BelAmi Update: Jack Harrer, Zac DeHaan, Marc Ruffalo, Tony Conrad

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basept1A quick reminder that BelAmi is still running its $2.00 membership sale. Use this link or any link in this post to take advantage of the offer.

Here is a sneak peek at BelAmi’s upcoming scenes in September, featuring Marc Ruffalo, Jean-Luc Bisset, Zac DeHaan, Jean-Daniel, Jason Clark, Arne Coen, Ariel Vanean, Jack Harrer, Tony Conrad, Claude Sorel, Andre Boleyn, and more:



ICYMI, BelAmi’s seemingly endless Last Summer In Greece is still going, with the release of part 8 (yes, 8) this week. This installment features a three-way with Helmut Huxley, Torsten Ullman, and Jerome Exupery:

[BelAmi: Helmut Huxley, Torsten Ullman, And Jerome Exupery]

  • C3xxx


  • Xzamilloh
  • Futanari-Kisaragi Yagami

    …..Ehh. I’ll pass.

  • mc90

    This is how I see every BelAmi scenes. I would literally rather see Barbies fucking.

  • sxg

    Oh look another group of east European stick figures who can only manage to suck the tip of a dick.

  • edginghours

    Beige couch, beige blanket, beige guys. How do they get every guy the same exact shade?

  • Pertinax

    This BelAmi guy is fooling the audience. A real dick sucker, let’s say a professional whore, do it in a more spectacular way. I know he is playing with two dicks, but it must be this way because it’s to arouse the public, it’s for money, it’s for business and than, if possible, for fun…Look this:

    • Pertinax

      2) Kinda :

  • Oprah

    All that huffing and puffing for some seizure strokes.

  • IdidthatOnce

    Jean Luc is probably the most gorgeous porn star to ever exist.

    Ya’ll are a bunch of haters who enjoy watching ugly straight men with five convictions and endless racist/homophobic tweets fail to make attempts to get through a scene with other men (fail so much that they need women present). Get help.

    • edginghours

      “Jean Luc is probably the most gorgeous porn star to ever exist.”


      • IdidthatOnce

        Girl, you’re so wrong for deliberately using a bad picture. We all have our moments. I guess someone used to uggos like Blake Mitchell and the basic ass, white bread frat boy types of Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher wouldn’t know how to recognize real beauty. Sad.

        • edginghours

          Different strokes for different folks. To me he looks like he could use a sandwich and a year’s worth of squats.

          And bitch I didn’t deliberately post a bad picture, I googled him and capped the first result. Calm your tits.

          • IdidthatOnce

            Right, I’ll stick to Belami, where the most gorgeous and beautiful men in porn are and you can stick to the hottest guys (even though they’re prematurely aging and have receding hairlines) available in small town Montana. Do better for yourself!

          • edginghours

            So, two things.

            First, you’re bizarrely defensive about this twink. Take a step back, mama.

            Second, Corbin Fisher? You have no grasp on my taste in porn.

          • IdidthatOnce

            Def. attracted to men and like I said, stay watching uglies.

        • sxg

          lol the only pic out of these 3 he even looks tolerable is the one that’s overly photoshopped. In case you didn’t know which one that was, it’s the last one. But if you wanna go ahead and masturbate to the boring bitch goblin who has never heard of toothpaste or seen a toothbrush in his life then be my guest. He could use the pity wanks. But don’t insult our taste in gay porn men when you are overly hyping someone this hideous.

          • IdidthatOnce

            LOL if you think he’s hideous, I need to see the human/god hybrids you’re watching.

  • Tony Conrad is hot af. for being as thin as he is he’s got sexy thighs and an amazing bubble butt. I’ll admit the rest of these mediocre stick figures need to get something to eat & go home.