Best Hate-Fuck Of The Year?

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The second installment of CockyBoys’ Answered Prayers came out last night (leave it to Jake Jaxson to play Santa), but unless you’re able to gather around the Christmas tree and watch hardcore gay sex with your family, you probably weren’t able to see it…until now.


The extended trailer for the second episode (The Healer) is below, and it stars Diesel Washington and Chris Harder. There are cameos from Jake Bass, Dillon Rossi, Bravo Delta, Max Carter, and Levi Karter.


Not only is Diesel’s extremely intense pounding of a pompous political pundit (think a hot Sean Hannity, with a pierced taint) being called the hate-fuck of the year, his role as The Healer is also being labeled a career-defining performance, and for good reason. Unlike most porn performances, Diesel’s acting always transcends mere dialogue recitation (remember, he already won a 2010 Grabby for his talents), and this is no exception.


And then there’s the fucking. Be prepared for some of Diesel’s award-winning, trademark moves. And be sympathetic for newcomer Chris Harder, who should probably win his own award not just for being able to take it, but also for appearing to really enjoy it. Being fucked nearly to death isn’t easy!

img_0699Watch the entire second episode of Answered Prayers on CockyBoys:

[CockyBoys’ Answered Prayers—Diesel Washington Fucks Chris Harder]


  • Dean

    Best “Gross-out” of the year more like.

  • Iain Gardener

    You know, paired with the right partner and the right director, there’s NO ONE who fucks better then Diesel Washington in either the str8 or gay industry and I hope Jake Jaxon has him fucking many more of his twunks in the future

    • Dean

      lol no

  • synnerman

    Oh Dean, we know you don’t like black men based on the oodles of posts you left in the “Worst of” thread. So anything you say about Washington is more than suspect due to your built in bias.

    • Dean

      Well, read them again. I never said anything about myself not liking black guys. I don’t have any sexual racial preferences or biases at all. I was simply explaining that it is not racist if someone isn’t into black guys.
      Whatever I say about Washington is based on him only.

      • Diesel Washington

        Same Dean from thesword *sigh
        Hey Dean, you left comments on thesword and now here. Dude don’t you have anything better to do with your time except google Me and then leave comments on blogs on How you dislike Me?
        Plant some trees, try to save the world, pick up some litter or something? I’m sure you have better things to do but waste your time of telling the world on how much u don’t like Me.
        But thanks for the time and effort you put in to Voice your opinion that u don’t like Me SMH

        • Dean

          Don’t worry about it. It really doesn’t take up very much of my time to post a comment on a blog. You’re not even relevant enough for me to be making that many comments about you. I’m only speaking up because you’re now on CockyBoys, somewhere you really shouldn’t be, and I have to see your pictures now when I’m looking for hot porn to fap to, and you’re ruining it.

          • Diesel Washington

            Bitch I got no words for you faceless troll, and keep looking and watching me on cockyboys bud. Matter of fact name ur favorite porn star, that way I will book a scene with favorite and fuck him…. Just to piss u off more

          • Dean

            How about Marc Dylan? =) Oh wait….he wouldn’t even touch you for money, let alone for free.
            and no I’m not looking. I’m so grossed out to even click the preview of your CockyBoys scene. Poor Chris Harder and whoever else had the misfortune of being your scene partner there.

          • Diesel Washington

            We can trade insults all day the facts are Marc Dylan is a racist, so why would u use that as an insult? I’m not interested in him in the slightest…

            Your an internet troll, faceless and random…

            I don’t come to ur job and snatch the mop out of ur cold crusty hands..after wiping up cum off the floor from that Peep show u work at.

            So give me a break with ur bullshit comments voter..

            Watch porn and jerk off..

            Just because u have a computer and can hide behind it doesn’t mean I have to take ur shit.. random asshole grow a pair.

          • Dean

            Marc Dylan is not racist for not wanting to bone black guys like you. Just accept that a large chunk of the community does not find you attractive and move on.

          • synnerman

            Yes yes, you tee hee and ha ha, but you’re the one burning calories typing all of your defensi-troll bs across multiple websites.

            Just wear your hood and be proud.

  • Tom

    Most of what Cocky Boys does is overrated, over-hyped and utterly ridiculous. Trying to pass porn off as art is idiotic at best. Justin Bieber is more watchable.

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