LISTEN: Bastian Karim’s Hole “Sings” While Being Annihilated By Newcomer Nano Maso

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bas481I wish gifs could have audio, but I haven’t figured out how to do that (anyone know if that’s possible?). So, watch and listen to the trailer below to hear Bastian Karim’s hole “sing” as it’s being decimated by the 10-inch cock belonging to new TimTales exclusive Nano Maso.

While this is one of the most aesthetically and geometrically perfect cocks I’ve ever seen my life, how does a dick like this even fit inside of a butt? Very carefully, I guess.

TimTales scene description:

Meet TimTales’ new Exclusive, the sexy newcomer Nano Maso and his massively perfect cock. It’s long, thick and hard as stone. Check, check, check. How can you not fall for such big dick cutie. Originally from Venezuela, Nano currently lives in Madrid. A top-only by nature, he absolutely loves composing music with raw holes. Bastian Karim surely knows a symphony or two. Just listen to that hole sing while taking that huge cock. It’s a match made in heaven. Stay tuned for many more scene featuring that wonder cock. Welcome to Timtales, Nano! Enjoy 🙂

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[TimTales: Nano Maso Fucks Bastian Karim Bareback]

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