When Bad Hair Happens To Good People: BelAmi’s Andy Smith

Posted May 25, 2016 by with 34 comments

023In addition to having a boring gay porn name, BelAmi newcomer Andy Smith has one of the most unfortunate fake hair colors in recent memory, if not BelAmi history.

076What is going on here?

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He’s gorgeous, but he’d be literally flawless with his natural hair color, which is either brown or dark brown.

013BelAmi is usually meticulous about models looking their very best before they shoot, but I guess they were able to look past this bleach job. I guess I can, too, given what he looks like from the forehead down. Good lord:

026 031 043Andy Smith is the cousin of gay porn legend Kris Evans.

While they’re both thick, muscular, and built like linebackers, Kris’s body is much more defined:

kris evans

IMHO, Andy has a cuter face and a better smile than his cousin:

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Quick Reminder: Please don’t shave your armpits. Ever.

077Hopefully, by the time Andy makes his hardcore debut, he’ll have gone back to his roots. For now, his solo/photosession video is out. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Andy Smith]


Side note: If you’re a BelAmi member, be sure to watch the “night scene” they released this week, starring Zac DeHaan and Tony Conrad. It’s a great pairing.

011 012Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Zac DeHaan Fucks Tony Conrad Bareback]