Boomer Banks Stuffs 10 Inches Into Mickey Taylor In Fame Game Finale

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NSV039_sc4_MickeyTaylor_BoomerBanks_HorzAffil_1NakedSword’s most high profile scene of the year—starring Boomer Banks and Mickey Taylor—delivers in just about every way: Big cocks, big butts, big personalities (Boomer and Mickey are well known for their off-screen, non-porn ventures), and big cum shots. The Fame Game finale is now live, and here’s a photo/video preview.

NSV039_sc4_MickeyTaylor_BoomerBanks_VertAffil_4 NSV039_sc4_MickeyTaylor_BoomerBanks_VertAffil_5 NSV039_sc4_MickeyTaylor_BoomerBanks_VertAffil_6 NSV039_sc4_MickeyTaylor_VertAffil_3 NSV039_sc4_MickeyTaylor_BoomerBanks_VertAffil_7 NSV039_sc4_BoomerBanks_VertAffil_6 NSV039_sc4_BoomerBanks_HorzAffil_1

A very big (pun intended) congratulations go out to Mickey Taylor for expertly taking on his most endowed scene partner of all time.

NSV039_sc4_MickeyTaylor_BoomerBanks_HorzAffil_9 NSV039_sc4_MickeyTaylor_BoomerBanks_HorzAffil_6Trailer (watch full scene here):

[NakedSword: Boomer Banks Fucks Mickey Taylor]


  • Maximus
  • McM.

    Find myself looking more at the tats than the action.

  • Todd

    Between the two of them, they have as many tattoos as Logan McCree …

  • Okosan

    No rimming though :/

  • sxg
  • Norminah

    For me it’s not the tattoos that kills it, as long as it’s not racist or tribal who really gives a fuck? No, it’s the fact Boomer has a gigantic dick that he has absolutely no clue how to use in a porn worthy way so…

    • sxg

      As one of the most vocal critics of Boomer as a performer, I honestly think that he’s improved lately. The last few scenes I’ve seen him in he was a decent top, even with not being fully hard.

      But it’s a bit too little too late for me. I’d rather see him bottom.

      • Norminah

        I’m sorry but I can’t simply accept ‘Now he’s only half awful so go watch him.’ Time is porn for me so if I’m not at least 75% feeling it in the scene then next scene next performer please, especially if that performer got all the hype and promotion that Boomer Banks received. If I want to see a big Latin dick screw an ass then there’s plenty of good performers I can watch instead of a mediocre one.

        • Okosan

          Big Latin Dick huh ?
          Well TimTales might interest you take it or leave it.

  • DPS

    Fourth pic down is rather hot. Beyond that, too many bad tattoos and I like tatts. Boomer is handsome with that big dick and all but he is at his best as a bottom.

  • Myko

    Two bottoms don’t make for a good scene.
    Plus those fucking horrible tattoos

  • Xzamilloh

    I should probably find this sexy, but honestly, the trailer was like Tylenol PM to me.