Boomer, Bruce, Pam, Blake, And More Show Off Their Red Carpet Looks At The Str8UpGayPorn Awards

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IMG_0006I’ll have video of the Str8UpGayPorn Awards red carpet interviews—as hosted by the literally flawless mr. Pam and Bruce Beckham (above)—soon, but first, here are a few photos from some of the stars who chatted with Bruce and Pam on the red carpet before the big ceremony.

I’ve been going to these events for the past decade, and I think this is the sharpest, most stunning, and most gorgeous group ever assembled at any gay porn awards show…ever?

Josh Moore, Ricky Roman, and Kyle Ross:


Rikk York, Ryan Rose & Sean Ford, Carter Dane, Bruce Beckham & Will Wikle:

IMG_0041 IMG_0042 IMG_0073 IMG_0056

Hoyt Kogan, Boomer Banks, Marc MacNamara & Diego Sans, Helmut Huxley & Jerome Exupery:

IMG_0086 IMG_0080 IMG_0120 IMG_0092

Trinity Taylor, Detox, and…Tegan Zayne!

IMG_0100 IMG_0108 IMG_0105

Brent Corrigan & JJ Knight, Liam Riley & Levi Karter, Johnny Rapid:

IMG_0124 IMG_0130 IMG_0135

Austin Wilde, and then Austin Wilde with Bruce and Pam:

IMG_0142 IMG_0133

I’m not saying I saved my fave for last…but…well, I saved my fave for last. Blake Mitchell:


  • cphotee

    There’s a whole lot of hotness there. Looks like a fun night!

  • emercycrite

    Hoyt is beautiful.

  • Maximus

    Aww. Tegan Zayne showed up in drag because he knew that Zach had important producer duties and didn’t want his hotness to be a distraction. That’s very sweet and considerate.

    • Scrapple

      I saw that bearded queen before in other photos but didn’t recognize her. Then I saw your comment and thought you were being shady until I scrolled back up and looked at the names. Would never have known that was Tegan.

      • Maximus

        I didn’t recognize him at first either.

  • Pertinax

    Youth doesn’t last forever and a porn performer ( as an athlete or a fashion model ) has a brief expiration date, so why deny people to see you at your best ? I don’t think a handsome man like Tagen Zane made himself a favor presenting himself that way. That image belittles his person, his ‘ work ‘ and the path that he chose in life ( Let apart the hidden message that estates : See ? This is what all gay men really like to dress … ). One thing is to carry a femme persona like Detox ( We can see meaning in it ) the other is lazing around in this messy slut outfit. It’s sad. The other sad case is Colby Keller that would be a hundred times better dressed with jeans and a white t-shirt but as a commie porn performer and artist ( a non conformist lunatic that found this way to justify for himself had been working in porn as his lifeboat for a decade … ) went on pajamas. When you go in public you have to show you honor who invited you ( hired you … ) wearing the best you have. Is this the best they have ?

    • Pertinax

      P,S. : Look at Mr. Pam and Bruce Backham, the ” Bel Amies “, the ” Helixies “… even ” Larry La Rue ” !

    • Pertinax

      When I see Tegan Zane, Colby Keller and others wearing oddities in porn awards it reminds me some more ” déclassés ” porn awards from the past when people behaved in public as they were in a brothel and didn’t give a fuck. I remember one of them going to a porn award show without pants … Ok, it’s porn, but they were on the public eyes and even brothels have walls.

  • occupyfannypack

    is Bruce Beckham really that short!? oww ;(
    Diego Sans looks super cute and Tegan Zayne = yaaaaaasss bisssh! #drippin’

    • Zachary Sire

      he’s not short at all (even if he was, so what). Will was wearing giant boots.

  • Scrapple

    It appears brown was the it shoe color of the night.

  • Pertinax

    We can know fat men that are elegant with the right clothes, but when the issue is suit, here we have good examples that the slim the guy, the better the suit fits.

    Fatties seem to be wrapped when wearing a suit.

  • Pertinax

    Here we have examples that the slim the guy, the better the suit fits.

    Fatties, when wearing a suit seem to be wrapped on it.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Aww, no Christian Lundgren red carpet picture? He looked so dapper during the show. It would have been nice to see him in red carpet lighting.

    Also, Tegan Zayne and Conchita Wurst separated at birth?

    • Miloš Del Rey

      Honestly the red carpet should have just been photos of Helmut, Hoyt and Christian while Johnny Rapid brought them refreshments and what not.

      • WhimsyCotton

        Seems ppropriate.

  • synnerman

    Well done and congratulations Zach. The bitter songs of Cinderella’s sisters are singing on the web. It seems they were bitter about not being invited to the ball.

  • Zealot

    If Logan and Josh are no longer a couple, and they weren’t legally married, is Josh still using “Moore” as a surname? I think he is….just thinking out loud.

  • Zealot

    I’m really glad to see these pix because everyone looked so much nicer than some appeared while on stage. Maybe the lighting didn’t do them justice on stage, but these examples from the red carpet would indeed lead me to believe this was likely the best dressed coterie of folks at a porn awards function in my recent memory. With all sincerity, technical glitches considered, it was a fun evening and I’m really happy for Zach and all the sponsors. Can’t wait for next year. (And that’s something I’ve NEVER said for a porn awards ceremony….EVER)!

  • Pertinax

    You musn’t wear a light color suit at night, unless if it is a tuxedo. Although, for me, tuxedos are clothes that seems to come from some 30’s movie when the story was in a Caribean island, in India , in “Ceylon”, in ” Malaya …

  • Elitist

    Rikk York looks super handsome all dressed up! PS congrats on a successful night Zach!

  • Zealot

    Toot-toot porn-o-piggies! Our intrepid reporter Allotta Faginna informs us that Queer Me Now actually in fact as a matter of record…did NOT cover the STR8UPGAYPORN Awards. Not a comma, period or exclamation point.

  • T2TheB

    Are you quite done yet posting about your awards show? I mean really. The last six posts have been about it. The Oscars should want to get so much coverage.

    I realize your answer may well be “no,” and if it is, please identify when you will be done. I’ll check back then or afterwards.

  • C3xxx

    Finally someone with good lingual hygiene! Kudos to msPam (1st pic with her and Bruce) showing a clean healthy pink tongue. How often I see stars, porn or not, showing a tongue covered with a sickly white or light greenish patina. >.<

    • Jer

      Those are both normal coatings for the tongue, dingleberry.

      • C3xxx

        yeah in your world of thrush, or too lazy to brush properly after a sugar-laden meal perhaps.

  • Brando Calrissian Which studio were the lesbian, golfing couple from Boca Raton representing? #ISwearILikeThem #ButCouldntPassThatJokeUp

  • Spongey

    That camera lighting is harsh, I thought everyone looked incredible in person, especially Bruce Beckham, just stunning. Mr. Pam looked amazing as well, overall I was impressed with everyone’s wardrobe choices although I was expecting more drama from Diesel Washington’s outfit. The porn stars were way more classed up then a lot of the guests. It was a fun show, very well produced and moved at a quick pace once it started.