Biggest Mistake Of 2013?

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justinowenJustin Owen started out the year serving Brent Corrigan/Joey Lawrence realness, but maybe the comparisons rubbed him the wrong way? The Randy Blue newcomer recently chopped off his locks and now, well…there he is on the right. Sure, he’s still cute, but keep in mind that he was PERFECT before. Now, he looks like everybody else.

Oh well, at least it can always grow back. (And until it does, maybe he can wear a wig?)

Here’s Justin Owen getting fucked by Topher DiMaggio’s boyfriend Lance Luciano (quick reminder: Topher DiMaggio’s bottoming debut—where he also gets fucked by Lance Luciano—is this Friday on on Randy Blue:

[Randy Blue: Lance Luciano Fucks Justin Owen]


  • James Withers

    He can cut his hair anyway he likes. Tops in my book.

  • sxg

    Damn where have you been? Topher and Lance are no longer together. They were on a “break” but it was only inevitable that they both separated.

    And as far as Justin Owen cutting his hair, I don’t believe it was his own decision. Randy and the director are very particular about their models when it comes to things like haircuts, body hair, tattoos, etc and want their models to fit one exact look and aren’t fond of changes. And since Justin was starring in this Welcome to LA series, they changed his hair specifically for the 2nd part of that series, which is his bottoming scene with Austin Wolfe. Any time a model changes themselves in a way that they don’t approve of, they don’t want to work with them at all many times.

    Marcel Cruz was a fan favorite, and he decided to get a tattoo across his chest. He hasn’t been seen in RB studios since, and somehow I don’t think it has anything to do with his daughter seeing as how he still go-go dances at bars, clubs and events.

    Hair will grow back, but check him out in RB webcamming. He is definitely not the same lean twink/twunk as he was when he first started. He’s bulking up, and his face is swollen from whatever supplements he’s taking.

  • ltlantnee


  • JustJim

    Now he looks like a boring robot

    • rad_simon

      As apposed to a cookie cutter twink?

  • Mike

    He looks better with short hair than long hair. Anyone man would. Only girls look good with long hair…

  • Dean

    Looks like a lesbian Sheldon Cooper either way.

  • DrunkEnough

    Now, when I squint, I don’t see Zac Efron getting plowed. I see Jim Parsons.

  • robirob

    He was really hot as a shaggy haired twink, but as short haired twink he’s kind of bland.