Sneak Peek: Here’s The Hardcore Trailer For BelAmi’s Scandal In The Vatican 2

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We’re five days away from the September 15th premiere of BelAmi’s Scandal In The Vatican 2, and here is a photo gallery and the hardcore trailer (down below) to whet your appetite a little more.

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As a reminder, SITV 2 stars gay porn legend Kevin Warhol, donkey-dicked Joel Birkin, supermodel Hoyt Kogan, muscle hunk Zac DeHaan, Gino Mosca (who looks like an Italian Superman, tbh), dreamy Claude Sorel, and more.

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A few weeks ago, I showed you the softcore teaser and shared the plot synopsis, but here it is one more time ICYMI:

The boys head to the Vatican and make a series of sexual bargains to do whatever it takes to get one of the Swiss Guards in bed. They begin by talking to priest-in-training Joel Birkin who says he can help them if Kevin does whatever he wants. Kevin happily obliges prompting Joel to go to the Monsignor (played by Jean Daniel) to see if he can borrow his Swiss Guards for Kevin. It’s not so cut and dry and the boys must do whatever (and whoever) they can in order to get one of these coveted guards in bed.

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And here’s the hardcore trailer (beginning September 15th, watch the entire 8-part series here):

[BelAmi: Scandal In The Vatican 2]


  • Tellingthetruth

    This looks like the best thing BelAmi’s put out all year long. I’m in!

  • andrew

    I can’t wait until their next one titled “Scandal In Mecca” comes out. LOL

    • Stiffo

      Brown people in a Bel Ami video? Preposterous!

      • Mike Julius

        Right? They hired some twink who could pass for white once, but his hair was curly and they promoted him as mixed and members threatened to cancel memberships. Forget his name. Merick something?

        • Nana Eristavi

          Austin Merrick? What are you talking about? BA fans just LOVED Austin Merrick, especially his famous scenes with Kevin and Andre. The situation with the lack of black models at BA is simple as a dime, – BA models are Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian, and there’s NO black population there at all. Believe me, for I’ve been in those countries many times.

          • Mike Julius

            Well, I’m probably mixing him up with someone else because there was an uproar like I said. If Austin is loved, he’s not the one I’m thinking of. It was before the inception of Str8Up. He passed the paper bag test, but that’s all I remember.

          • FrenchBug

            You remember exactly right. Austin Merrick was NOT warmly welcomed by the BA fans and was not “loved”.

          • Nana Eristavi

            I’ve just looked through the Comments section of BA, for the theme of this discussion has interested me genuinely, – several negative comments about Austin and dozens of positive ones. Most of American models (with the exception of Mick) were getting much more cold welcome at BA fan community. You should read how the fans have reacted at the co-production with NS to understand what does it mean – not a warm welcome at all. ;))))))))))

          • sxg

            Well that’s not a shocker at all. While Austin Merrick was something different at BA as far as race is concerned, his lean ripped body fit well at the site. Connor Maguire and Tommy Defendi, however, by BA terms are both sloppy and out of shape. Almost no model, if any model, at BA has a significant amount of body and facial hair like Tommy does. And neither of their bodies are lean and defined like BA models are. I didn’t have a problem with either of them in that film series, but I can see why huge BA fans did, and can’t blame them for it.

          • Erik

            Agree! Connor M and Tommy D are not up to BA standards. I like Connor but I wouldn´t put him in a film with BA.

          • FrenchBug

            A lot of the ugliest comments were cleaned up at the time because it often crossed into outright racism.

          • James Withers

            Yeah, it was sad. But some BA fans can’t help themselves. They don’t like their beloved models tainted by color. :-)

          • Nana Eristavi

            Well, maybe I’ve joined BA later, for I don’t remember anything like that at all, but why should you lie? I believe you. After all, our world is full of freaks, and even BA fan community isn’t an exception.

        • Varoon

          Members threatened to cancel memberships just because there was a coloured guy in the film?

          Wow, I would never have thought that this level of racism existed in the gay world

          The good news is that more and more gay movies will be made outside the West in the coming decades and these will feature coloured guys

          The hegemony of the white gay male will not last anymore

  • sxg

    I’m not a big Bel Ami fan, but even this aroused my interests!

  • I”m not a huge Bel Ami but I love Jean-Daniel.

  • Nana Eristavi

    The film is going to be the best porn comedy of all times, I predict. It hasn’t started yet, but I know already that my very favorite part will be the flip flop between Gino and Manuel, with all its obvious Renaissance and Jean Genet connotations, and my favorite characters – the hilarious Systers Sodom and Gomorrah. And what a hot Monsignor JD makes… :)))))))))

  • John

    When are we going to see BelAmi and some Americans fucking? I though that big dick twink from Helix was on his way over there to take some dick?

  • Zealot

    The REAL scandal in my opinion is to let all that hot peen go to waste, Vatican or no.

  • The “high five” thing is just tacky and stupid. Not a big BelAmi fan but Gino Mosca is beautiful.

    • ezra.jones

      OMG agreed at the high five thing lmao

    • JJ

      What high five thing?

      • When two guys put their hands together. Like clapping. In the first gif.

  • JJ

    Hoyt and Claude…..just stunning!

  • Jesse

    What’s wrong with you people! It’s porn not marriage. Grow up!