Battle Of The CockyBoys Round 1: Who Is The Cockiest Boy?

Posted April 30, 2014 by with 16 comments

cocky1Welcome to round one of the Battle Of The CockyBoys, in which Str8UpGayPorn readers and CockyBoys fans will determine who is the Cockiest Boy Of All Time.

How will a winner be chosen? Please vote for your FAVORITE of all five CockyBoys in the below poll. Like one CockyBoy in particular and want to see him succeed? Feel free to vote for him as many times as you want, because this poll is open to MULTIPLE votes. Voting will remain open until Monday, May 5th, at 11:59 p.m. PST. The winner of this first round will face off against the winner of round two (round two’s CockyBoys will be unveiled next week), and the winner of that final battle will be named the Cockiest Boy Of All Time!

Who will win round one in the Battle Of The CockyBoys? Vote (as many times as you want) below! (And click any performer’s name to view his complete filmography.)

max ryder gay pornmaxMax Ryder
He’s not performing as a gay porn star anymore, but he’s still working behind the scenes on a variety of projects, and he has at least one more release (with Dean Monroe) coming. Given his roles in CockyBoys biggest movies, it’s safe to say that Max Ryder—both the on and off-camera persona—has been instrumental in making the studio what it is today, but is that enough to earn your votes?

Must Watch Scene: Christian Wilde fucks Max Ryder in the best scene of The Haunting.

[CockyBoys: Christian Wilde Fucks Max Ryder]

tommy-darius-duncan-04duncan black gay pornDuncan Black
He was already well known before becoming a CockyBoy, but since joining the studio he’s gone from “star” to “superstar.” Duncan is smart, drop dead sexy, and the “King of Naked Selfies,” but is he the King of CockyBoys, too?

Must Watch Scene: The Duncan Black, Tommy Defendi, and Darius Ferdynand mind-blowingly hot three-way fuck fest.

[CockyBoys: Duncan Black, Tommy Defendi, Darius Ferdynand Three-Way]

jake-dillon-10dillon rossi gay pornDillon Rossi
Dillon might be somewhat shy, but he’s never been afraid to reveal every inch of himself (and there are a lot of inches to reveal) in each of his scenes. Will Dillon’s quiet confidence and smoldering good looks be enough to win your votes?

Must Watch Scene: Gabriel Clark pounds Dillon Rossi.

[CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark Fucks Dillon Rossi]

chris harder gay pornChris Harder
Gay porn star, dancer, writer, entrepreneur…is there anything Chris Harder can’t do? This year alone, he’s been the breakout star of Answered Prayers AND he’s had a public feud with nightclub douche bag extraordinaire Daniel Nardicio. Might Chris add Cockiest Boy winner to his list of accomplishments?

Must Watch Scene: Chris Harder’s infamous “Bully” episode from Answered Prayers, with Diesel Washington.

[CockyBoys: Diesel Washington Fucks Chris Harder]

levi karter gay pornimg_8836Levi Karter
If his infectious smile and amazing body haven’t already made you a fan, then his lovable personality will no doubt have you addicted to all things Levi. Cybersocket already named him the Newcomer of the Year, so he’s used to winning awards. Should Levi clear some more space on his mantle?

Must Watch Scene: Hung muscle jocks Ty Roderick and Hayden Lourd tag team Levi Karter and his perfect ass.

[CockyBoys: Ty Roderick & Hayden Lourd Fuck Levi Karter]

Don’t forget, you can vote as many times as you want!

[Voting now closed]


  • Porn Fan

    Zach- I’m a fan of the majority of your posts. Not this one. All the CB stars are great in their own right. My perception is the studio encourages diversity in personality and looks, not competition. I could be wrong. I don’t feel inclined to choose between the performers.

    Porn already has enough random awards and titles. Now Cockiest Cockyboy?

    Was it just a slow porn news day?

    • zach

      It’s just for fun. Healthy competition. Lighten up.

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      We all know this is going to come down to a good solid session of Jax bash/worship, so I don’t think anyone at CB will mind.

    • Owen

      CockyBoys has diversity in looks? I like this site as much as the next guy, but they really don’t cast a wide net when it comes to the type of guys they choose. The guys are mostly dark-haired white boys with a swimmers build. They’ll throw in a blonde every so often to mix things up, but they definitely have a general “type” that they employ.

      • JoshChicago

        well, let’s not forget the quickly panned Diesel Washington scene last year. So there’s that.

        • Diesel Washington


          You like to throw Shade, HUH

          As you sit leaving comments on a porn blog about my scenes being Panned(quite the opposite). I believe your humor to be of very dry wit. I prefer a witty comment over just name calling and making assumptions about the popularity of my scenes.

          Besides you been corny lately..
          Step up your game

          so again eat a Taco Shut the fuck up!!

        • sxg

          Panned? I think I saw it and I liked it. Let me go find it and see it just to make sure.

  • Face Palm

    Dillon Rossi is just gorgeous

  • sxg

    Umm, so what exactly do you mean by the cockiest boy? By cockiest do you mean the biggest douche, or the one who best represents the CockyBoys line, which could very well again be the biggest douche? lol

  • Terry

    I like all five “contestants” but my vote goes to Max Ryder. I’ve always thought that he and Jake Bass (who I’m sure will be in the next round) had something more than the others.

  • buffy2004

    Obviously Max Ryder.i mean i could have doubt about it for two seconds because i’m a big fan of duncan too but seriously Max is just the best one.

  • LB

    I love them all, but I voted for Max because maybe it will cheer him up?

  • JoshChicago

    Levi karter’s “Moves Like Jagger” on the stage broke the tie for me. He’s an incredible performer. They all are!

  • Owen

    Duncan Black, Jake Bass, and Ricky Roman are my top 3 CockyBoys.

  • Zealot

    I voted for Chris Harder because he’s got a good beat and you can dance to him…

  • Kelvin

    Had to vote Max Ryder. Chris Harder was a close second but Max Ryder is the only reason I even discovered CockyBoys.