WATCH: Adam Archuleta Drenches Newcomer Mario Texeira With A Projectile Cum Geyser

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35fce3cb0e4d0578d0af71415d0d0582Just when you think Adam Archuleta might have run out of exciting ways to shoot loads…he does it again. Today on Freshmen, Adam treats newcomer Mario Texeira to one of his infamous cum shots, and rather than feed him a cum facial, he’s drenching Mario’s backside with an epic cum geyser.

762af0c5b86338c1387e8e0fb5ee6c57The trajectory of this load is so strong, it travels in multiple streams from Mario’s butt all the way up to the back of his head.


Iconic, tbh.

231c52f24877d92532fba5887cc1ca24Before receiving Adam’s cum, this newcomer gets the full Adam treatment, being fucked bareback in a few positions and taking it all like a pro (hard to believe this is his first sex scene?).

9ed3f644f4cbe3c595a802f5a9504d1dTrailer (watch full scene here):

[Freshmen: Adam Archuleta Fucks Mario Texeira Bareback]

  • zetan

    It’s a crime he didn’t cum all over that beautiful face of the bottom !

  • emercycrite

    Mario’s beautiful.

  • John

    Adam must be late twenties now and is still ageless. I wonder if he has MMF threeways with his girlfriend. They all have girlfriends. I want to know if they hookup when they are not working. I can’t imagine wanting to dip in the candy bin. I wish Middle European porn did breeding scenes. Don’t know of a single instance.

    • Jack Harrer has done plenty of creampies (where he pushes the cum back in), also I remember seeing Kris Evans scenes with those.

    • realitytvIV

      You reveal his g4payness as if it’s any surprise to anyone. It’s common knowledge that 99.99999999% of these guys are straight lol (so no, on the MMF threeways; they’re only gay for $$$$).

      • Mr. X

        “g4payness”??? LOL!!!

        • realitytvIV

          Lol why is this so funny to you? You can pretend g4p porn stars are suppressed gays even when their families and friends know about their careers, don’t mind it, and yet they have girlfriend after girlfriend, but the reality is that they’re g4p.

          • Mr. X

            Yeah, and you can pretend your statement is true.

          • realitytvIV

            Girl, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. There are a few BA models who are gay, and openly gay at that, but the vast majority have girlfriends, sexually prefer women, and even when given the opportunity to be gay, they choose to be typical straight men.

          • Mr. X


    • Mr. X

      “Girlfriends”??? LOL!!!

  • William 19802

    Holy shit Mario is cute