Boomer Banks Fucks The Cum Out Of Ricky Roman In CockyBoys’ Just Love

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co2a0014Levi Karter, Jimmy Durano, Carter Dane, Boomer Banks, and Ricky Roman all flew to Puerto Rico earlier this year to shoot CockyBoys’ latest erotic documentary, Just Love, and the first episode is now live here.

co2a0037 co2a0039 co2a0051Episode one features the dream duo that I’ve been waiting for ever since it was announced that he signed with CockyBoys: Boomer Banks fucking Ricky Roman.

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After some interview footage (in which both guys reveal details about their personal romantic and sexual lives), Boomer and Ricky have a poolside suck and fuckfest. They’re clearly into each other, and the sex comes off natural while still being “hot” in a traditional, porn-y sort of way.


Not sure what I liked better: Seeing Ricky with Boomer’s big cock in his mouth?


Or seeing Boomer fuck the cum out of Ricky?

jl1Trailer (note: this is the trailer for the entire series—the full Boomer/Ricky scene is here):

[CockyBoys: Boomer Banks Fucks Ricky Roman]

  • OverKill

    Boomer’s scenes just never do it for me. I’ll wait for the rest.

  • pangelboy

    Not usually a fan of cockyboys stuff, but this looks hot.

  • FooFight

    A lotta alliteration going on here. Boomer Banks, Ricky Roman. Who’ll join ’em, Woody Woodpecker?

    • sxg

      It’s like 90s straight porn all over again! Wendy Whoppers, Sahara Sands, Jenna Jameson lol

  • WhimsyCotton

    Yeah. I’m going to have to pass on this one.

  • CarlA

    Nothin’ but haters on here……….Boomer Banks do your thang bro!!! You are puttin’ down for real and you look damn good doing it too!!!

  • Spongey

    I don’t know, Cockyboys is not my thing but this looks like a good pairing and really hot.

  • Maximus
  • pje821

    Two of the most disgusting-looking performers working today. You tattoo lovers can have ’em.

  • sexnando

    werk dem kurls hunny <3

  • sexnando