Bottoms Up! Watch Topher DiMaggio Get Fucked For The First Time

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tophertop’s “Top To Bottom” scenes have always been of zero interest to me, mainly because the “first time” bottoms being fucked were either limp-dicked, fat, or hadn’t been doing porn long enough to justify their bottoming as an actual event. Today, all of that changes thanks to the hottest bitch in gay porn, Topher DiMaggio, finally giving it up.


Two reasons why this is an actual event:

1. Topher DiMaggio has been doing gay porn strictly as a top for OVER SIX YEARS. (Remember, he started with Randy Blue back in 2007.) Unlike other first time bottoms who’ve only been topping for six months, Topher’s evolution into eventual powerbottom (one can dream) has been years in the making.

2. Topher DiMaggio is fucking hot, and so is his ass.

Sadly, photos of Topher’s ass are in short supply on the internet, and I could only find one good one (via Buckshot).

Topher DiMaggio12

Topher DiMaggio’s first time getting fucked (by real life boyfriend Lance Luciano) is out this month on’s Top To Bottom, and here’s a preview of all Men’s December scenes, which includes former Randy Blue star Travis James making his first Men appearance, new exclusive Jimmy Fanz, and the debut of Justin Dean, a.k.a. Chris “Minimal Risk” Crocker’s boyfriend, a.k.a. the cute one in the relationship.

[ Top To Bottom: Topher DiMaggio Gets Fucked]
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  • FrenchBug

    I had not picked up on Justin Dean being Chris Crocker’s ex. But the news that he is launching in professional porn certainly explains why CC who just recently was saying he regretted his porn made a big deal of “maybe” shooting soon with LE. Someone is not about to let his thunder be stolen.

    • zach

      Exactly. Miss Crocker can’t have ANYONE getting more attention than her!

      • JoshChicago

        That’s spells trouble for Lucas and Crocker. The new Daigle & Locke is born.

  • Aramis

    Travis James seems a very interesting guy…Funny what a lone picture can do for an observer ( I’ll do some reserch about him ). BTW: Topher is ok…

    • sxg

      Travis James gained most of his porn fame at Randy Blue. google it he has a lot of scenes there.

      He also did 1 scene for Titan, and I have no clue how he managed that.