WATCH: Blake Mitchell Stars In BelAmi’s “An American In Prague” Sequel, Fucking Sven Basquiat, Yannis Paluan, Mario Texeira, And More

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BelAmi’s original American In Prague was released in 1997. The remake, featuring Mick Lovell, was released in 2013. Now, it’s time for a third installment of the iconic franchise, as BelAmi is set to release Blake Mitchell Is An American In Prague next week.

The studio has just released a five-minute trailer for members only to view on their site, but I have a clip from it below. Also, I have the full cast list and scene breakdown, so you can see everyone who Blake Mitchell will be fucking, beginning October 4th here on BelAmi.

Blake Mitchell Is An American In Prague will feature four scenes (one three-way and three duo scenes), and they are:


Blake Mitchell And Eluan Jeunet Fuck Andrei Karenin Bareback


Blake Mitchell Fucks Mario Texeira Bareback


Blake Mitchell Fucks Yannis Paluan Bareback


Blake Mitchell Fucks Sven Basquiat Bareback

It appears that every scene features epic cum shots, with Blake delivering multiple cum facials and creampies to his bottoms.


Sadly, the Adam Archuleta/Blake Mitchell scene that was supposed to be part of this series was canceled at the last minute due to a scheduling conflict. While I was looking forward to that, I think the real highlight will be Blake’s duo with Yannis Paluan:


Here’s a snippet from the series trailer, and I’ll have a separate trailer for the first individual scene next week (watch the full five-minute trailer and the scenes here):

[BelAmi: Blake Mitchell Is An American In Prague]

  • WorkBitch

    Blake looks absolutely stunning in this. I’m not gonna lie, though: I’m kind of disappointed that he appears not to have bottomed for at least one of the immensely hung studs on Bel Ami’s roster.

    • Nick Jones

      Good thing it’s not just me that I’m disappointed with. Blake’s sex becomes mechanical, without any innovation. I found the series interesting, but something that could excite more was left out.

  • Eclipse

    So Blake basically went on the best Eurotrip of all time and we get to watch? Talk about a win/win…/win (for the studio as well).

  • CamCam

    This looks damn good. I’m ready to take an adventure with Blake!

  • NeAl1669

    Mitchell is cute and all but he is by no means Mick Lovell level.

    • JayceReed

      There is no comparison… Mick is a god!!! Though for me, its still a yes for Blake. Also to add that Mick was more of a power verse-bottom and Blake never bottomed in this series.

      • Adam

        I always thought it was a shame they didn’t get more scenes out of the original American Chance before he disappeared into the netherrealm of porn retirement and back into civilian life

  • grrr-_-argh

    looks güd.

  • JayceReed

    Woah all of the scenes were bareback?! I sooo Love it! Can’t wait!!!

  • hotdickcum

    Where are the Commenters of:

    I don’t want to watch BA because it’s boring and all the guys look the same.


    • WashSpinDry

      I am right here and it is boring…even generic Blake can not make it interesting…it is like watching a slice of white bread have sex with a bag of flour

      • hotdickcum

        It’s not like all other porn do exactly the same boring thing. Kiss. Suck. Fuck. Cum. Bye.

        • WashSpinDry

          Yes they all do but BelAmi is SO contrived and that makes them boring…

    • EhWhatever

      Right here. Blake is boring but bel ami is the same studio that goes to africa and only finds white people. This is nothing new, us who are tired of it are bored of shouting into a void of gays who drool over the exact same early 20s white dudes with abs

      • WashSpinDry

        white makes it alright…the gay porn system is extremely racist…and Chi Chi made his career on peddling offensive racist porn…

      • hotdickcum

        Cool story

      • Ty Huber

        I’m a huge BA fan but you’re right about the Africa trips, and I would welcome more models of color. Those field trips seem mainly to provide an exotic setting as well as endless BTS features of the boys galivanting about, riding scooters, buying souvenirs, throwing each other in the pool, etc. To its credit, BA’s trip to Colombia DID include a handful of native models (some of whom were delicious).

  • Devin

    Andrei @ 00:04. Did Blake fuck him? I’d be so jealous. Andrei is the hottest guy at BelAmi, IMO. Actually, I’d put him in my top 5 of all major Gay porn studios combined

  • JayceReed

    I would really love it when BelAmi would make Blake their regular model just like Mick before. He really needs to bottom with one of these hung studs.

  • Jameslspg

    Blake cheat Chad. That’s it.
    And honestly,, belami? I thought Blake was woke but I think he’s not. White dude fucks white dudes. Nothing new. Belami doesn’t know about the good dick of black men. Smh.

  • Alann6

    Always love Blake! Can’t wait to see this.

  • stephen

    “Sadly, the Adam Archuleta/Blake Mitchell scene that was supposed to be
    part of this series was canceled at the last minute due to a scheduling

    • hotdickcum

      IKR. Adam is everything

    • luke hart

      That was the selling point for me. Kinda disappointing him and Adam wont be getting it on. The others are fine (dont get me wrong, super hot guys) but Adam’s the belami’s MVP

    • Ty Huber

      I have to assume the scheduling conflict was that Blake’s hole was unavailable for Adam’s dick.

      • Adam

        Or more likely vice versa since Archuleta seems to be the more versatile of the two going by their top to bottom ratios in past scenes then again when you’ve got two vers tops it’s the perfect time for a flip scene

  • B.C.

    BA should do this more often. Maybe collaborate with versatile stars like Ashton Summers, Calvin Banks…or get these frisky Eastern Europeans acquainted with black men. I think quite a few would accept a challenge.

  • pokok789 .

    What did Mario Texeira do to his hair?

  • Eric from Sweden

    The only scene I’m looking forward to is the one with Yannis!

    And I hope the fourth instalment of the “American in Prague” series will be with a black guy, like DeAngelo.

    • doodlebug

      You might as well hope for pigs to fly because that is as likely as a Black guy in a BelAmi scene let alone a staring in a series.

      • Eric from Sweden

        You’re right.

  • Burkeman

    Blake using his Twitter to encourage his followers to harass members of border security and their families made him instantly unattractive for me. You do not target powerless employees when you should be targeting government policy, and families cannot be justified.

    And BelAmi leads the way in mechanical porn, overly choregraphed and forced. At least Blake is openly bisexual and has had boyfriends. As far as I known, that is a first for ‘hetero-worshipping’ BelAmi.

    • Jack T

      Powerless employees? Gimme a break. We all have choices who we work for. Throwing children in cages and separating toddlers from their parents is unacceptable. Taking a stand against this vile behavior only makes Blake and other pornstars who do the same more attractive, not less.

      • Burkeman

        As I said, you should target the policy. Do the family members Blake encouraged to harass have a choice where their relatives works? Children, too? You are promoting double standards.

    • Zachary Sire

      fuck those pigs, and fuck you, too

      • Burkeman

        So much for reasoned discussion, Zachary. I retracted not a single word, because it is not acceptable to incite criminality against children.

        • Zachary Sire

          no one is advocating or even suggesting anything close to that, you fucking idiot. nice try.

          • Burkeman

            Blake did, on his Twitter account.

    • GayhawkAZ

      Porn, not politics. Get a life.

    • cluelesswitness

      You sound like the assholes who sympathize with Nazi soldiers. I suppose you’re the type that would blame Hitler but spare the solider? But the way I see it, these ICE agents and Border Security Guards had WAY MORE FREEDOM than the soldiers working in Nazi Germany did…so they have even less of an excuse. THEY CAN QUIT AND NOT WORRY ABOUT BEING EXECUTED FOR TREASON. These people are grown and can make their own decisions. I will hate them and the government who made said policies. It isn’t an EITHER OR SITUATION…I CAN HATE BOTH.

  • Checkedout

    I know I’m in the minority but I find Blake to be boring, especially since he’s not bottoming.

    He’s sort of been generic white top that stands out on a twink site but sort of pales in comparison to Bel Ami models. If he bottomed in any of these scenes, at least that would be something new.

  • realitytvIV

    Eh…can’t say I care much about his scene partners. They should’ve paired him up with Pip, Jim, or even Jean Luc.

  • SteadyNUnremitting


  • Austin

    I don’t watch his scenes because I’m not into younger tops, but BM is genuinely the most handsome man in porn with a Don Draper face. I think he could have had a mainstream movie career if he had gone that route. Not sure why he didn’t, but now it’s too late.

  • pilot101

    Blake, what is that awkward dancing? lol