Cocktober’s Ulimate Big-Dicked Duo Is Here: Boomer Banks Breeds Thyle Knoxx At RawFuckClub

Posted October 12, 2019 by with 10 comments

still_19_484493260_verylarge_88FF_4D6Cocktober is nearly half over, and this will easily be one of the most monster-cocked duos of the month, as Boomer Banks is barebacking and breeding Thyle Knoxx on RawFuckClub today. The poolside fuckfest is a picturesque departure for RFC, as so many of their scenes are usually filmed in dark alleys, cheap hotel rooms, or abandoned warehouses (not that there’s anything wrong with dark alleys, cheap hotel rooms, or abandoned warehouses). In addition to Boomer and Thyle’s equally enormous, uncut cocks, the chemistry between them is what really makes this scene. Photos and trailer down below:

still_11_586560702_verylarge_A436_4E5 still_12_571597265_verylarge_BF6A_C98 still_23_383236393_verylarge_501E_661 still_20_800065141_verylarge_54A4_CC1 still_06_178576153_verylarge_F26F_A6DTrailer (watch full scene here):

[RawFuckClub: Boomer Banks Fucks Thyle Knoxx Bareback]

  • Willie Starr

    Thyle is such an eager whore and I love him. I stanned him so hard on chaturbate and just DIED that first time he did a scene. Which was Bo Sinn’s first gay scene, as well, talk about a dream pairing. I get so excited when I see Thyle in ANYTHING.

  • Marko

    Is David Eck (who filmed this) Owen Hawk’s new bf? RFC is on fire with some of their recent scenes.

    • c_find

      Didn’t realize he was doing the filming. He really hung as well LOL

  • Kanaka

    Thyle’s been on my radar. So hot. And Boomer, who I’ve met and is so sweet, is a fave. So yay to this. Now maybe RFC can stop with the Leaky & Loady clips and get back to real porn.

    • c_find

      RFC now contains the models Onlyfan work and their own production. It’s actually a good model because the porn actors get double the revenue and exposure. However it really is dependant on the quality of the individual onlyfan account

  • Silver64

    Quite the change from what I’m used to with what I’m used to with RFC. This scene not only looks hot sexually, but looks better than what they normally produce. Guess they realized that it’s doesn’t need to be in a grimy or dark setting. I’ve got a feeling they’ve picked up a few pointers because of how they revamped their site.

    Last year I kinda dragged RFC when they were revamping the website. Was taking too long and the site was really confusing for a while. Checked it out again about 6 months ago and now I’ve got to say that the Site really works now. Not only the quality of the RFC vids, but also that they have a huge section of what they call “Independent Producer” videos. The vids are from the JFF and OF pages from the likes of Kurtis Wolfe, Brian Bonds & Mason Lear, Drew Dixon, Seth & Kris Knight…just to name a few.

    I have to say that because of RFC and the new layout, I’m subscribing to Fans pages now instead of Studios, except for RFC. I can get 2 – 3 Fans pages for the price of one studio. Some guys post more videos per week than some studios.And there also their back catalog of everything they’ve posted since they started. Still gotta do your research before subscribing, but even the hunt is kinda fun.

    Here’s a shot of some of the Indie Producers, and you’ll see why I’m now a Fan of RFC.

    Now I’m off to watch this scene and ….ummm…get off.

  • Iain Gardener

    I have to admit I was surprised to find this is an RFC clip. Well lit, nicely shot and featuring two models I have a lot of time for, I’m going to keep an eye on FRC from now on

  • Scrapple

    I’m not used to RFC being so light and airy and subtitled.

    • c_find

      They actually had a few scenes like this with Rocco but again the guys were not that hot

  • Joey

    Thyle is a gift from god.