Gay Porn Star Ben Masters Accuses Angel Rivera Of Cheating On Him With Joey Mills, Then Posts Their Phone Numbers On Twitter

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It’s been a topsy-turvy month for gay porn power couples, with break-ups and reunions making headlines earlier this week, and now there’s another potential break-up that played out dramatically for fans on Twitter last night. The power couple? Helix gay porn stars Ben Masters and Angel Rivera. The reason for the split? Masters has publicly accused Rivera of cheating on him. And Rivera wasn’t allegedly cheating on Masters with just anyone. According to Masters, Rivera was cheating on him with none other than fellow Helix star Joey Mills.

It started last night with Ben Masters tagging Helix, Joey Mills, and Angel Rivera in the below tweets:


Masters also told his followers that “Angel won’t call me and he’s at Joey’s apartments fucking him.” (Joey Mills now lives in Las Vegas, and Angel Rivera was reportedly in town filming with Helix.) And, making matters worse, Masters posted both Mills and Rivera’s phone numbers in his tweet (redacted below), which is a clear violation of Twitter’s TOS:

ben1After that, Ben Masters took out his anger on various Helix Studios employees and stars, who presumably had nothing to do with the alleged Mills/Rivera affair. As seen below (again, with numbers redacted), Masters proceeded to post the phone numbers of multiple people, including performers Landon Vega and Kyle Ross, director/producer Alex Roman and Casey Roman, and even Helix Studios owner Keith Miller:

ben3 ben4When asked about his behavior by a fan, Ben Masters said that he’d delete his tweets, if Angel Rivera would call him back:

ben5As of this morning, neither Joey Mills nor Angel Rivera have posted any tweets responding to Ben Masters, but Masters did delete his tweets containing everyone’s phone numbers early this morning. (Or, Twitter may have removed them automatically, as several people had been reporting the abusive tweets for including private information.)

A source tells Str8UpGayPorn that Ben Masters quit working for Helix Studios recently. His last scene was released just four days ago, and it was a duo with his (now former?) boyfriend Angel Rivera.


  • Miloš Del Rey

    I’m more concerned about the tweet about him threatening suicide than posting their numbers right now. They can always change their number but you can’t bring someone back from the dead.

    • Marcus Collack

      That wasn’t suicide, he said they killed him, he feels betrayed, at 10:07, and then at 10:12 he started tweeting out phone numbers, and then at 10:13 he was waiting for his boyfriend’s call, and replying to twitter messages, he wanted attention not loss of life.

  • R.A.M.J

    I thought you had to be an adult to work in this industry. SMDH

    • FrenchBug

      I didn’t want to go there, especially since we have seen way older performers behave in way worse manners over relationship drama but it is true that if your studio is going to be full of 18, 19 and 20yo, you cannot be shocked when they behave the way most 18, 19 and 20yo do.

  • Sebastian S

    It makes me old, but I long for the days before Twitter. And this is why these kids will never be true power couples with influence.

    • FrenchBug

      I agree. I do think Twitter and social media is an under-covered factor in the slow death of the movie/porn star concept. Mystery is sexy.

      And I think “power couples” is an idiotic concept in the first place. Everytime I see Zach using it, I can’t help but thinking there has to be a hint of sarcasm.

      • Sebastian S

        True. I remember seeing Falcon’s Eric Hanson for the first time, whose pure beauty convinced me I was gay. I’m so glad I didn’t know his relationship status, political affiliation, Twitter “handle'” or even the term Gay for pay. I just knew he was hot.

    • Hereweare

      Couldn’t agree more about Twitter. For me, that’s one good thing about being old. I’m embarrassed just THINKING about some of the shit I’ve done. I can’t imagine there being a screenshot of it.

      • nick

        Yep, it was great growing up in the 80s/90s when there was no way to broadcast your every fuckup to the world, only the people involved knew about it,

      • Sebastian S


      • Stuart

        That’s one of the nice points about getting older, the details of your mistakes fade away and you retain a kind of sanitised version in your memory that glosses over the bad bits and doesn’t sound quite as bad anymore. I’d hate for some of my past fuck ups to be retained in all there horrific glory somewhere for an ex to pull up and throw back in my face.

    • I’m not sure one is actually a true gay queen until you’ve had the screaming fight in the bar parking lot at 23 with your 24 y.o. trick who swore this was forever (and one day, you wake up and you’re that old queen offering sage advice to the kids). It’s a shame those screaming matches now play out on social media, I agree… but we’ve all been there (or nearby, witnessing). And yes, you will love again, in a somewhat more mature, occasionally jaded and bitter kind of way… ?

  • FrenchBug

    I am surprising myself but I am not feeling like being harsh on this one. I think we ought to separate pretty typical twink love drama from the porn context.
    It is messy and ultimately I hope Masters gets out of it OK (“I promise that, even though it feels like the end of the world right now, there is plenty of awesome guys to fall in love with in your future”) but it is nothing particularly shocking.
    Raise your hand if you haven’t done anything messy during a lover’s spat or done something you regret with hindsight to get back at a bad boyfriend.
    Ben Masters is cute and hope he gets some (properly lit) work with other studios. He is also talented at his day job.

  • Benjam

    I think he also tweeted that he was expelled from his ballet school. A pretty shitty day for him.

    Is Joey Mills the most toxic twink at Helix?

    • peter

      Why blame Joey? Even if it is true, it takes two to tango.

      • Benjam

        Oh, blame Angel too, but Joey was just recently posting about how jealous he was of Ben and angel, then this. Plus the recent incident with Ashton.

        • FrenchBug

          What incident? Do tell!

          • Miloš Del Rey

            I also need to know for research.

        • marjorie barretto

          the one where he also cheated on ashton with some other guy’s bf? That’s why they broke up? wow joey, seriously… I mean, Joey Mills must have some serious issues on his own but I don’t feel sorry for him at all

    • FrenchBug

      Isn’t there always one of them that gets blame for everyone’s relationship drama at Helix? It used to be Sean Ford, now Joey Mills.
      To be fair though, isn’t there someone who is *that guy* in every gay social group?

      • GayhawkAZ

        I still blame Sean Ford for various things. Twink breakup? Sean Ford. Missed my flight? Damn Sean Ford. My contour is rough? Sean Ford, you asshole.

    • James S. Rants

      Awe, I wonder why he was expelled. In my limited interactions with Ben, he’s seemed like a really sweet guy. I hope things get back on track with him.

  • peter

    While Helix doesn’t discourage relationships or hook-ups between models, I’m sure that like most bareback studios they have policies in place about showing up to a shoot with a loaded guy and refraining from sex after STI testing. So my guess is that Angel and Joey did not hook-up. Also, doesn’t Joey work on production now, too?

    Even if it is true, tweeting everyone’s telephone numbers is seriously fucked. Ben Masters is a serious head-case.

    • McM.

      Refraining from sex after STI testing makes sense if performers also refrain from sexual encounters 2-3 months prior to the same test. That simply cannot happen when a person shoots several scenes in a month in addition to other sex work like escorting.

      Results are a good indication of status, but the only practical purpose they serve is to track outbreaks and inform previous scene partners to get re-tested/treated.

      • c_find

        Can’t you do rapid testing?

  • Eric


  • B.C.

    First Ashton now Angel. Joey has an impeccable taste when it comes to beautiful men. What is his secret weapon?
    I sympathize with Ben, it’s tough being a jilted lover, hurts like hell, but his immature twitter meltdown is inexcusable. Hopefully that doesn’t mean he’ll leave porn altogether…

    • marjorie barretto

      True but he got expelled from his Ballet school too, the same day those tweets came out, it was a grand explosion ? But tbh Angel Rivera really gives me the fuckboy vibe.

  • The Porn Emperor

    What–do these two kids think they’re fucking lesbians or something? Why are they acting this way?

  • Kevin Jones

    One word: Messy.

  • Caesarimp

    Ehh. This guy was clearly in a bad place, mentally. Seems kind of cruel, even though what he did was wrong.

  • Will Cobb

    Gay porn stars kill me, thinking they are famous. When your famous everyone knows who you are, not just your small group of fans.

  • Michael

    But who is Megan Eileen?? LMAO

  • Karla

    Maybe I don’t know all the details, but this isn’t only relationship drama, right? Ben got expelled from ballet school, which was obviously a huge blow and started this whole mess. I wonder whether doing porn had anything to do with it. He wanted to talk to his boyfriend and get comfort and probably freaked out because didn’t get an answer for a reasonable amount of hours. I just feel that maybe more than one person failed to reach out to Ben in a reassuring way. Giving out people’s numbers is not okay, but it seems that there is more and deeper drama on Ben’s part.

  • Ed Woody
    • jackson803

      OMG! Where did you find this gif?

  • Izzy

    They real scandal is that they didn’t film this alleged tryst.

  • David1983

    Messy twinks

  • ken kleck

    i can understand his anger. i can understand why he posted the first two phone numbers. however, he really shouldnt have posted anybody else’s number.

  • James S. Rants

    Just a suggestion… if you’re a twink porn star and you want to date someone without being cheated on… maybe don’t date another porn star? Maybe date an accounting student. Or a business student. Or someone studying PR! That could help you a lot.

  • sxg
  • Jeff Bosco

    Fucking children.

  • McM.

    Sooooo…. not saying they fucked, but if Joey Mills swapped loads with Angel Rivera and then paid him $1.32 and a stick of gum, would it be cheating then?

    Serious question. Because don’t understand how two performers in the sex industry break up or argue over one of them “cheating” when boundaries are already loose due to their professional and social activities.

    • Jon Woodward

      Totally agree. They create these imaginary “work” boundaries where kissing, sucking, rimming, barebacking, and swallowing loads is acceptable EXCEPT off the clock. Give me a fucking break,

    • Mokojojo

      You said the word, boundaries. It obviously didn’t work out for these two, (then again I’m shocked that a young man cheated /sarcasm) but there’s a huge difference between (if Masters is being truthful) fucking someone on set in front of 5 people, as is required by their profession, and shacking up intimately w/ someone in their apartment, if one is not in an open relationship or something of the sort. Heck, even people in open relationships set boundaries for outside partners.

      If your significant other were an actor required to kiss others on set constantly, would you be upset if you found out that he spent friday night w/ his tongue down a costar’s throat in their apartment.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      That would depend on their relationship now wouldn’t it.

      Shooting porn, a tryst, and a relationship are very different emotional places.

    • c_find

      It work similar to having an open relationship. Sex does not equate intimacy to everyone. Some can separate the two. You have agreed upon does and don’t and once violated the parties need to go to arbitration. To answer your question if you get pays $1.35 and a stick of gum that is prostitution and the person should be slapped you should at least get the entire pack of gum never settle.

    • dqh257

      But you don’t know what agreements they made within the context of their relationship, so yes, cheating and unfaithful behavior can still happen despite their jobs.

  • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

    This reminds me of what my Helix friend told me. He was a big star at Helix about 5 years ago. He liked doing porn, but left because of all the drama surrounding them. Apparently, all of them hang out with each other and date and that’s what leads to all the petty drama. 5 years later, it seems this is still going on.

  • Default_User

    Sometimes we (as porn fans) forget that underneath the studio makeup and the lights, they are really just young men who are just as volatile and moody as the rest of us when were young (and if you deny it, you are lying). Messiness come as default at that age and let’s face it if we have access to Twitter of FB when we were their age, we would look just as messy if not worse with or without the porn career.

    Give them some space. Dragging them serves no purpose. I am sure he will come back down and the world would keep spinning.

  • Ninja0980

    The fact he posted phone numbers of a bunch of people who had nothing to do with the alleged cheating and his threats of suicide is making me hold back on the snark for now.
    I hope he is okay right now.

  • linger4444
  • TheLisp
  • Devin

    I’ve never met a Latino guy who wasn’t a liar whether we were dating or just FB’s. Couldn’t tell the truth to save their life. I’ve dated 4 and they were all really whorish, too. Just sayin

  • Alan Song

    more drama please!

  • Cordith D’Salah

    You left out the part where Ben got expelled the same day. He is having a pretty bad day.

    • Alann6

      I feel really bad for Ben… I’m sure he feels like he has lost everything. I hope he has someone that cares enough to help him.

  • poor boy.
    he doen’t have anyone in his life to call and cry on his/her shoulder? Must be tough for him. I hope he’s ok one of the messages looked suicidal.

  • Nyaga-nyang

    Thos twinks are the messiest… I love it lmao a true trainwreck

  • Carrel

    Dammit, I only got a screenshot of some of these numbers

  • Del

    I hope Ben can get help. It’s obvious he is going through some stuff and the whole suicide thing is no joke to me.,

  • SaintMike

    how I would have handled things 28 years ago if the internet was available…..thank god it wasn’t

    • zit_remedy

      there but for the grace of god go i, etc. 😛
      no, for reals. when i was his age, rich people were just beginning to have brick-sized “car phones THANK FUCKING GOD, because i definitely made a few scenes in a few parking lots in my day that are now thankfully lost to history.

  • Scrapple

    Suddenly Corbin Fisher’s “No Fraternization Rule” doesn’t seem so absurd. This is why you can’t be giving everyone your number. Burner phones should come with your porn model application.

    Ben, this is not what you want. I know you think it is, but it’s not. You shouldn’t have to grovel or threaten someone to love or come back to you. Why be with someone who would make you do that? Why be with someone who makes you feel less than? And if someone does cheat on you, and this is your response, think about what you’re teaching that person. You’re telling him/her that it’s okay to treat you like garbage, because you’ll do whatever it takes to be taken back. It’s an open invitation to allow yourself to be treated like a doormat. It’s not a healthy situation to exist in and only leads to bigger problems down the road.

    • zit_remedy

      seriously!! no, obviously it wasn’t right to give out those numbers, but i feel for him, i really do. i think we’ve all been there! (thankfully, in my case, it was before the age of social media.)
      i hope he has true friends around him who can help. the advice of your “elders” means shit when you’re young and experiencing this stuff for the first time. :/

  • Alismith

    I feel for Ben and hope he has someone to talk to and work through this shitty situation with. I’m sure he’s realised it was wrong to post private numbers and hope people give him some leeway here. I wonder if he posted their nos cos he couldn’t contact Angel and they didn’t answer him so he felt like they were ‘protecting’ Joey? Why does Joey get involved somehow in everything?
    On a side note can we ban the use of the word ‘power’ and just say couples? Some of these couples have as much power as a dim bulb

    • Stuart

      I think going on a second date qualifies for power couple status with Zach, he just loves taking the piss with it.

  • C3xxx

    Cautionary tale for aspiring porn actors: ballet school and porn do not tango. Just ask Jeppe Hansen aka CockyBoys’ Jett Black:

    • zit_remedy

      the fact that he got “expelled from ballet school” is the thing that’s been breaking my heart, tbh. making it in the dance world isn’t exactly easy, and to lose that…? no wonder he lost his shit! :(

    • Carrel

      Jett (heh) made some good porn, he could really get his legs up.

      He’s more artsy-fartsy than your usual meathead porn guy….

      ‘There is no big difference between porn and ballet’, he explains to Politiken:

      – Dance is a very physical art form. Many watch the ballet for the amusement value and tradition, but also because they appreciate the aesthetic ballet body. The classic ballet contains lots of erotic and sexual elements such as, for example, Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune, where the faun symbolizes masturbation with a nymph’s veil during the nymphs’ trip to the morning bath.

  • stotng

    I don’t know the full story or what is really happening. But from the start this “power coupling”, it seemed to be destined for a dramatic ending. Assuming it’s ending, all because that very good looking young man, Ben Masters is A. A dancer and B. Crazy eyes.

  • Parker Lewis

    no surprise,, Helix models are teenagers so the childish behaviors of its actors are expected.

  • emercycrite

    Helix is full of messed up idiots.

  • ap

    Oh porn star twinks… Dating other porn star twinks and then get jealous. I can’t say that this didn’t make me LOL!

  • JustAndra

    Somebody needs the brakes beat off his ass…or some zoloft!

  • Drew Barrymore

    Being cheated on is not funny.