Blake Mitchell And Angel Rivera Have An Ass-Slamming Staircase Fuckfest

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Blake-Mitchell-and-Angel-Rivera-001It’s finally Blake Mitchell’s turn to have a taste of Helix’s finest newcomer of 2018, Angel Rivera, and the duo is as good as—if not better than—you might expect. Just look at them:

Blake-Mitchell-and-Angel-Rivera-006Blake-Mitchell-and-Angel-Rivera-010 Blake-Mitchell-and-Angel-Rivera-012From the great filming and camerawork on the picturesque staircase, to the obvious combined hotness and performance skills of Blake and Angel, this is close to perfect. Blake’s cock pumping in and out of Angel’s ass is…too much:


Not sure how it’s possible to look this hot, have this much balance, and fuck this good while standing on a spiral staircase, but Blake and Angel did that:

Blake-Mitchell-and-Angel-Rivera-022 Blake-Mitchell-and-Angel-Rivera-023bmar2

Blake’s slap made me snap, tbh:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Blake Mitchell Fucks Angel Rivera Bareback]

  • Drew Kingston

    First-class models poorly filmed

    • Who. Would shoot better?

      Anywhere in porn today

      Seriously I want to know because Helix. Might hire them.

      Sorry they don’t exist

      What’s left of this sorry creaky broken down industry is filled with talentless hacks whose only real accomplishment..

      Getting cronies to give them awards at 3rd rate “award’ shows year after year while ignoring real film. School talent

      • Drew Kingston

        Well, Austin Wilde, John Smith, from Staxus, or Georges Duroy (Belami & freshmen), shoot great gay porn scenes.
        In this Helix scene there are beautiful images of the stairs and house but we hardly see Angel’s dick while he is bottoming, showing he likes to have sex with Blake.
        The camera angles are not good for a porn scene as we only see Blake’s dick when he tops Angel.
        Once again art in porn is to show the chemistry between the models while they have sex (and two erected dicks).
        You know I’m only disappointed because I love Helix, I couldn’t be disappointed by all the bad sites that proliferate nowaday.
        Until last october, I liked at least 95% of Helix scenes but these last months I rarely find what makes me be become a member.
        Btw, my own opinion does not matter but it seems I’m not the only one…
        With love, for the team and the models.

        • Ty Huber

          I’ve really been waiting for this pairing to re-up my account at Helix, but based on the preview and your comments I just don’t know … It’s so annoying when they get the camera work wrong. I also completely concur with your opening sentence about other directors/producers who are getting it right again and again while also hitting a high level of cinematic artistry. I’m especially impressed with the improvement at Staxus in the last couple years (recent months haven’t thrilled, but I’m hoping it’s just a slump).

        • nbtx27

          Camera angles– yeah, maybe because they did the scne on the stairs! What were they thinking?
          No need to comment further, you are right.

        • sorry Drew if I came across harsh and snippy in my defense it was 3 am 😉 Drew I agree if we widen to Europe John Smith and Georges teams at Bel Ami are of course world class and they are accomplished professionals. Sad North American porn seems so lacking and they dont even acknowledge how far they have fallen in technical ability.

          As for Casey and Alex Roman we will just have to respectfully disagree. I think the new house opens such exciting possibilities for Helix now that they are no longer shooting 20 feet from Interstate 5 in Downtown San Diego. The noise was driving ME INSANE! 😉

    • Francis Mastro

      Well Kubrick, drugs are bad!!! Check your eyes, your neurons, or whatever u think it’s not working properly in you, because something really isn’t?

      • Drew Kingston

        Thank you for your answer. I appreciate all the love you show to Helix team and I’m sure they deserve it. Btw, I don’t do drugs and my recent check up did not reveal any problem. ❤️❤️❤️ I love you too.

        • nbtx27

          Your first comment was correct.

        • Francis Mastro

          Ok, you’re polite, you’re not a troll, so somehow sorry for the sarcasm, but I mean, read what you wrote?? I can understand you’re a little disappointed you didn’t get as many dick shots of Angel if that’s what gets YOU off, but first of all, your words: “art in porn is to show the chemistry between the models while they have sex” EXACTLY! And that’s what they do! I love all the face shots they make and those that show their whole bodies. If YOU reduce what u just correctly said to dick shots, well it’s your personal taste of what YOU would like to see all the time, you can’t say “poorly filmed” just bc they didn’t give YOU what u wanted. It’s very insulting!! I remember Alex tweeting “what do u focus on when u watch porn?” They take into consideration everybody’s needs?
          And also, this is pretty funny to me?: “Until last october, I liked at least 95% of Helix scenes but these last months I rarely find what makes me be become a member” Their style literally hasn’t changed at all! I really have no idea what changes you’re seeing

          • Drew Kingston

            Kisses are an important part of the chemistry but it’s not a movie for kids, it’s porn and yes, I like dicks shots of the 2 models showing they enjoy gay sex and not only in the still pictures.
            When a model who bottoms can’t get hard what I think? “This poor guy is patiently waiting for the end of the shooting but well, it’s better paid than a work in a pizzeria”… and the magic disappears.
            Since the end of october, most of the new models (often sexy) can’t get a hard-on more than 2 mn when they have sex. Keeping a hard-on is something we could expect from a porn model and somebody at Helix could help them to be prepared.
            It seems that only the models we used to see before can do a great job.
            I don’t mention the models who already did a lot of scenes with other studios…

            May be Helix team has to much work with 8teenboy and SpankThis.

            May be everybody need more time to do a good scene.
            For me I would be happy even if we had only 2 scenes, 2 good scenes each week.(who could forget Ashton and Joey having sex).
            What makes me sad is that each scene needs a lot of work, I think, and well I would like to appreciate that work as much as I did before.

            ❤️?With love for Helix team and models.
            Btw, Francis, go on supporting them.

          • Francis Mastro

            That’s why I said don’t say things like “poor filming”, because if the models can’t get hard, direction is not the problem. These boys are all young guys who are just starting in porn. When they hire them they can’t know how well they’ll do on camera… & yeah it’s disappointing when they’re not hard and that can make u not enjoy the scene, but tbh I’m happy we don’t see chemical hard ons all the time?. I care more about the models’ safety than cummin. They release 3 scenes a week. If some scenes are disappointing, you still have a site with another 3543 scenes. I think Helix is well worth joining instead???

          • Paul J

            Keep commenting, because I agree. I see no point in watching a scene where the models seem not to be interested in each other. If all we want is hot guys fucking then we might as well look at computer generated porn. Sex is emotional and if two (or more) guys can’t convey that its an enjoyable experience then I’m not watching. Getting hard and acting as if you like sex with the guy seem to be basic requirements for being a porn model and if you can’t do that, you’re in the wrong job.

          • FrenchBug

            I am a few days late but I want to mark my support to what you are saying in this, hum, interaction.
            I like Helix very much and of course support the models but the output lately has been extremely disappointing. As you mentioned, the new models have not worked out – which I am willing to forgive as not everyone can be magical even though I am irritated that they keep hiring them (seriously, the latest scene with Shane Cook was so cringe-worthy I had to laugh until I remembered I am paying for this stuff).
            But I am very very very mad about what they are doing with the directing. Image quality has declined, angles are disastrous and don’t get me started on the unacceptable variations of “artsy” lighting they are trying. I had been so excited about the Ben-Angel scene and it was unwatchable.
            And, btw, the 8Teenboy scenes are suffering too. Their casting is better as the boys seem to perform fine but the scenes are just really not filmed in an optimum way. Whoever does camera work there likes cramped sets and close camera shots. No.
            Helix, go back to the basics. Casting is tough so I can give you some leeway while you try to find new faces but the visual quality needs to get back up pronto if you want me to renew.
            You still can do it fine: the Marcell/Corbin scene was not optimal but it worked. Stop messing around and trying to be CB. I like you as you are.

    • Mani

      some studios such as gisp, men have less appealing models but their camera work is ?
      helix needs to get a better camera crew!

  • CarlA
    • Francis Mastro

      First of all your stalking skills are awful. Wrong info. Second, what would that have to do wih him and his new scene?!!?!!!????

    • sam my

      Him trying to have a baby, has nothing to do with you or this scene. He’s not allowed to start or have a family ? Blake is Bi, has never hidden that aspect of himself from the public, industry or fans. So if he wants to settle down with his GF, he can and will, that’s his choice, his prerogative, his life, not yours.

      Idky so many of you gay “fans”, think you own these people’s personal lives, and the ability to tell them what they can, cant, should, shouldnt, do.

      • Francis Mastro

        Oh so the problem was the gf, that’s why it was in caps. Silly me, I should have guessed. I overrated the guy, I thought he was actually more original than this?I shouldn’t have expected so much?
        Well, don’t you know girls are radioactive? If u get infected you’re authomatically expelled from the club of the proud misogynistic homos? who set the rules of gayness, you should know that?

      • vickybelo

        CarlA is a perfect example of BIPHOBIC shit!

  • sam my

    I’ll pass.

    • nbtx27

      Watch it for the guys, not the camerawork. Still worth watching, just disappointing.

  • B.C.

    Strange place to have sex. Angel is becoming my favourite Helix boy, very beautiful physique. I was never into Blake so I’ll just stick to trailer and rewatch Angel flip-fuck-love making with his beau.

    • Ty Huber

      I always sigh with disappointment when porn directors decide to take it to the staircase. Just no way to get comfortable. Same thing with shower scenes. In each situation, I cross my fingers they’ll move to the bedroom. Looks like that’s not the case here.

      • B.C.

        Shower scenes work as an appetizer or, in the scene with Angel and Ben, after coitus make out session. It was funny, cute and sexy.

    • Le Tsgo

      This would have been better if Blake had flip flop bottomed

  • Daniel Adam Hayes

    I feel like no matter what Helix does you always say it’s perfect…

  • nbtx27

    Hot guys, just about HS best. A good scene, but could have been great. On the stairs? Not hot, not good, just a poor decision by the filmmaker. Ruined the scene IMO.

    • stagboys

      Sorry about the stairs guys! It was supposed to feel like they were so horny they didn’t make it to the bedroom. I also thought people would enjoy the change of scenery after so many bedroom scenes. I’ll think twice about it next time 😉

      • Zachary Sire

        I liked the stairs and think it worked really well.

      • Ty Huber

        Variety of locations is nice, and it IS a beautiful stairway — but as I noted upthread it’s not a location I like for porn sex. And regarding their high level of horniness, it appears they walked right past the living room to head to the stairs — there wasn’t a nice sofa? Maybe a hand-loomed rug to shag on? I really dig both these guys and will happily watch them anywhere. Perfect alternative would be to get some of those gorgeous stairway shots during foreplay as they undress on their way up, then cut to the magnificent bedroom for the main course.

  • Parker Lewis

    Armand Rizzo may have a tighter ass than this angel fellow.


      R U kidding Arm

  • Scrapple
  • Hari Kalyan

    I love how Angel had nothing but a smoothie at the food court because he knew he was bottoming later. Very authentic touch.

  • Alan Song


  • gamera87

    one of the worst fake rimming scenes ever

    • Ty Huber

      Arrghh! I so hate fake rimming. I only saw the preview — is all the rimming that bad? I say just skip it if you’re not committed to chowing down; not everyone digs doing that and that’s fine, but don’t pretend (but I’d pay big bucks for a chance to give Angel a proper rimming). My go-to site for butthole buffet is Staxus.

      • gamera87

        It’s not just the preview, unfortunately.

  • Valerio

    Blake is hot af, one of my fave ever: He’s handsome, has an amazing body and perfect thick cock. The scene looks beautiful. Great pairing.


    Finally a Helix scene that does not leave me thinking about stick’s & stones !!!

  • Mani

    is angel a latino? just curious!