Shame: Is Mike Dozer Exploiting Stupidity Of Bareback Porn Fans?

Posted November 26, 2013 by with 24 comments


It’s one thing to be a bareback gay porn star who loves being a cum dumpster, and it’s a whole other thing to actively and repeatedly shame everyone else who chooses to have sex with condoms. Performer Mike Dozer has been in the business for all of five minutes, and he’s already managed to (no doubt deliberately) get a lot of negative attention for his “condoms are for pussies” t-shirt and his recent Cocksure Men scene, in which he dismissively tosses out a condom in favor of being fucked raw. What a delight.


Viewers who are into bareback sex would enjoy this duo without the stunt condom removal, so including it in the scene is just an added treat to 1. Get attention for Cocksure Men and 2. Send a message that condoms are boring. That message delivered by Dozer, scene partner Brad Kalvo, and Cocksure Men owner Jake Cruise won’t affect people who are educated enough to know better, but it does stand a chance that it will—subconsciously or maybe consciously—permeate the minds and eventual decisions of people who don’t know better.


The antiquated argument that “porn is fantasy” and that “people aren’t influenced by porn” is an increasingly moot point, in part because porn stars simply aren’t fantasies anymore. They are in fact more “real” than ever, posting pictures of themselves in funny t-shirts, interacting with fans, giving interviews, publicizing their relationships and their break-ups, and talking openly about all facets of their lives to anyone who will listen on Twitter and Facebook.

Viewers too careless to protect themselves from something as relatively easy to avoid as HIV ultimately only have themselves to blame. But at the same time, gay porn is more accessible than ever. Do gay porn stars frowning at condoms and throwing them away influence viewers in terms of what they do during their own sex lives?


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