Battle Of The Long-Haired Twinks: Spikey Dee Vs. CJ Parker

Posted September 3, 2023 by with 14 comments

It’s a very different kind of Who Would You Rather? today, because instead of asking who you’d like to top or bottom for, instead I’d like to know whose hair you’d rather run your fingers though: The luscious locks of twink superstar Dorothy Hamill Spikey Dee, or the curly tresses of cutie CJ Parker? Who looks like they have a softer and more luxurious head of hair to touch? Please vote in the poll below, and then watch the trailer for Spikey and CJ’s bareback flip-fuck at Helix:

Preference in wigs?

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Spikey Dee And CJ Parker Flip-Fuck Bareback]