Today In People Being Fucked Through Walls: Bo Sinn Slams Trent King Raw

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I will never understand why this is a thing, but someone at MindGeek must really have a fetish for being fucked through a hole in a wall. All of the company’s gay/bi studios (with the exception of Sean Cody—but now that they have a new set, maybe this will happen there, too) have featured multiple people being fucked through holes in walls over the last few months, and today it’s happening again.

bo sinn trent king gay bromoWho needs intimacy and a connection with your sex partner, right?

Today, the studio is Bromo, and the man bottoming through the wall is Trent King. His top is Bo Sinn, who, as usual, is pissed off about something (has anyone ever seen a Bo Sinn scene where he wasn’t yelling at and angrily fucking a bottom? does he ever relax?), and here’s the preview:

bo sinn trent king gay bromo bo sinn trent king gay bromo bo sinn trent king gay bromoAt least this wall-fucking scene has a little bit of a twist, as the bottom is not only fucked through a hole in the wall, he’s also pissed on through a hole in the wall:

bo sinn trent king gay bromo bo sinn trent king gay bromo bo sinn trent king gay bromoTrailer (watch full scene here):

[Bromo: Bo Sinn Fucks Trent King Bareback]

  • Mister Sterious

    Wow, another Bromo with Bo Sinn. Does he run the company or is he just cheap?

    • CamCam

      The combination of the 2 makes for a perfect combination of mediocrity. Trash upon trash.

    • Someguy2019

      Glad I’m not the only one tired of seeing Bo Sinn in literally EVERY OTHER SCENE.

  • Daniel Hayes

    So he’s in every damn scene now?!

  • Trent deserves so much better than this…

    • C A

      Trent made a choice.

  • jimboivyo

    It’s known as sleaze and personal humiliation more commonly associated with those who work for Michael Lucas.

    • TruthTeller2020

      Well Trent King hasn’t shot with Michael Lucas yet, but judging by this, it might happen sooner.

  • Scrapple

    Trent, what are you doing? This is not befitting of a King.

  • CamCam

    Why is Trent getting himself involved with trash like this?! He’s so much better than this. God this makes me cringe. Smh

    • TruthTeller2020

      It’s sad and embarrassing. Trent needs to make better choices in his scene partners. Plus he’s been in scenes with Ryan Bones & William Seed, and didn’t request for flip flop scenes. Meanwhile those guys would gladly bottom for other guys, who are inferior to Trent.

      • CamCam

        Do porn stars have a choice in who they are with? If so, then you’re absolutely right. The dudes he’s been with recently has been straight up TRASH and you just named them both and now we add Bo Sinn to the mix. Trent’s best scenes are when he’s with someone who reciprocates with him orally and anally. It’s very disappointing cause i like Trent King a lot. Smh

  • john a

    Way do for Bo’s nice ass to be on the receiving end

  • Marcus Collack

    Oh Trent…Do better.

    • TruthTeller2020

      No. He’s in a relationship with Beau Reed. Haven’t seen new stuff from him lately.

  • Decoy Octopus

    I hate gay porn so much sometimes…

  • TruthTeller2020

    Yikes! Poor Trent King. He deserves better than this. His once promising porn career, has been reduced to desperate mess. It’s already bad enough, he shot with Bo Sinns insufferable ass before, and to do it again?!? He’s basically become the token black guy for Bromo. Embarrassing

  • Infamy
  • Someguy2019

    Bo Sinn is easily the least interesting addition to gay porn. He doesn’t kiss, doesn’t suck dick and won’t bottom. He could literally be replaced by a dildo strapped to a table in every single one of his scenes. He’s been in 10 of the last 20 scenes Bromo released (over exposed much?) and is the sole reason I cancelled my Bromo subscription. Someone over there is hella obsessed with BonSinn but they won’t be using my money to fuel their obsession.

    • Jchima17

      He’s got a contract . He doesn’t interest me these days. The tats especially the ones on the face are a huge turnoff.

    • CamCam

      The dude is gross to me. And the most bizarre part is, he fucks Transgirls and he deep throats their dicks but why the fuck can’t/won’t he suck a cisman’s dick? I don’t get it and that’s one of many reasons why i won’t watch his wack ass in anything on Brumo.

  • KP

    What’s with Bromo? These must have been shot a while ago. Bo rimmed a guy in one scene for Bromo sucked a dick in an onlyfans video and he barely goes further than playing an abusive top in his Bromo videos. I haven’t seen him in a hetero movie in many months.

  • Jchima17

    Am a big…huge fan of Trent King . I think the dude is so fuckin hawt. Bo Sinn I don’t care much for But their last scene was really hawt. They both got into the sex. Trent stayed hard throughout while getting fucked by that big dick….and Trent’s got a huge one on him too.

  • Casey Scott

    “Who needs intimacy and a connection with your sex partner, right?”

    You regularly post updates from FraternityX, Sketchy Sex, and MilitaryClassified. Please don’t act like you care about intimacy or connections with your sex partners, girl LOL