Justin Owen Rides Blake Mitchell’s Big Cock, Then Eats His Cum

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Fair-Game-001Today’s Helix scene with Blake Mitchell fucking Justin Owen isn’t just some of Justin and Blake’s best work ever, it’s probably the best Helix scene of 2016 so far, with two of the hottest performers right now.

Fair-Game-021Some people don’t like Justin Owen’s cheesy dirty talk and his over-narration of every single thing he does in his gay porn scenes (“I love the way my ass slaps against your fucking stomach, ooh, I love that sound”), but it’s grown on me, and quite frankly, I love it! More importantly, Justin Owen is a fantastic performer whose expert sucking and fucking skills negate any dumb things that are coming out of his mouth. What’s important is what’s going in his mouth:


Justin Owen is such a great cocksucker, and Blake’s cock is probably the greatest challenge he’s ever had.


Justin Owen is one of the very best gay porn stars working today, period.

blakejustin6A great gay porn star can sometimes bring out the best in his scene partner, and that is the case here. When Justin orders Blake to really pound him, he happily obeys the command, and it’s one of Blake’s best performances ever. He really rises to the occasion here and gives Justin a run for his money. Who ultimately turned in the better performance in this scene? Call it a tie, because they’re both perfect.


Blake Mitchell shooting a huge load all over Justin Owen’s ass is fantastic, but Justin scooping up that cum with his fingers and eating it is even better:

blakejustin4blakejustin4Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix Studios: Blake Mitchell Fucks Justin Owen]


  • Xzamilloh

    Fucked your boyfriend, huh? I’m guessing this isn’t a recent release… Awkward


    Of course, if this scene was any indication on how Justin Owen’s scene was with the ex, Blake probably didn’t care. This was boring as fuck and stiff… not the good kind of stiff, either.

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      Casey was on Chaturbate on February 18. Blake was filming and Casey was waiting for him to come home. So it could have been this very scene.

  • Kandel

    Thank god Justin got a haircut, that Jesus hair he had was terrible.

    • JT

      AGREE! He looks so much better now.

    • kevin

      more like samson and I thought it was hot. be hard for justin to look bad.

    • kevin

      actually he should grow it out again and enter the Hunky Jesus pageant in Dolores Park this Easter.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Casey Tanner looks malnourished. Can not fap.

  • Todd
  • Ceecee

    K I really do LOVE this pair, and I think they’re both super gorgeous.
    BUT Blake honey, what did you do to your hair?

  • Zealot

    As Adolph Hitler once said to his urologist, “I……got nuthin'”

  • Billybbb

    Twinks gets a free pass on this site, and everyone else is ripped to shreds

  • nandes

    the scene with Jarec was the only time I ever understood the hype around Justin Owen

    • WhimsyCotton

      What’s there to understand?

      • Mike Julius

        If you could only understand Intersectionality, we could be friends. *sigh*

  • n24rc
    • kevin

      !after casey blake needs a man!

  • Deus Manila

    Justin looks so different when he was starting, he looks better before. Now this Blake guy looks interesting.

  • Myko

    Wow he likes to say “yes” or “yeah” alot.

    **Rolls eyes**

  • kevin

    casey needs to start doing lesbian porn

  • Maximus
  • WhimsyCotton

    I love watching Justin Owen, but I just can’t enjoy listening to him. I shouldn’t be laughing when I’m watching porn, and he makes me laugh sometimes. That is no bueno. Maybe I’ll give his Helix work a shot…

    • Nana Eristavi

      Of course, Justin isn’t a smartest of people in this world, but he’s a very cute twink. :)))))

      • kevin

        I think he’s basically a straight guy trying to put on a good show for gays. I don’t think his performances are a reflection of his intelligence.

        • Nana Eristavi

          Well, I don’t know the boy in question personally, so we can only guess, – and may be you’re right.

  • CA

    I love Justin too and the “dirty talk”…he may be to one extreme, but do people really have this much sex with no words exchanged like most porn videos would have us believe? It’s always been weirdly omitted.

  • Mike Julius

    Okay, yes.

  • James Withers

    Justin Owen can do no wrong

  • Erik

    Justin Owen is one of my fave porn stars. Great that he is bottoming again! Very godd that he not has long hair any longer. But I was a little shocked to see that he lost his muscles. I want him to get back to the very nice muscled body he had at RB!

  • JT

    I was puzzled when Justin Owen was signed by Helix. He’s far from being a twink… he was cute and actually hot when he was with Randy Blue. His looks have faded and his body is not as tight as it was. Guess Helix is getting desperate…

  • kevin

    Blake Mitchell needs to make an appointment at Dr. Zizmore’s clinic! What a pizza-face!

  • Oren Ishii

    Zach, sweetie….your definition of a “big dick” is a little (sarcasm and pun intended) off.
    This is a big dick…

  • kevin

    love Justin’s simple gold chain. Total jock-bling!

  • Blacharrt

    Is it me or is something different about Justin Owen’s face since he left Randy Blue, maybe it was better photography, he just doesn’t look the same to me for some reason.


  • HighHighway

    Not into “Twinks ” Myself so I’ll watch this because the word “Twink” is being used so differently then it’s origins, A “Twink” is not just a skinny white guy. The original term and use,, which anyone who has seen “Boys In the Band” or read “Tales of the City” knows, is considerably bitchier.

    “Twink” is derived from the Hostess Twinkie, and was a term used to describe a gay male bimbo or and/or a rent: blond or tanned, ‘sweet’, full of tasty ‘crème’, but empty calories, human junk-food.

    Ironically the term was coined long before Dan White’s notorious ‘Twinkie defense’

  • Sed

    My eyes tell me that Justin Owen is a hottie but my brain and Penis tell me next!!!!!

  • A. Rhodes

    Thank god Blake and Casey are back together!!