Blake Mitchell And Angel Rivera Have An Ass-Slamming Staircase Fuckfest

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Blake-Mitchell-and-Angel-Rivera-001It’s finally Blake Mitchell’s turn to have a taste of Helix’s finest newcomer of 2018, Angel Rivera, and the duo is as good as—if not better than—you might expect. Just look at them:

Blake-Mitchell-and-Angel-Rivera-006Blake-Mitchell-and-Angel-Rivera-010 Blake-Mitchell-and-Angel-Rivera-012From the great filming and camerawork on the picturesque staircase, to the obvious combined hotness and performance skills of Blake and Angel, this is close to perfect. Blake’s cock pumping in and out of Angel’s ass is…too much:


Not sure how it’s possible to look this hot, have this much balance, and fuck this good while standing on a spiral staircase, but Blake and Angel did that:

Blake-Mitchell-and-Angel-Rivera-022 Blake-Mitchell-and-Angel-Rivera-023bmar2

Blake’s slap made me snap, tbh:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Blake Mitchell Fucks Angel Rivera Bareback]

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