Bryan Silva’s Bizarre Jailhouse Interview: “It Was A Big Mix-Up…Free Me!”

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Following his standoff with police and arrest over the weekend, Bryan Silva (a.k.a. gay porn star Max Payne) has been placed in solitary confinement while awaiting trial in Virginia. Earlier this week, however, a local NBC affiliate was able to talk with Silva in jail. The brief interview, if you can even call it that, is as batshit insane as you might expect.

Here’s the interview, followed by footage of Silva’s absurd, expletive-filled social media postings during the standoff with police.

  • Lionel Del Rey

    Bitch likes to run around using the “N word” and acting like a thug. But the moment he gets arrested he’s like “free me please”. Hoe what did you expect?

    • kevin

      Josiah Jennings (a.k.a. Sean Zevran) wrote a great blog piece about gay men’s obsession with ‘black chick’ memes

      • Lionel Del Rey

        Does it include that I like to watch Glozel causes she’s funny and I’m half black? I hope so. And I don’t recall telling you about my sexuality? Like what your saying has nothing to do with the post. Bye.

        • WhimsyCotton

          It’s like people are desperate to find something new to be offended by these days. A meme? Oh. My. Gosh. A GIF!? Get my pitchfork!

          • Kim Davis

            Thank god the only thing your offended by is people’s rejection to racial preferences in dating and the hiring in mainstream gay porn studios.

            Lets look at this comment section where you completely made a fool of yourself shall we?


          • WhimsyCotton

            Um no. I’m annoyed by people somehow walking around without spines these days. Oh my god, a person doesn’t like me because of this or that. Get over it.

            And I don’t recall making a fool out of myself in that comment section. I recall making perfectly valid points that some posters fallaciously dismissed so as to not have to rebut.

      • brock

        Do you by chance have the link to that blog piece? I would love to read it (and was unable to find it after a Google search)

      • WhimsyCotton

        Did he now? Please tell me more.

      • Maximus

        That piece was a somewhat disconcerting read. Suffering is suffering. There are no nuanced distinctions to the physiological response to social rejection. Playing a game of “My Suffering is Worse than Your Suffering” is self-indulgent and unproductive. Offensive mimicry of racial stereotypes is obviously unacceptable, but Zevran seems to take issue with the mere concept of gays (an oppressed group) identifying with women and blacks (two other oppressed groups). Also, if the behavior in question is typical of only a small subgroup of blacks to which he does not belong, how can he claim ownership? I think he’s also forgetting the degree to which drag culture has influenced contemporary gay slang. There’s a lot of overlap between “sassy black woman” and Paris Is Burning styles of speech and mannerisms. Ultimately though, drawing distinctions and emphasizing differences is how the majority/ruling group oppresses minority groups; we should know better than to engage in the same behavior amongst ourselves.

        • Kim Davis

          Most “Gay Slang” came form the Ballroom circuit and black and latina trans girls.I think lot of folks problem with it is tht its another manifestation of the whole “I’m a gay white boy with black woman inside me” thing.That is what I took away from the blog post.

          • Maximus

            Ah yes, the ball scene too. (“Why you gagging so? She bring it to you every ball.”) My understanding is that there was/is a lot of overlap between that group, the club kids, the voguers, and trans performers, and that a lot of them were/are people of color.

            Yes, but I don’t believe it’s valid to claim that it’s inherently offensive or problematic. If a white gay man thinks that having an inner black woman means being sassy or “ghetto,” then I understand why a black person would be offended or at least annoyed. But I don’t see that as the same thing as having reference and admiration for successful black women given their doubly disadvantaged status in society. I know that when I’m trying to channel my inner strong, independent black woman I’m thinking about people like Beyoncé, Michelle Obama, Viola Davis, and Laverne Cox, none of whom fit the “sassy black lady” stereotype.

            Ultimately though, it was the tone of the post that bothered me. There was just too much divisive sentiment and self-pity—and when I say self-pity, I don’t mean that black people don’t have a lot of valid complaints, because they most certainly do. The problem is that the belief that “we’re all in this together” is so ridiculously uncommon amongst humans that eschewing it for any reason is completely asinine. Like seriously, let’s get our priorities in order here. You have achieved a bit of cooperation and some unity across racial/ethnic lines; don’t fuck it up.

          • Christian


          • Maximus

            tl;dr? I don’t know what that means…

      • sxg

        Ok according to that post Sean didn’t write it, but he did take it from a guy who goes by Say Chief on various social media outlets. He is one hot beefy piece of ass, but he’s also pretty obnoxious about being so politically correct about anything and everything.

        He’s currently in a big IG fight about how he didn’t like what a particular person wrote on his account. So what does he do? He complains about it to one of that guy’s friends lol. And he gets even more insane when that friend he messaged called him a cunt after going back and forth on the incident. He goes off on this speech about how degrading it is that we gays call each other cunt, but what’s funny is he doesn’t even show his response to that comment on his own IG. Instead I found it on the IG of the guy he responded and yea what he said is probably 10x worse than one cunt comment.

    • GN

      When White thugs get caught, usually it’s time to put on a tie, speak softly, apologize, and be White again.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Please out the idiots who recruited/cast/approved this ugly fuck.

    • uther9

      I wonder if they were on something.

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      They’re slapping themselves on the back for having found the biggest name in gay porn. Not a joke.

  • trekord

    I can’t with this story

  • zipperpull

    Is there a GoGundMe for legal fees and/or chin implants yet?

    • uther9

      aren’t they releasing a new ice age movie? that should cover the costs.

  • Todd

    Keep your chin up, Bryan ! Oh wait, SORRY.

    • zipperpull

      all D, no C.

  • John

    he did say one thing thats true, he got a big ass dick for sure…..I will confess, I’m going to find one of his vids and jerk off to it, that is if he knows how to use it….I don’t give a fuck how ugly he is,

    • Donald Horn

      The one scene I saw him in on next door studios was awful and it even had Hunter Page in it which did not redeem it.

    • Hereweare

      And we all bow to the King of Size Queens………one who would run naked through a field of poison ivy just to climb the big oak tree in the middle!

    • Christian


  • Zealot

    Random thoughts:
    *Is the term “Big-Ass Dick” an oxymoron?
    *Does having a big dick automatically entitle one to a Get Out of Jail Free Card?
    *When did breeding and beauty become secondary to pre-pubescence, no-chin and a huge peen in gay culture?
    *If freed, will he return to porn ( should be champing at the bit right about now)?
    *Will his memoirs be titled: “Talk Rudely, and Carry A Big Sick”?; or “Have Dick Will Squabble”?; or “All Cock & No Brains Makes Max a Bad Boy”?

    BTW: The attached picture is courtesy of the Legal Defense Fund.

    • Maximus

      •”Big-ass dick” is not an oxymoron, but “big ass dick” is one. The hyphen makes all the difference.
      •No, because legislators and legal scholars have never been able to reach an agreement on what constitutes a “big” dick.
      •It was one of the subtle changes ushered in by Y2K.
      •Only if he can’t land a reality TV show.
      •He actuallly doesn’t know what memoirs are, so…

  • Stuart

    The crazy sure is strong in this one.

  • uther9

    man, she needs help.

  • beariac
  • DPS

    If he were anyone else he would be chin deep in trouble.

  • brock

    My only contribution here is that solitary confinement is wrong and regardless of what he’s done he shouldn’t be subjected to it

    • beariac

      It’s likely for his own protection since it’s common knowledge he’s done gay porn and is a plastic gangster whose liberal use of the ‘N’ word might not go down well with some of the other inmates.

      • Two Cents

        Thank you for pointing out what everyone in his #freegarata fan club seems to be forgetting!

        • beariac

          OMG, whatever next, and how thick are they too? I had a quick poke around on youtube where I found one guy posted a ‘roast’ video (rather funny), and another that purported to show texts from the gf (unverifiable) saying she’d lied. Scariest of all though was Silva’s arsenal. *shudder*

          • Lionel Del Rey

            I messaged some of her “family members” (Aka Dramatic friends of Sara) on instagram. Because I follow both Bryan and Sarah for lols I saw when the “texts” were first posted on insta. She didn’t even have her phone with her at the time. It was all Bryan. In fact most of her family members couldn’t find her.

      • Maximus

        They can remove him from the general population without sending him to solitary. Depriving inmates of all human contact is cruel given its well-documented adverse effects on mental health. There’s a middle ground between total exposure and total isolation.

        • beariac

          Yes, but given he’s recently arrested and displays disturbing behaviours, I imagine prison authorities would first want to observe and assess him before making decisions about his longer term care and accommodation.

          • Maximus

            They don’t observe the inmates in solitary confinement. They just lock them up. You’re talking about putting him in a psychiatric ward, which is the appropriate course of action.

          • beariac

            British apples / American oranges, hence my conjecture. Silva may be a dislikable headcase, but he should be treated humanely. The US prison system doesn’t have a good reputation from where I sit.

          • Maximus

            Ah, I see we’ve stumbled into a cross-cultural misunderstanding. My bad. Allow me to clarify.

            In U.S. prisons, solitary confinement consists of moving an inmate to a separate section in the prison with cells designed to completely isolate the inmate. The inmate is usually given an hour of exercise time per day in a somewhat larger isolated enclosure and a daily shower, but the rest of the inmate’s time is spent alone in his/her cell. An inmate in solitary also isn’t allowed any vistors other than his/her attorney.

            It’s an incredibly barbaric practice seeing as it’s been shown to cause mental illness in originally healthy individuals and worsen symptoms in individuals with preexisting mental illness. Humans just aren’t meant to live in complete isolation. Solitary confinement is just one of the many failings of our prison system here.

          • beariac

            Nah, it’s nobody’s bad, and thanks for the extra info.

            Here, ‘pure’ solitary is pretty much derided and used as a last resort for very exceptional cases. Sometimes inmates are kept ‘locked down’ for a good part of the day, either on a short-term basis or particularly if they’re recent arrivals, but they still get time outside of their cells for association, exercise and meals. It’s all pretty closely monitored by HM’s Inspectorate of Prisons (an independent body) and other charitable/campaigning organisations.

            Either way, I’m guessing Silva’s probably in for a fair stretch, depending on his previous record and given the felony firearm charges, so he’d best get his act together or he’ll be in for an even harder time of it.


            Big shout out to Mr H!

          • Maximus

            You Brits do government so much better than we do. Our only oversight NGOs with any real power are private corporations and other special interests.

            I wouldn’t expect much from Silva. He doesn’t exactly seem like the type of guy who will use his time in prison for introspection and self-improvement. Seems to me that he belongs in a psych ward.

            Haha! Cute GIF!

          • beariac

            Our system is far from ideal; in many ways it’s an archaic hangover. The House of Lords is a nightmare and political engagement here is low. Australia has a far more modern and equitable political system, though you’d probably baulk at compulsory voting! haha. US politics wins for entertainment value, though it’s scary and fucks with our heads. :)

          • Maximus

            All systems have their flaws. The House of Lords may be oligarchical, but at least the wealthy elite can’t form Super PACs in order to spend tens of millions of dollars on political campaigns and maintain a complete stranglehold on all of the country’s legislators and some of the country’s judges. Plus we don’t have anything like the PM’s Questions. Now THAT’s entertainment.

  • beariac

    It’s strange how life imitates art sometimes. Gratata!

    • Hereweare

      Literally LOL!!!

      • beariac

        News reporters from the scene also fell victim to the neighbourhood prankster, but as yet he remains unidentified.

  • FooFight

    Okay, this is really sad. The guy is clearly unstable. It’s a good thing they locked him before he killed someone and/or himself. I’m just wondering if that super gay news reporter was one of Silva’s porn fans.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Ew, I don’t know if I got motion sickness from the camera or from his cranial deformity. News’ guy’s hair game was on-point though.

  • Maximus

    Who’s crazier, this guy, or the people who pay money to observe him masturbating via webcam?

  • kevin

    Henry Graff is combustible!

  • I’m surprised his manufacturers haven’t had him recalled yet. He’s clearly faulty.

  • This guy is the retarded gift that keeps on giving.

  • OverKill
  • Marcus Collack

    solitary confinement… on the news.
    Apparently Solitary confinement means you can receive interview requests from television stations, and then choose to accept them or not, OKAY!?!

  • Justandra

    He on that good shit! I wonder what mixture of drugs he has in his body.

  • Jason

    I’m usually against the death penalty, but he’s just too stupid to live.

  • yeah yeah


  • Sed

    Those videos sound like dialogue from a Flava Works video.

  • andrew

    He sounds like such an articulate and sensible guy.

  • GuruMike

    He sure does enjoy the N word.