Chris Crocker: HIV Risk For Tops “Minimal”

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From Mike Dozer’s “condoms are for pussies” to Lucas Entertainment’s “informed barebacking,” 2013 has been a great year for idiots with asinine statements about safe sex, and now we’ve got another one. Seems Chris Crocker is something of an HIV expert himself, as he announced last night that, don’t worry, you probably can’t get HIV if you’re a top:

Crocker’s statement followed another announcement that he might be shooting porn with Lucas Entertainment, which of course would mean that he’d be performing a bareback scene, since that’s what Lucas shoots and that’s what Crocker’s used to. (As you’ll recall, Crocker’s first bareback scene was with the Maverick Men, but at least they test for STDsā€”Lucas doesn’t.) And while insertive anal intercourse might be on the lower end of the “risk” spectrum, it’s a risk nonetheless, and just making such a pronouncement to his 180,000 followers is reflective of Crocker’s immaturity. I guess he’ll fit right in with Lucas.

But perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Crocker’s statement is the oblivious selfishness. Sure, someone might not get HIV as a top, but what if the top is already unknowingly HIV-positive, and he’s passing it along to the high risk bottom? Bottoms don’t just magically become HIV-positive on their own, do they? This thought never crossed Crocker’s mind, apparently. Chris Crocker having sex, Chris Crocker making bareback porn, and Chris Crocker being Chris Crocker isn’t about anyone else, because everything is only about Chris Crocker.

Or, maybe Max Ryder said it best:



  • Max

    Sounds like there isn’t a lot to write about these days.
    Don’t care for the kid or Lucas Entertainment, but at least they follow the rules and regulations. Not like other studios that forget about the 2257 regulations.

    • zach

      I presume you work for Lucas Entertainment if you just happen to know which rules and regulations they’re following that other studios allegedly don’t? LOL. Right.

    • Tellingthetruth

      How would you know what regulations and rules Lucas Entertainment follows? SOunds like you work for them and are trying to do some damage control!

  • JoshChicago

    It’s people like Michael Lucas and his reckless, irresponsible and hypocritical enterstainment company who are diminishing the risk of HIV to impressionable young performers. Michael Lucas is a self-righteous bigot who will most certainly be responsible for the continuing spread of HIV/AIDS simply out of selfish greed. Michael Lucas is a parasite not unlike the locust that will attempt to exterminate all the knowledge we have gained in fighting HIV to simply fund his retirement account.

    • Aramis

      Yes, things are as you stated here but when you describe young performers as ‘ impressionable ‘ I prefer think of them as deeply ignorant because in 2013, in USA with all information people can get there’s no excuse to say and act like Chris Crocker.

  • Aramis

    I think Miss Crocker is so devoided of everything that even his butthole – a major item in porn – is gross and not appetizing or appealing. A real turn off to me.

  • Bull

    I know by now I shouldn’t be, but I’m frequently taken “aback”, as my gramma would say, by the ignorance, the reckless statements and behavior by people who should know better. There’s a good post on huffpost gay voices by Robert Julian titled “what we did” that I wish they would read. I’m really at a loss as to how to get these guys(and gals) to take this more seriously.