Beaux Banks Criticizes Director Chi Chi LaRue And Cast Of Scared Stiff 2 For Lack Of Black Models

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beaux-banks-scared-stiff-2Late last night in a series of (since deleted) tweets, performer Beaux Banks called out the cast and the director of NakedSword’s upcoming Scared Stiff 2 due to the film not featuring any black models. In criticizing the production (the cast of which was just revealed last week), Banks wrote, “I’m sorry, but I still don’t get how a major production company can get away with casting a major project, casting 10 models, and not one of them being African-American,” as seen in the tweet below:

beaux1In a follow-up tweet, Banks mentioned popular black performers who he thinks could’ve been cast in Scared Stiff 2, and went on to lament the “10 person ensemble cast filled of Caucasian actors,” telling them that it’s “time to be accountable”:

beaux2Banks also shared another tweet that he says he had previously deleted, due to fear of losing work. In this one, he asks studios to “try and do better” with casting:

beaux3Without using their names or mentioning the movie directly, Banks again mentioned the “10 boys” in Scared Stiff 2 (the 10 performers are Josh Moore, Cade Maddox, Adam Ramzi, Calvin Banks, Link Parker, Brock Banks, Drew Dixon, Dante Colle, Colby Tucker, and Taylor Reign), telling his followers that he’s “sick and tired of being sick and tired”:

beaux4Finally, Banks subtweeted Scared Stiff 2 director Chi Chi LaRue, who’s also the lead director at Noir Male (a studio featuring black and mixed race models), writing, “We’re good enough for your Noir site but not good enough for your feature film…”:

beaux5LaRue declined to comment on this story, and while Banks is correct to point out that Scared Stiff 2 does not feature any African-American models, the movie does include two men of color (Brock Banks is Puerto Rican and Adam Ramzi is of Middle Eastern descent).

Banks previously addressed the issue of racism in gay porn last year when he spoke in length on the issue during an interview with director Marc MacNamara, as seen below. With regard to black models not being cast by mainstream studios, Banks suggested that the blame falls on both the viewers for not supporting porn with black models, and the models themselves for agreeing to appear in fetish (“gangster”) porn at “whack ass companies.” The question on racism in gay porn begins at 4:25 in the clip below:

  • Quinton Jackson

    I don’t know why some of my black friends think Chi Chi is “woke” because he’s giving black men a spotlight to “shine.” To me he has always been a clown with dollar general makeup along with Party City wigs.

    But, Beau, weren’t you the same person that let a white man with a confederate flag tattoo on his hand finger you and fuck you? And sis, weren’t you also the same gurl that defended that ex-con when the ladies came for your wig? Right message, wrong messenger.

    • Mokojojo

      It’s a tale as old as time. Things are fine, until you don’t get a seat at the table. She probably that she had earned her way in.

      I had a more graphic metaphor, but my day is going too well for me to start breaking out the C word.

      • Scrapple

        It’s a tale as old as time. Things are fine, until you don’t get a seat at the table.

        That’s what Beaux needs, a little more Solange and a lot less Al Jolson.

        • MoraDeve

          That is a border line racist tone its not about a seat at a table we speak and there is always someone who makes a sum ass statement like this

          • Scrapple

            If that’s what you think, that’s what you think.

    • C A

      This messy ass bitch had the nerve. I couldn’t believe the sheer audacity of this triflin’ass cum dumpster for trump supporters. I notice how he recommends his brother coon in arms Max Konnor who could have been offered a part in this movie too. Must be hard to realize you’re not like the rest of the kids. Bamboozled again!

      • Quinton Jackson

        Beaux is what we in the black community call a “hotep.” She wants to be “woke” so by but is still asleep. Beaux is the type that would turn a blinds eye to racism as long as it doesn’t involve him, like this story. You filmed scenes with three racists and had no problem trying to justify it on social media – even went as far as saying that “it was just a job.” Fuck him, fuck Chi Chi (hey hoe), and fuck anybody that support this mess.

        • C A

          He wanted those coins and legitimacy, by doing all those stunts and acting deaf and turning a blind eye to his community he now has an issue with treated like the rest of the AF-AM models out there. If you’re GONNA TALK THE TALK, WALK THE MUTHAFUCKING WALK! That’s why I love Rhyheim, I Our there making his own product, traveling the world and not playing these industry games. Boomer out here trying to defend the indefensible and calling out DW while he sits and waits for a call back, an call back when he could be a force. They all can, but they too busy trying to be one then for these colorists and not giving a damn about his roots.

          • Quinton Jackson

            That’s why I don’t take shit that he say serious and neither do anybody else. Zach should’ve just ignored this bitch little rant – he doesn’t even realize that he’s one of the biggest hypocrites in the industry. He constantly contradicts himself and makes himself look like an ass. Yes! Fuck studios in 2019 hunnie, OF and JFF is where it’s really at. Rhy is a certified bo$$, yes he still shoots with Tim Tales but he also has his own thing and don’t need people like Chi Chi and these other porn directors for handouts. I don’t take most of the hoes serious. I don’t want to be that person that tells a pornstar to “shut up and look pretty” but damn, some of these hoes really don’t have common sense.

          • C A

            I also don’t understand why DW apologized to Beaux when he doesn’t deserve one. This wasn’t about POC this was about Beaux. Boomer chiming in about Beaux’ fear of losing work is bullshit. He had no trouble performing with those problematic pro white models and turn around and not only defending them, but defending his choices, but now he’s mad he doesn’t get a part in a feature. Boo Muthafucking Hoo. That’s why when Sebastian Young popped up and looking for work Beaux came to mind as a model how he professional enough to do a scene with someone on the sex offender registry.

            Beaux is the type of sex worker who turns his head while while someone is getting smacked around by their pimp. The kind that ignores the MOC being paid less while he get’s a little bit more than they do for scenes and complains when he doesn’t get the work or press he thinks he deserves. How many of these people who aren’t POC have stood with him and echoed equality for POC in porn? Not one of them that worked on that movie Beaux is complaining about.

          • Quinton Jackson

            Gurl, I had to go scroll through Diesel’s, Boomer, Angel and Kuper timelines to catch up on the tea. That’s what took me so long to respond. Diesel was absolutely in the right in this situation. Beaux bitch ass acts like he was a kid or a teen when he filmed those scenes with those racists – he called it a mistake and a learning experience. Bitch if you don’t sit the fuck down somewhere with that shit. Angel 5’2 messy ass wanted some clout. Diesel responded to the Str8 Up Gay tweet about Beaux calling out Chi Chi and that Yorkie Angel decided that he wanted some attention. What Diesel said was absolutely the truth and it’s basically what I said “right message, wrong messenger.” I hate hoes like Angel, tough on the internet but easily fold in real life. Wack ass. Boomer needs to go sit his ass down somewhere and continue his faux woke journey. I love how Boomer said he looked up to Diesel like his ass isn’t too far behind him in the age department.

            Kuper inserting himself was also not needed. That actually surprised me because the other four have a history of being messy but I have never heard anything about him being a social media goon. What pisses me off is that Diesel was speaking from a black mans perspective and these non black bitches felt the need to add themselves to a topic that didn’t even concern them.

            Beaux said “black models” not models of color. Yes we’re all POC, but don’t be fooled, our struggles or very much different.

          • C A

            Let’s start with Meesy ass Kuper, this is in as many weeks where he should have just sat here and kept him mouth shut. A couple weeks back he wanted to talk about his sexual fluidity and how gays are not accepting and are bullies to anyone who isn’t gay. When he started was around the time Clark Parker had his final meltdown and Angel and Kuper called themselves going to town on him. Clark correctly told him to sit down and know his place since he hadn’t even done a scene yet. Angel, never had nothing for him.

            You’re right about Boomer, he talks about DW being a role model and him looking up to him, yet he cannot or will not make the distinction about what DW is saying and what Beaux is tiring to pass off. Why domes Beaux have a problem know and not then? How is he more financially secure to speak out now, than he was then? Why not call you friend out and still support him, helping him to grow and evolve? Instead of just saying his friend is right and acting or being blind to the fct that Beaux has contributed to this behavior since he’s been active in porn doesn’t help or give weight to Beaux’ rant.

            Beaux was all to happy to not only shoot scenes with B. Michaels, J. Porter and others, he promoted the shit out of those scenes, those performers and defending them all in the name of being professional. I call it being a punk ass bitch. but, that’s just me. The only non POC model who I saw defend Beaux was Dallas Michaels and that was only a few hours ago after days of this going on, I didn’t see Wolf Hudson who recently complained about being badly because of racism pop his he’d in and echo what others where supposedly fighting for or any of the cast. If I was DW I would’ve kept my knee on Beaux throat and dragged Max Connor and his pathology lying ass.

            Angel and Kuper think they want smoke, but they know they can’t handle it and don’t even get me started on Ricky Larkin….

          • Tempest

            Kuper hasn’t lived long enough on this planet to understand how life works, which is why he had a meltdown when people called his insecure ass out when he was pulling a James Charles all over a straight dude. Angel seems to be just as boring and dull as he looks.

            I wish gays would use their brain and filter out these acid assholes that do not contribute to a positive representation of gay porn and POC

          • Quinton Jackson

            I caught wind of that but the Sebastian Young story trumped that for me so I turned my attention to that. Gays are some the most vile humans, they’re not as bad as the straights, but a lot of them still have serious issues. Ms. Kuper likes attention though, you can tell from the poses he makes while playing dress up. I personally don’t care what he identifies as I don’t care how he dresses, but I do take issue to him inserting himself in something that had nothing to do with him. I remember the whole Clark situation and while I think he’s also a piece of bipolar shit I actually saw where he was coming from. It seemed like the whole damn industry turned on him lol. Angel 5’2 was once again looking for clout. He just sighed on to shoot with Austin’s site so I guess his lil ass felt like he had to defend his team, but gurl!!! He loves drama but one of these days he’s going to trash talk the wrong one who likes to fight and don’t do social media beef.

            I never liked Boomer. I never found him attractive and I think he’s a punk. Also he steals a lot of black lingo and tries to pass it off as his. Boomer has tunnel vision. He obviously doesn’t see the mess (his friends) around him and only sees what’s directly in his face. Even if you didn’t agree with what Diesel was saying you could have at least opened a healthy dialogue and started a much needed conversation, but instead he chose not to hear Diesel out and chose to just believe this false narrative that Beaux has created. That whole “I’m a victim” mentality that a lot of these hoes have is just sad. I’m sick of it. They basically twisted Diesel words into something else and made it about him “bullying” them.

            Beaux talking about he’s going to lose work by speaking!! Lol. Bitch, you’re not Colin Kapernick what you’re doing isn’t going to change the world so go it your ass down on a cactus and twirl on that bitch. I bet you that if that old hoe would have casted him in this mess he wouldn’t have said shit about it. He’s just upset that he’s not the token in that mess. Max Konnor may have his moments but at least he still practices what he preaches – well for the most part anyway. He still has he moments too though. Did Max weigh in on this? That would be quite interesting.

            Angel always barking at people and one of these days someone is going to bite. He runs his mouth too damn much and it’s annoying as hell. I really want someone to put hands on that man just to teach him a lesson. He thinks that because he’s in his early 20’s that someone gives him a free pass to act like a kid. Bitch, just because you’re built like a kid that doesn’t mean that you are one. I’ll give Kuper another chance only because he usually isn’t involved in the fuckery.

    • OverKill

      I agree. He’s just a hypocritical messy ass. He says working with models is professional well could also be the reason why these performers were casted in Scared Stiff 2, strictly professional.

    • Chi Chi LaRue

      I love Party City! I get all my cups there.

    • Devin

      I guess I don’t need to write the comment I was going to post. You said it all. I do have a question, though. When did Beau become African American?

      • Quinton Jackson

        He’s mix with three or four different flavors and one of them is black.

  • nodoubtfan

    Beaux. Oh girl.

  • Kevin Jones

    Sadly, lack of racial diversity in porn is really nothing new. At this point, I have just given up on porn industry including more people of color unless it’s niche or something.

    • Tempest

      And still you just praised the movie in the last article, but complaining about lack of diversity here, pick a side.

      • B.C.

        Can’t he do both? Even if not all inclusive or enough racially sensitive it’s a great cast. I bet you fawn over some of these guys.

        • Tempest

          Not when we’re talking about how black men are (or aren’t) being represented and no, I don’t know any of the cast.

          • B.C.

            You haven’t seen any of these guys in action?! Dante Colle who is featured every week on this blog, Calvin Banks…you are not familiar with his work? What about veteran Adam Ramzi or new star Cade Maddox – his cock is almost regular feature on thirst trap. I find it hard to believe.

          • Hush-ins

            “I don’t know *insert person’s name*” usually translates to “I don’t care about *insert person’s name*”

          • B.C.

            Hmm…I didn’t know that.

          • Hush-ins

            It is commonly used around here.

          • Tempest

            Thank you.

      • Kevin Jones

        I can like something and be critical of it it at the same time.

    • TriForceKid

      It’s something that won’t change unless the popular white models start speaking out on the topic.

  • Tempest

    This would be a great message if it didn’t come from a messy queen that once got fingered by a dude with a confederate tattoo, had a flip-flop with a known dumb bigot and starred in several fetish porn clips and saw nothing wrong with them. So this bitch is just as guilty as those he’s trying to correct, just stfu.

  • Mokojojo

    *Deep Breaths..

    Girl, it just hit you that the same industry hiring these racists models that you fuck and subsequently defend don’t give a fuck about black people? And here I thought that the Mooch was going to win the basic bitch of the month award.

    Also, I wasn’t fond of Mr. Banks before this article, but fuck him for blaming black models for taking some of the only work that was offered to them. Papithugz/DPU consistently had models that were remarkably attractive, hung, and great in bed, but they weren’t getting poached and offered exclusive contracts like some of these average problematic white boys.

  • FrenchBug

    As much as I wholeheartedly support the underlying message and agree with the observations made, this is messy and random enough to have the distinct stink of a personal grievance turned into a social justice message.

  • #FearlessFanatic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜ

    Beaux is such a drama queen. He’s not bothered when he’s getting ran through by a billion white guys but when he’s not included, he throws a fit. He justified working with that Confederate flag tat guy and Trump supporter Jake Porter talking about “my scenes are strictly professional.” Not so cool when YOU’RE on the outside looking in buckwild, is it?

  • Scrapple

    Wait. You mean to tell me Aunt Jemima wants to talk about representation in gay porn? Sometimes it’s better not to have Black models in porn than to have them doing the Hollywood Shuffle all over the screen. Mr. Beauxjangles knows all about that one-two step. And he actually wrote about Black models being good enough for Noir Male? This is how fucking clueless he is. If he had two brain cells to rub together he would see Noir Male for the stereotype perpetuating old timey BBC fetishism that it is. The only time BB Cream should be opening his mouth is to put a dick in it.

    • Tempest

      I was waiting for you, I had my pop-corn ready.

      • Scrapple

        I blame you for mentioning his name the other day. Hadn’t heard shit from him in a good while. Now his Beetlejuice ass wants to pop up and cause an Uncle Ruckus.

        • Tempest
          • Scrapple

            I’m gonna need you to pick another name. Cuz we are not associating a sub basement thot who didn’t even know who Stephen Hawking was and allows himself to be racially debased at every turn, with the Queen of All Black Media, Ms. Angela Bassett.

          • Hush-ins

            I nominate Nikita Dragun.

          • Scrapple

            But La Femme Nikita is a badass character. Another association I don’t want to make.

          • Hush-ins

            I have not had the the chance to watch that show. I need to give it a try. As for the name, we could only use the “Dragun” part and call it a day, or you want to use Jackie Aina and the Silent Too “Rich Lives Matter” Faced?

          • Scrapple

            I’d suggest the remake movie with Bridget Fonda, then the show with Peta Wilson, then the remake series with Maggie Q. One day I’ll have to watch Luc Besson’s original Nikita movie.

    • gaycockluvr

      Beauxjangle????? LMAO and lol at that gif too.

      • Scrapple

        It’s from “Polly” the Black remake of “Pollyanna.” I’m sure Wachovia Banks has never seen it…

        • gaycockluvr

          Damn…I felt that one too lmao. I never know those TV shows and movies lol.

    • PhotoWerner

      This tweet killed me dead.

      Beaux Banks actually truly honestly really believes himself to be “one of the few who consistently speaks up when something is wrong”.

      He’s so detached from reality how does one even reason with him? He’s willing to call out systemic racism but unwilling to ever ever ever acknowledge his own active participation in perpetuating the system…all for them dollars? He’s not just a messy fair weather activist, he’s a human landfill.

      • Scrapple

        He’s so full of shit he has to talk about himself in the third-person. Now that ChaosMen scene last week with Jerome and Lawry’s Seasoned Salt makes sense. Bryan saw into the future, he knew Beaux would be talking out of his ass, so he decided to do a parody of Beaux’s “Song of the South” scene from Men.

        • Zachary Sire

          just FYI, he was replying to a tweet from Diesel here, and he was being ironic because Diesel spelled his name wrong, so he was acting like he was talking about someone else (“Beau”).

          • Kanaka

            Tell Chi Chi if she can reply to a comment here then she can go on record regarding the accusation.

          • Scrapple

            I saw Diesel’s tweet. And knowing Diesel he probably spelled his name wrong on purpose to speak to Beaux’s irrelevancy. Instead of countering that comment in a better way, Beaux took the bait.

          • Hush-ins

            Until Diesel made a string of tweets apologizing because Beaux was now “in the same team”.

          • Scrapple

            I’ll simply say that’s not a team I would be cheering for and keep it at that.

  • Troy MacGyver SP

    Another, Sign O’ the Times!

  • snoopyfo

    Idk coming from him feels insincere , inst he like bff with jake porter? and wasn’t he silent about problematic things before when is one of his withe friends? idk

  • Badbike

    Looks like she is finally getting that wake up call and realizing she’s not one of them. Thanks for speaking up and all but sis has been laying in the comfort for too long all while foolishness was happening. Only when He gets denied, NOW he wants to speak.

  • CamCam

    I saw a couple of his tweets last night and just shook my head. I can’t and won’t take him seriously AT ALL. Is he saying all of this so that he can be the lone black guy who can be the object of the white man’s desire? What’s his motive? He says some good stuff but it’s always followed buy questionable career choices. He needs to go sit his ass down somewhere

    • Scrapple

      I saw a couple of his tweets last night and just shook my head. I can’t and won’t take him seriously AT ALL. Is he saying all of this so that he can be the lone black guy who can be the object of the white man’s desire?

      Micah Brandt would never let that happen.

      • CamCam

        You ain’t lying one bit with that! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lyfe

    This is sad this goes on in the 21st century where even in porn models still experience prejudice and lack of representation/support but at the same time.xompromose themselves to keep the money rolling in. I don’t get it. I’ve always been a firm believer in standing for something if if shit is gonna be a loss. All the greats who have ever done that in this world have. Why can’t you? That paycheck is serious fam but if the otherside is your beliefs don’t straddle the fence. What’s really the T?

  • holgerson

    I notice that the lack of POC is considered a lack of diversity.What about Asian men? They do not count or are not important enough? For me, the definition of POC is not just black in all variants.

    • EhWhatever

      Asian men will have to speak up for themselves.
      I hate to say it but it gets tired as fuck to see every other POC hop on the train when black people speak up but go missing when black people are held back.

      I’ll gladly applaud any asian in gay porn that speaks up,
      Hell I’ve been wanting Guys in sweat pants to stop casting white men and finally cast and some asian and specifically indian guys since like what, 3 years ago?

      I’m hoping its because its uncommon but I might have genuinely have seen more indians in gay porn than i have asian guys with black ones.

      • Scrapple

        The interesting thing about your statement and what @disqus_yJ8sTlk6pn:disqus wrote is Beaux is a quarter Asian. It’s hard enough for him to muster up the interest to speak about or be mindful about the treatment of Black models in this industry. But you can be sure he gives even less fucks about Asian models in this industry.

  • Hush-ins

    While the message is an important thing to address in the industry, Beaux should also realize he was/is part of the problem. He could not demand accountability for others in this matter but refuse to take one for himself when defending his work with people having racial problems because “It’s just work and professional”. Losing job over calling out studios regarding racial diversity sadly happens (Diesel Washington talks about it a lot), but mentioning it in this situation smells like a manipulation tactic to sway people into siding with his questionable agenda.

  • Druidiclore

    (1) Wait…is he claiming to be Black now (because unless I missed something, *thats* new), and
    (2) Isn’t this the same asshat who was defending that trash Jake Porter not even five weeks ago?

    Naw, naaaaaaaaaw. You do not get to pull a Caitlin Jenner and jump all over the map and center your race when you feel it is valuable, and summarily ignore it (and bill yourself as just ‘tanned’ or throw off a laundry list of “I have x ethnicity in my blood”) when you’re being objectified and kept as a pet by your racist friends.

    Here’s the point where literally everyone is laughing at Beaux Banks…

  • Devin

    Side note – can we talk about Calvin Banks horrible slick back and pony? What was she thinking?

  • CamCam

    Let’s just say there was one Black guy in this Scared Stiff 2. Would that make any kind of difference for black performers any? Knowing who’s behind the film, it would just be one big ole stereotype being thrust into our faces again and God knows we don’t need anymore of that in gay porn concerning people of color. Bringing up Max Konnor and DeAngelo Jackson made me laugh and take Beaux even less seriously because they are walking stereotypes that don’t make porn any better but make it worse IMO. I want quality men in these films, no matter what the color.

  • MoraDeve

    Black performers in the porn biz are the same as the main stream they think we don’t sale tickets and place us were they can

  • Ninja0980

    This is the same guy that defends racist Jake Porter right?

  • lobtaylor

    Am ot a fan of Chi Chi La Rue. BUT to say he doesnt give black gay porn actors a shot kind of flies in the face of history. The name has been synonymous with biracal gay porn ever since I can recall and way before it became popular to use people of color in films. This one fails the smell test am afraid. Some of my first experience of watching black latino porn were all Chi Chi La Rue productions.

  • David M

    A lot of people are not interested in seeing black or asian men in porn. You can start being a SJW on the topic, but you are asking the studio to harm itself.

    Porn with an all black cast is a fetish. No white men allowed. Mixed race is another fetish.

    It might be unfair, but you cannot dictate what a person finds attractive.

    • EhWhatever

      Dude shut the fuck up.
      no seriously. Don’t reply, just shut the fuck up your brains broke and you seem to think you opinions are the only ones in the world with merit

      Before you go, you dropped this.

      It might be unfair, but you cannot dictate what a person finds attractive.

      A lot of people are not interested in seeing black or asian men in porn.

      Dumbass, imagine typing a paragraph out with those two in it and not realize the racist nonsense your spouting, you have enough white men to oogle go fuck off with em, grown folks talkin here.

      • David M

        Is that seriously your best response? Someone says something you disagree with and you tell them to just shut up? Fuck. How old are you?

        Most likely a 30 year old trying to still be seen as a twink.

        Or are you one of those shallow twinks who think the world revolves around you?

        Getting personal in a topic is always a sign that the opponent is right and the best argument you can come up with is to be insulting…

        Or perhaps you are Donald Trump?

    • ManFromKingston

      Is all-white porn also a fetish?

      • David in Sac

        I suppose it is. Personally, chest and stomach hair are my fetishes.

      • markjohnson22

        Brilliant question. Brilliant.

  • Marcus Collack

    Um…right message wrong messenger.

  • Paul Jones

    Get over it, there are different casts for different productions. Not every film needs to have “x” # of ethnicities for it to be good. There are sooo many porn sites, go work with one that is looking for your “talent”. Plus, the cast in this film is hot AF!!!

    • Tempest

      You sound uneducated.

  • EhWhatever

    I cannot BEELEEVE he had the audacity to ask for Max, racism is black peoples fault they don’t support me, Koonor to be in anything.

  • Infamy

    Meh, I’ve grown to no longer care about this topic anymore…it disappears and reappears like the ebb and flow of waves on a seashore. Why are people surprised? The same industry that is repeatedly called out for lack of diversity is the same industry that classifies “interracial” scenes are overwhelmingly black top/white (or other non-black) bottom.You would think the interracial porn category would have more diversity both racially and the positions those races feature in, but no…until then I refuse to financially support companies like Miss La-Eww’s.

  • ManFromKingston

    I do not know everything there is to know about Beaux Banks, but his point is legit and I support it 100%.

  • Bennett Anderson

    Ironically i made a comment on initial article that Beau Banks is criticizing here and it seams i hit a nerve with Taylor Reign XXX. Just curious if he is as triggered by Beau’s comments?!?!

  • SoilderOfLove

    aside from all of the negative comments in this thread about this guy, is he not making a valid point? Why aren’t there any browner guys casted? Is it because black guys in porn are often fetishized by whites in gay and str8 porn (“bbc,” black bull”)?