Helix Studios Power Couple Update: Ben Masters & Angel Rivera, Max Carter & Kyle Ross, And Evan Parker & Tyler Hill

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powercJust a quick update for those who like to keep track of who’s dating whom, who’s marrying whom, and all other power couples news at Helix Studios.

First, although they already became engaged last Christmas when Max Carter proposed to Kyle Ross, Kyle decided to give Max an engagement ring of his own on Valentine’s Day. Here’s Kyle surprising Max on the Vegas strip last week:

Helix’s other long term power couple Evan Parker and Tyler Hill appear to have recently gone through a rough patch (as so many couples do), but don’t worry: They’ve worked things out, and the fan favorite couple is back together:

tyler1 tyler2Finally, Ben Masters and Angel Rivera—the newest Helix gay porn powercouple—are still going strong, and they’re still one of the most scorching hot duos of 2018. And while we wait for Helix to release their first scene together, Ben and Angel are sharing their own photos and videos to keep fans’ thirst quenched:


And speaking of Ben Masters, he’s in this week’s Helix sex scene, and his top is Cameron Parks. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Cameron Parks Fucks Ben Masters Bareback]

  • Xzamilloh

    That Twitter video needed to be more up close or from a different angle, because it felt less like I was watching a homemade sex tape and more like I was trying to ignore ugly wallpaper and the top’s socks that appeared to match it . But, that top’s ass was beautiful, and that video was in my favorite color: free

    • Mokojojo

      You spelled “gorgeous wallpaper” wrong. I want it (in red w/ gold decals) for a long dining room.

      • peter

        “Either this wallpaper goes or I do!” Oscar Wilde’s (apocryphal) last words

  • Sebastian S

    What makes then power couples versus just…couples?

    • Zachary Sire

      Because that’s what I consider them. Power Couples.

    • Christopher k .


    • Kanaka

      Because Zach says so.

    • Hari Kalyan

      I prefer the term “promo couples” or “showmance” if you will. Think of like the old Hollywood studio system when they controlled everything their actors did, including who they dated. Not saying Helix forces their models to date each other but a lot of their models date each other and promo their relationship ad nauseum on twitter. IMO it feels gimmicky. Just say fuck buddies and go.

  • Mokojojo

    I love the missionary position in amateur/gay porn. So many studios focus on showing penetration, but I’d take a shot of a top’s ass (being squeezed by the bottom) as he pumps away any day of the week. Ben/Angel is just an insanely hot couple. They need to become the Deacon and Asher of Helix.

    That being said, Helix needs to hurry the hell up w/ their duo scene.

    • Ty Huber

      So totally agree — and yet I crush so hard on both Angel and Ben that I’d be cool with a two-parter in which each gets a chance to top. I think a flip-flop of these two would be too hot to handle resulting in an embarrassing 911 call to be revived. Maybe their first scene should just be a tease — some kissy-face, some hands down the pants … that might be all I need. OMG I’m so smitten with these two I’m like an eighth grade girl eyeing the track team, practicing shirtless in their snug shorts.

    • Eclipse

      Agreed I LOVED that clip. It has everything you’d want from a gorgeous young couple in love. Passion, authenticity, and above all pure sexual chemistry. Helix (and most studios) need to follow suit.

  • peter

    The news about Evan and Tyler made me smile. I could see them being good for the long-haul

  • Devin

    I like Ben and Angel. They look so good together. Keep your hair Black, too guys. No bad blonde dye jobs, please

    • Ty Huber

      They can do whatever they want to their hair. They’re gorgeous. I can’t help but notice (and don’t give a shit) that Ben seems always to have a little mustache shadow. I can overlook it. Fuck me, please.

  • Paul J

    Angel has the ass of an angel! But next time, lose the socks! Good to see two gay guys enjoying each other in that twitter clip – Angel’s cock is hard as rock. By contrast when Cameron parks announces he’s going to fuck Ben, it appears he’s in no position to do so. Cue the fluffer…

    • Drew Kingston

      And obviously Ben can get hard during half the sex scene: the lack of chemistry between both models is a turn off. May be Angel should have stay to help his new bf. Waiting for a scene with Angel and Ben to have the oportunity to watch models enjoying each other and keep a hard-on during a whole scene.

      • Drew Kingston

        *Ben CAN’T get hard

  • Quinton Jackson

    Everybody deserves to be loved. Even if they look like Max Carter.

    • TK
    • Galaxy_Scribe


    • Galaxy_Scribe

      Isn’t it a crime to hump a corpse?

      • Quinton Jackson

        Yes. Even in Vegas. Lmao

    • Francis Mastro

      Jealosy is a bitch hu? probably it’s your own ugliness that polluted your eyeballs? What you see is just your reflection??

      • Quinton Jackson

        Aww…. but my friends told me that I look like Beyonce:(

        • Francis Mastro

          It’s so nice of them to not want to hurt your feelings?

          • Quinton Jackson

            And that’s why I love them. ?

      • GayhawkAZ

        We get it, you’re the hardcore Helix apologist for whom Max/Kyle/Blake/Joey/the rest can do no wrong. Don’t you get exhausted, stroking all those egos?

        • Francis Mastro

          This is hilarious? Don’t you trolls get exhausted wasting energy &time trying to insult ppl who don’t even know u exist???? It’s really funny because hating on ppl just shows your own insecurities & hate for yourself? I love ppl, I don’t stroke the ego of assholes. I respect ppl I love? Trolls are really pathetic?

          • GayhawkAZ

            Actually, I feel bad for you. You spend countless hours drooling over the Helix guys on YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, here and probably a dozen other places and the reality is that they tolerate your fawning because they know you have no life. Max takes a shit and you weep at how beautiful it must be. When all these guys age out of Helix, you’ll still be screeching at their detractors that they’re still somehow relevant. ??? So sad. ???

          • Francis Mastro

            I love the shallow & loveless perception of reality your mean & sad mind gives you? First of all I only use twitterbthat my friends who happen to be models convinced me to turn into something I could earn some money from. So the time I spend on twitter is fun & lucrative for me? Second the models I support could lose their dicks & turn into hairy whales, I’d still love them because I love them as people? But I don’t expect shallow & mean people to get that. Enjoy your evil life?

          • GayhawkAZ

            Oh, I plan on it, lovechunks. ????

  • TK

    It’s silly, given the fact that I don’t know and will never meet them, but I’m happy for Tyler and Evan.

  • elyp

    You’re kinda obsessed with the word “power,” aren’t you Zach?

  • sfjohn

    STOP with the ‘power couple’ bullshit you jealous little bitch

  • AJ’s Black Widow

    Power couples? Yeah….ok.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Dear Tyler and Evan…here’s an idea, keep your fights off social media.

    • Zachary Sire

      They’ve never had any fights on social media.

  • Baradude

    Kyle Ross will soon over throw Courtney Act as the world’s oldest twink……

    • peter

      Kyle looked better when his hair was a little shorter and unbleached. He looked like his cuter fascist brother, Kris.

  • #FearlessFanatic ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜ

    Holy fuck looks at Ben’s arch in that twitter video

  • Jbj

    Ben and Angel are a rather cute couple…can’t get enough of Angel, though…he’s sexy as fuck! ???

  • lukaeber

    Ben and Angel have to be the hottest couple ever.

    • B.C.

      Maybe not ever, but now in gay porn for sure. Looking at Angel’s perfect ass bouncing while fucking Ben gives me all kinds of tingling sensations.

  • Goodboy

    Ha. I just came here to see who cares about this stuff.

  • Three Olives

    I will never understand why people want to splay their relationship drama out on social media, stay together, don’t stay together but airing the drama out online is just so immature.

    And it’s not even couples having drama, there is another gay porn couple that keeps tagging photos of them together as #relationshipgoals #couplegoals #love, it’s like calm the fuck down, I’m happy for you but you guys have only been together for a couple of weeks and that was right after you broke up with your previous boyfriend that you were also in love with. Yeah, I get it, you are both hot but couple goals are more like completing a labor intensive house project without conflict or your husband offering to cook dinner even though it is your night to cook but he can tell you are just beaten down from work that day. Love is not taking sexy naked photos in bed nor a couple goal, get back to me with your couple goals when shit just completely hits the fan and you work through it without fighting.

  • GayhawkAZ

    First off, it’s one thing that Kyle wants to film him giving the ring to Max, but then it keeps going and going, and then when Max says he loves Kyle, Kyle sounds so fucking bored…”yeah, love you.”

    Yeah, real romantic there. ?