BelAmi’s Jack Harrer Cums All Over The Place While Bottoming For Big-Dicked Kieran Benning

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Any scene starring monster-cocked BelAmi legend Jack Harrer is a special treat, but a scene with monster-cocked BelAmi legend Jack Harrer as the bottom? That’s an instant nut-buster, and it’s required viewing for anyone who appreciates big-dicked bottoms. Jack’s top today is equally (but not quite as thick) horse-hung star Kieran Benning.


Before they suck and fuck, there’s a quick cock check.


Quick reminder: Jack Harrer always loves to have his big balls worshiped.


BelAmi loves to film from this underneath position, viewers love watching from this position, and Jack Harrer loves to be fucked in this position. It’s a win-win-win.


The other thing Jack Harrer loves? Having the cum fucked out of him. That’s actually Kieran’s hand stroking out all the cum, while he simultaneously pumps in and out of Jack’s ass.


Jack eventually uses his own hand to milk out the last few drops.

Here’s more of Jack Harrer in his flawness new BelAmi scene, being fucked up the ass raw by Kieran Benning:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Kieran Benning Fucks Jack Harrer Bareback]