BLOCKED! Billy Santoro Blocks Str8UpGayPorn On Twitter—Did Str8UpGayPorn Go Too Far?

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Yesterday’s article on Billy Santoro’s criticism of, in which the bareback gay porn star said that’s camera work “isn’t that great,” did not go over very well with Billy Santoro! After tweeting him a link to the story (which didn’t criticize Santoro at all—read it for yourself), Santoro proceeded to block Str8UpGayPorn on Twitter! (P.S. Follow Str8UpGayPorn on Twitter!)

billyblock1. Given that I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing in this industry for over five years (compared to Billy Santoro’s 2013 emergence as a 38-year-old pass-around bareback bottom), being called “tiny” doesn’t seem accurate. Although, coming from Billy Santoro, it is sort of ironic!

billy22. If posting someone’s tweet and acknowledging that they were speaking the truth is called “coming for them,” I’d like to see what it would be called if I were to actually type something mean about Billy Santoro, which is clearly something I don’t need to do.

billy13. Girl, bye.

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  • robirob

    Twitter is an open mike night stage. Nobody gives better drama performances than thin skinned celebrities of any kind who rant, ban, leave, quit, return, and rant some more.

    Like any social network you can use it to your advantage when you use it with a cool head or you can seriously crash and burn when all the wrong emotions guide your actions. But as I said before it’s the drama and the crash and burns which make Twitter so popular in the first place.

  • JoshChicago

    Oh, Snap!

  • sxg

    hahaha thank you Zach for giving him an actual reason to be pissed! Seriously this cunt is fucking pathetic for getting all pissy over something so small and miniscule like that original post (which wasn’t at all offensive to him btw) when he has other small and miniscule things to worry about!

    If I had the money, I would totally pay someone to follow him around and play this song during every step he takes in public! Now THAT’S coming after you Billy Santoro!

    • Jordi Lim33

      Wow you were really a porn addict whenever there is porn blog there were you.

      • sxg

        Ugh you. If you plan on making your presence here a bit more permanent then I hope you think twice about some of the things you say. We don’t exactly play nice here >:)

        • Jordi Lim33

          When did you play nice? Anyway you’re a pathetic fan of these gay4pay models.

  • Bull

    lol, I didn’t think the original post said bad things about him. It basically just repeated his own words.

    • JoshChicago

      right, and in fairness – he should block himself too.

  • GN

    If you’ve caused no offense, then you have not spoken a truth….

  • synnerman

    I really haven’t had much use for Santoro since this little exchange on Twitter.

  • Viva La Bambi

    Oh Zach, your shade is chicken soup for my soul.

    • JoshChicago

      THIS, must be considered for top comment of 2014 (so far) when that contest takes place later this year. Love it!

  • JoePorn

    Oh congrats ‘girl’ your career ain’t going anywhere with that tiny piece. Photoshop couldn’t even help that. Yay Zach.

  • Zoompietro

    Bye Felicia! He should be thankful you did an article on him at all considering his pound puppies face and strawberry shortcake peen.. I actually lol’d when I read the line calling him a “bareback pass around bottom”, perfect summation of his existence.

  • Cosmic

    If I did find him attractive the fact that at 38 he still uses “Girl” would have killed it,luckily the whole him being a nasty bareback party bottom did that already.

  • Alias74

    *rolls eyes* Feel like he’s one of those faygo’s that essentially claims to live his life “drama free” or he’s all HASH TAG NO DRAMA when in fact a) life is drama unavoidable, and b) he….like in this instance….CREATES the drama. And so to quote Jack Nicholson in the amazing and underrated ‘Wolf’…in a way, Billy…you are your OWN problem.

  • James Withers

    At least he didn’t call you a hater, a word that really needs to die.

  • GN

    If horse-teeth objects to being reminded of words that came out of his own horse-gums, then that’s his problem….who would put their dick between those chompers?

    • His Baba-booey teeth are such a turn-off.

  • Amy P

    Ah, Zach. Your self-righteous (undeserved) indignation is only ever surpassed by your hypocrisy. Old dog, same tricks.

    • zach

      Don’t you get tired of being obsessed with me and every word I write, you fucking weirdo? Maybe go raise your kids and stop commenting on gay porn blogs?

  • Jordi Lim33

    Why are you angry to the real gay pornstars, not those gay4pay?

    • sxg

      Oh I spoke too soon haha. He wasn’t “angry” with him until that real gay “pornstar” threw a twitter hissy fit over something that wasn’t at all offending him. Believe it or not, some G4P pornstars are actually better porn stars than real gay ones. You should be concerned about why that is rather than just jerk off to terrible gay porn just because the 2 guys in it are gay. Quality over quantity always.

      • Jordi Lim33

        Shame on you @sxg straight slave.

  • I don’t know who this guy is but he should not be in porn!

  • Aramis

    Horse teeth.

  • gymrat100

    Billy Santoro is a self-righteous judgmental BITCH!

    I worked out in the gym he used to work out in Seattle and he strutted around like he is the most wonderful and beautiful man alive. The biggest problem was all of the guys who drooled all over him. My friend, Ryan, used to be into him until he threw Ryan under the bus and treated him like shit flat out telling him he’s too negative to know. He had no clue what Ryan was going through at the time – just ending a very emotionally abusive relationship and putting up with regular phone calls from his gay hating family. Not to mention his hogging equipment at the gym and constantly blocked the dumbbell rack because he used it for rows and you had to excuse YOURSELF just to get to the dumbbell you wanted to use.

    What’s funniest was that Billy used to have a Facebook account that I followed (until he bashed my friend) and he used to post how he was into monogamy only and only interested in one on one relationships and how he was disgusted by guys in open relationships. Then he meets “Seth Triston – a guy nearly half his age – and suddenly he’s into open relationships and being a pass around whore for Seattle and other major cities.

    Billy Santoro is nothing but a self-righteous, bigoted, judgmental, self-involved prick and we are finally seeing him for who he really is! Hopefully the world will see this little pricked prick as he really is and stop falling all over him and building his already inappropriately HUGE ego!

  • BlogZilla

    A white guy with a penis that reminds me of most Japanese porn ,and a gross horse-like smile. Proof that almost anyone can be a porn star