Lawyer: Austin Wolf Being Held In “Inhumane” Conditions At NYC Jail Where Inmates Are Beaten And Murdered

Posted July 3, 2024 by with 30 comments

Following his arrest last week on charges of distribution of child pornography, Austin Wolf was deemed a dangerous flight risk, and as Str8Up reported over the weekend, the judge ordered that he be held at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn until a preliminary hearing on July 29th. This week, Austin Wolf’s attorney, Thomas H. Andrykovitz, gave a statement to The Advocate, and in addition to labeling the government’s charges as “unproven allegations,” the lawyer states that Wolf (legal name Justin Heath) is being held in “inhumane” conditions at the MDC. Andrykovitz’s statement:

“The government’s press release contains nothing but unproven and untested allegations against a man that is presumed innocent. Justin is thankful for the incredible support he is receiving from his friends and supporters. He is presently detained at [Metropolitan Detention Center]. It is well documented in judicial decision after judicial decision that the conditions of confinement at MDC are inhumane. Mr. Smith’s conditions are no different. The staff at MDC have already failed to provide him with his basic medications.”

Smith’s guilt or innocence aside, the lawyer is correct about conditions at MDC, given that the facility has a well-documented reputation as being horrific. With power outages, lack of basic health care, inmates being beaten by guards, and inmates being murdered by fellow inmates as recently as two weeks ago, the MDC is a sort of miniature third world country. This report on MDC is from 2019:

Famous inmates who’ve spent time at MDC include Ghislaine Maxwell, 6ix9ine, R. Kelly, Michael Cohen, and now of course Austin Wolf, who’s been added to the “notable inmates” chart on the prison’s Wikipedia.

Finally, in addition to Andrykovitz, Str8Up can confirm that Austin Wolf/Justin Smith, who faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted, has obtained two more attorneys (Jeffrey Hawriluk and Michael Angelo Baldassare of Baldassare & Mara), and they each gave their notices as representing Smith today, as seen below:

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