Billy Santoro Blames Hook-Up App JACK’D For Mike Dozer’s Crimes!

Posted October 3, 2014 by with 27 comments

santoro jackdMike Dozer is now a convicted pedophile after a jury found him guilty of three felonies in a federal child sexual exploitation case, but that isn’t stopping others from spreading the blame around! Gay porn star Billy Santoro, who partially supported Dozer after his arrest, heard about the Dozer verdict this afternoon and was quick to share his opinion. Not about Dozer, but about JACK’D, the hook-up app Dozer used to entice and engage his 14-year-old victim:

billy1To which JACK’D accurately responded:

jackd1Prompting Santoro to double down:

billy2While Santoro’s right, JACK’D is more right: Mike Dozer is a convicted pedophile, and he’s the only one to blame for these crimes.

That said, JACK’D should invest in technology to prevent as many minors as they can from using their service, even if it only blocks one out of a hundred who sneak on. Because keeping even that one minor locked out could mean keeping that one minor away from someone like Mike Dozer.



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