathes for the sake of an onlyfans video

    • GM

      Always from behind whilst he plays with his man nipples…You can also add Gabriel Cross and Griffin Burrows who will fuck anything for their onlyfans videos.

  • TomJudsonWas

    He said he wanted to get his life together after that airline video.A Falcon exclusive isn’t a role model and he definite not exciting as ChrisSteele
    Zac Spears
    John Magnum
    The sex is boring and he needs to be replaced lacks charisma and passion in performers I expect to have (which he lacks) abundantly.

  • Benton Fraser

    There is so much negarivity about this article and Austin; wow. He’s got an amazing body, he’s openly gay (something far too rare in gay porn), hasn’t backed Trump (another item that occurs too often amongst gay porn performers), sleeps with people from all walks of life (based on viewing of his “Fans”-based site), and seems to enjoy his work. His “Daddy”/Dominant-Top style might not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fair. His scenes do appeal to people and I say, well done stud.

  • Super Marco Manuel

    The boring thing about Austin Wolf now is that since he started his fans only videos,he just have sex with men for his only fans site.I wonder if he sometimes actually have sex with men without filming with a camera.Sex for Austin now only seems to be all about money.He will not have sex with men unless they accept to be filmed.

    Austin pretty much fucks anything that moves.He even have female escort clients.So,he is fluid sexually.He is muscular after all.Muscular men tends to be fluid sexually.He doesnt seems to be picky.Several of the men in his only fans videos are not good looking.He really does have sex with anybody he finds.He just want to use these men for his videos.He comes off as a prostitute.Austin makes a lot of money on his only fans.He is the most succesful gay porn star on only fans.Since he makes only fans videos,he looks so disinterested in his mainstream scenes.He looks bored and he just go through the motion.

    Austin Wolf is 1 of the best looking man in gay porn now.Too bad the business man took over the gay porn star.

    • Benton Fraser

      Re: your point about his conditions for having sex with men. Austin is an openly gay man, and often features his boyfriend/partner in his scenes (on his Fans page).

  • Super Marco Manuel

    Austin Wolf will most likely never bottom again in gay porn.He said several times that he is not into bottoming.If you look at his ass,you can see that his ass doesnt look abused and loose.His ass looks quite tight.So,he might tell the truth by saying that his ass is uncharted.Or at least barely visited.

    Austin Wolf being a top only man is not necessarily a bad thing.If you think about it.Would you rather see Austin bottoming and looking uncomfortable and not enjoying it or you would rather see him topping and looking into it.He is not the best top.He is a descent top.A descent top is better than a bad bottom.Some men are made to be a top.