Shame: Is Mike Dozer Exploiting Stupidity Of Bareback Porn Fans?

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It’s one thing to be a bareback gay porn star who loves being a cum dumpster, and it’s a whole other thing to actively and repeatedly shame everyone else who chooses to have sex with condoms. Performer Mike Dozer has been in the business for all of five minutes, and he’s already managed to (no doubt deliberately) get a lot of negative attention for his “condoms are for pussies” t-shirt and his recent Cocksure Men scene, in which he dismissively tosses out a condom in favor of being fucked raw. What a delight.


Viewers who are into bareback sex would enjoy this duo without the stunt condom removal, so including it in the scene is just an added treat to 1. Get attention for Cocksure Men and 2. Send a message that condoms are boring. That message delivered by Dozer, scene partner Brad Kalvo, and Cocksure Men owner Jake Cruise won’t affect people who are educated enough to know better, but it does stand a chance that it will—subconsciously or maybe consciously—permeate the minds and eventual decisions of people who don’t know better.

The antiquated argument that “porn is fantasy” and that “people aren’t influenced by porn” is an increasingly moot point, in part because porn stars simply aren’t fantasies anymore. They are in fact more “real” than ever, posting pictures of themselves in funny t-shirts, interacting with fans, giving interviews, publicizing their relationships and their break-ups, and talking openly about all facets of their lives to anyone who will listen on Twitter and Facebook.

Viewers too careless to protect themselves from something as relatively easy to avoid as HIV ultimately only have themselves to blame. But at the same time, gay porn is more accessible than ever. Do gay porn stars frowning at condoms and throwing them away influence viewers in terms of what they do during their own sex lives?


  • Porn Fan

    TRUTH. Across the board TRUTH.
    The ‘porn as fantasy’ myth is unraveling on a daily basis.
    I’m not going to take direction on my health from people who enjoy endangering their own (there’s more to be concerned about than HIV alone, and those already with HIV should be particularly interested in protecting themselves from further exposure to all sorts of STDs). However, there are those out there who will take direction from what they see (monkey see, monkey do) and as a community we will continue to bear the consequences.
    Shame on Mike (and Charlie) for denigrating a cheap, accessible, and effective method of safer sex practice.

  • Tellingthetruth

    So glad Zach is back to say this shit. It’s one thing to do bareback in porn but to mock condoms is really irresponsible of the studio. By the way this site looks awesome, it’s unique, loving it!

  • wolfwave

    So glad to see Zach back. This is what I actually want to hear.

  • Aramis

    So true! Thanks to ‘say’ this.

  • Diesel Washington

    Thank You Zach,
    I have no tact, when it comes to putting words together about models trying to this type of behavior I see and call it out but to be able to speak without sounding angry or pushy or bullying style is hard. You do such a better job at Me then Me.
    I jealous..
    P.S. I like your start with the site, and look forward to how you make it ‘YOUR OWN” and bulid….No shade being real

  • Cosmic

    They’re free to do whatever they want to do but when they mock people who want to protect themselves then they’ve crossed a line. Between Dozer wearing that shirt and Kalvo complaining about the “Condom Lobby” on Twitter they’ve made it clear that they think less of people who use condoms. Also why do they get so pissed when people wonder if they’re HIV+ when they should know if they’re doing bareback porn most people are going to assume they are.

  • Bull

    Thanks! In spite of the studios/models claiming that they have no influence on how men have sex with men, they definitely do. And with influence comes responsibility. Well said Zach.

  • Nunya

    Call me antiquated. I think the faux-outrage over bareback porn is useless and silly. And I’m a grown-ass man who uses condoms in my personal life who’s very glad bareback porn is still produced. Largely b/c I know that even if every studio and site stopped producing it today, we’d still have HIV just like we had it in the 90s when studios were only making condom scenes. I guess HIV still existed then b/c those studios were so busy promoting their ‘pre-condom’ scenes all over the market, huh? Which would happen today if all studios and sites stopped producing bareback content, of course. It’s not like those bareback scenes in their vaults would just disappear.

    So, I’m glad there’s still bareback porn and I know there’ll be more of it. Thank goodness!

    • BlogZilla

      Well, I for one just think it’s sad that people place the pleasure of sex over anything else, including getting sick and dying from spreading their germs and pathogens during sex and not getting treatment.

      Some of you fools out there are freakin’ nasty. The, “I dont have any symptoms claim.” is not a good excuse

  • Estelle

    Can porn even be called “fantasy” anymore when companies are starting to get hit with OSHA fines?

    • Dutch Courage

      Yes, because only a few studios are getting hit with OSHA fines. I’m curious to know what would happen if popular studios like Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody would be targetted by OSHA. Would commenters on gay porn blogs defend these studios, keep silent, or criticize them in the same way like they do TIM?

  • DC

    This is irrelevant to mostly everything, but I just watched the trailer… and are his fingernails painted? Why? What?

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      It’s not irrelevant. Brown fingernails are a side of effect of HIV meds.

      • joão inácio da silva

        Brown fingernails are a side effect of hiv meds… hahahaha, what a bullshit, don’t say silly things, pls!

  • he is practicing his right to freedom of speech.

    • Tall Rugby Guy

      “Freedom of speech” means freedom of speech free of government interference, you idiot. Read the entire 1st amendment. Private organizations, employers and individuals can tell him to take his moronic disregard for safe sex and go fuck himself. So to speak.

      • Before you go telling me what to do you might try replying to topics in the same year they were posted. I am surprised a know it all like yourself is so late to the game. Screw youy! I’m practicing my freedom of speech.

        • Tall Rugby Guy

          You still don’t get it. So you’re unworthy of further attention. Shaddap now.

          • Seaguy

            I don’t get what makes you think your superior or so smart. You can’t even spell Shut Up so why don’t you STFU.

          • Tall Rugby Guy

            lol I spelled it phonetically. Dude, you make me laugh, in a pitying sort of way. Nothing you’ve said in this post or any other preceding post changes any of the facts of the matter, nor the fact that you don’t understand how the First Amendment works. If a government local, federal or otherwise said Dozer couldn’t wear such a shirt, his free speech rights are being violated. If a police officer arrests him specifically for wearing such a shirt, his rights are being violated. If I say he shouldn’t or even if I say he OUGHT NOT BE ALLOWED TO wear such a shirt, that is not a violation of his free speech rights. Him being stupid enough to disparage condom use and condom-users as well is worthy of all the contempt I or anyone similarly aligned can muster. I refuse to accept the “consenting adults” crap he and people like him use to excuse their actions. People under 18 are not supposed to be able to watch porn. But they do. And Truvada and other drugs don’t work for everyone–personally I’ve lost a handful of friends to HIV / AIDS and complications, and they were reasonably monied, insured and otherwise in good health, as well as all under the age of 30. I’m not going to bring the Justice Holmes argument of shouting fire in a theater into this, but at the same time his minimizing the danger of what can come from not using condoms is unfair and unreasonable, and justifies any and all outrage he would get as a result. Do I believe he should be locked up for his attitudes? No, but then he’s done something far worse than promote reckless and irresponsible behavior, as unfolding events have proven. Paul Morris and all the rest are about as loathsome.

        • BlogZilla

          What is with you idiots that think someone has to reply in a certain time frame to be relevant? Not all of us spend 24 hours a day on the internet.

          • Seaguy

            It is called notifications, they have been around since Al Gore started the internet. Duh

  • dave1984
  • BlogZilla

    Well let’s face it. He’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Was has happened to him is proof of that.