Here’s The Full Release Schedule For Blake Mitchell’s Scenes In BelAmi’s “An American In Prague”

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blaoekBelAmi has just announced the schedule of scene release dates for their “An American In Prague” reboot starring Blake Mitchell, and here they are below (sex scenes are in bold, while BTS clips, documentaries, and interviews are in italics):

October 4: Blake’s arrival in Prague documentary

October 11: Blake Mitchell interview


October 19: Blake, Eluan Jeunet, and Andrei Karenin’s Three-Way Sex Scene

October 25: Paddle Boarding Documentary


November 9: Blake and Mario Texeira Sex Scene

November 15: Blake and Sven Basquiat Documentary


November 30: Blake and Sven Sex Scene


December 3: Blake and Yannis Paluan on Freshmen

December 13: Blake and Yannis Documentary with hardcore version at BelAmi.

December 16 and 18: Blake photosession video

In a crossover move that will appeal to different members, the schedule states that the final scene with Blake and Yannis is being released first on Freshmen (BelAmi’s sister studio) before playing on BelAmi 10 days later.


As noted in the schedule, the series launched today with a documentary showing Blake’s arrival in Prague and his first encounters with the BelAmi boys, who give him a tour of the city. Here’s a clip (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Blake Mitchell In “An American In Prague”]