Photos: Here Are The Winners And Presenters At The Str8UpGayPorn Awards

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IMG_1291Once again, a gigantic thank you to everyone who presented awards at the Str8UpGayPorn Awards last night (full show can be viewed here), everyone who won awards (full winners list here), all of the nominees, each of the 12 judges, and everyone who attended. Above, it’s winner Chi Chi LaRue with her Best Comeback award.

IMG_0190Another huge thanks to our presenting sponsor Pornhub, and co-sponsors Flirt4Free, Fleshjack, and Orbital Pay, who all made the show possible. And, of course, thank you to host Sandra Bernhard, red carpet hosts Bruce Beckham and mr. Pam, and performers Detox and Trinity Taylor. Below, it’s me, Chi Chi, Sandra, and Detox:

IMG_1272We started the night with the award for Best Supporting Actor, and the winner was Blake Mitchell for his role in Helix’s Lifeguards.


Next, Will Wikle presented the award for Best Gay-For-Pay Star, and it went to Johnny Rapid:

IMG_0252 IMG_0292Rikk York, Christian Lundgren, and Jerome Exupery presented Best Group to FraternityX, and then Best Three-Way to Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox, and Levi Karter for their CockyBoys scene:

IMG_0352 IMG_0375One of the two highly coveted “Viewer’s Choice” awards (determined solely by fans) was for Favorite Power Couple, and it went to Evan Parker and Tyler Hill:

IMG_0412Throughout the night, clips from the five films nominated for Best Picture were shown. Boomer Banks and Ricky Roman introduced one from CockyBoys’ Just Love:


Ryan Rose and Sean Ford presented Best Duo scene to Austin Wilde and Jack Hunter, for their GuysInSweatpants duo:


Kyle Ross, Helmut Huxley, and Shangela presented Best Cock to Boomer Banks. Then, Austin Wilde took the stage to accept his Best Body award, while eating a donut:

IMG_0477 IMG_0526

One of the wildest moments and show highlights came during Detox’s performance, after she brought Marc MacNamara on stage for a sexy lap dance. Well, that lap dance ended with Marc’s chair accidentally falling over backwards:IMG_0622 IMG_0645

Max Carter, Evan Parker, and Tyler Hill presented the clip from Lifeguards:

IMG_0657 IMG_0667

The Best Comeback award was one of four ties throughout the night, and winners Chi Chi LaRue and Bruce Beckham gave two of the best acceptance speeches of the night:

IMG_0724 IMG_0749

BelAmi was presented two awards from Flirt4Free for their Live Webcam shows. First for being Flirt4Free’s number one gay adult studio, and then for Kevin Warhol being Flirt4Free’s Best Crossover Cam star. Hoyt Kogan, Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley, and Christian Lundgren accepted the first award (which may or may not have caused me to die, given their combined hotness), while Phillipe Gaudin was on hand to accept Kevin’s award:

IMG_0766 IMG_0786

Colby Keller and Asa Akira took the stage to present two awards: Best Studio and Best All-Sex Studio.

IMG_0792It’s a tie! Helix and CockyBoys were both named Best Studio, and it was great to see everyone taking the stage together.

IMG_0819 IMG_0827Then, the award for Best All-Sex Studio was announced, and it was won by Austin Wilde’s GuysInSweatpants:

IMG_0841mr. Pam presented the clip from Scared Stiff, and Sean Cody’s Brandon and Liam Riley presented the Best Newcomer award to Sean Ford:

IMG_0866 IMG_0888IMG_0927Another memorable speech came from the Viewer’s Choice: Favorite Gay Porn Star winner Brent Corrigan, who thanked his fans and reminded the audience how important fans and supporters are to performers:

IMG_0955Marc MacNamara pretty much stole the show again, this time coming out as Tarzan with Diego Sans (who actually did play Tarzan), to introduce the clip from Tarzan:


RuPaul’s Drag Race runner-up Trinity Taylor gave the second performance of the night:

IMG_1042 IMG_1073Blake Mitchell and Austin Wilde presented the Best Actor award to Ryan Rose, who won for his work in NakedSword’s Scared Stiff.

IMG_1110 IMG_1119Hoyt Kogan and Josh Moore presented the Best Director award to Jake Jaxson for The Stillest Hour, and he was joined on stage by RJ Sebastian:

IMG_1122 IMG_1156Diesel Washington gave the presentation speech of the evening before announcing the winner of Best Performer. That winner was Carter Dane:

IMG_1196 IMG_1224Finally, Detox returned to the stage to present the award for Best Picture. And the winner was…La La Land!

IMG_1245Detox’s La La joke played extremely well with the crowd, although, I’m sure the five Best Picture nominees were anxiously waiting for her to read the name of the actual winner. After a few seconds, she corrected her “mistake” and revealed the winner: Lifeguards: Summer Session from Helix Studios.

IMG_1265Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees. Being able to acknowledge everyone’s great work at such a celebratory event was an honor for me, and I’m incredibly grateful to have had everyone there.

  • GN

    A hearty congrats to Zach and Co. for an awesome evening. Now for those of us who did not have the pleasure of attending, who left with whom?

  • GN

    A hearty congrats to Zach and Co. for putting on awesome evening. Now for those of us who did not have the pleasure of attending, who left with whom?

  • moondoggy

    Am I the only one who didn’t know what Zach looked like until this post?

  • Miloš Del Rey

    The Belami guys were adorable, I was so proud of Sean Ford and the other helix twinks, Sean Cody’s Brandon is still going bald and Ryan Rose managed to make it through the night without attacking someone. Sounds like everything went better than expected. Though next time Zach might want to get an exterminator to come through, because I saw a cockroach accept the award for Best Gay For Pay Star.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Better than Vadim though that’s not saying much…

      • Pertinax

        A roach is still a roach…

    • Scrapple

      I’m just not realizing all the Bel Ami boys had on the same tux. Just a tad creepy that they couldn’t dress as individuals.

      • Maximus

        That’s the standard formal outfit accessory that the factory packages with each BelAmi model.

        • Scrapple

          I’m assuming that’s where they send the Ken dolls who come off the assembly line with oversized penises.

          • Maximus

            Then they’re dipped in bronzer and shipped off to Prague.

          • Scrapple

            For “quality control” testing before they are put out on the street.

          • Maximus

            See, that’s what I should really be doing with my life: exploring the bodies of attractive men to assess their suitability for gay porn videos.

          • Scrapple

            “Nice work if you can get it. And if you get it won’t you tell me how?”

        • TjRusch


  • Congratulations Zach you pulled this off and we have a new credible Gay Porn Awards show! And you showed porn clips on stage! You rectified the biggest peeve you have had with Grabbys,CyberSockets How can you have a Gay Porn Awards show without showing WHY the scenes were nominated!

  • Marik Ishtar

    That group photo of you Zach is “cool kids finally noticed me” awkward.

    When that man accepted the award for Helix studios I had a “Now it all makes sense” moment.

    I’ve been using a lot of quotes lately.

    Anyway, grats to you and your success, Zach. But next year please have a tiebreaker. Also tell the winners not to be so shy and actually give a speech.

    And, of course, congrats to the winners! Most of you actually deserved it.

    Special thanks to Detox for showing her support. Trinity, your thank you is running a little late.

    • Zachary Sire

      Red carpet is being released soon, yes.

  • Scrapple

    I completely missed Marc being part of Detox’s chair molestation. I thought she picked the guy with an easily accessible crotch. Good thing he didn’t hit his head on that wall. Now while that outfit Marc wore was all the way wrong, that relationship shade he threw at Diego was all the way right. Too bad Diego didn’t have a good enough comeback.

    I wonder if Austin was serious about the flirting with Blake. I wouldn’t be mad at those two crossing over. And I totally caught Ryan outright dismissing Blake. He gave like two hugs to Austin and I don’t think he even shook Blake’s hand. Rude.

    Poor Trinity.

    What’s the deal with Josh? I thought he had left the industry. Or was the leaving part just about Logan?

    Colby is too cute. To clarify, I’m talking about Chambers, not Keller.

    I almost didn’t recognize Ricky Roman. He looked really different for some reason.

    Will and those boots. JJ and that hair. No ma’ams.

    I’m not sure what was messier, Brent’s speech or him introducing JJ like people wouldn’t know who he was (or at the very least hadn’t heard Sandra introduce him five minutes before). Someone please get old girl to the nearest horse stable. She needs a moment.

    I want Bruce and Carter to have disgustingly cute and posh babies.

    Was Randy really there? It sounded like he was but was feeling bashful.

  • snoopyfo

    Congratulations to Zach!!! the show awesome, and omg you lookedvery very very handsome! and sexy

  • WhimsyCotton

    While I wasn’t excited about the winners, I love these pictures. I’m getting life from seeing the Belami Fab Four, somehow, looking cuter (sexier?) in their suits than naked. Nice to see Phillipe too even if he was most likely babysitting.

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned it here, but I really liked the historical intro you played at the beginning Zach. Well played. I hope you do more of that next year.

  • Xzamilloh

    I keep forgetting how fuckable Zach is… not brown-nosing, Zach, just giving you props for what took your mom 9 months to make.

  • rhinoHI

    I love that Sandra Bernhard did this, and it’s just more proof that she’s the coolest lady on Earth.

    • wincrasher

      Her career must really be in the toilet. Expect Kathy Griffin to do it next year. 😉

  • Eric from Sweden

    Well, I would have to say that the Bel Ami guys are the best dressed by far.

  • John

    Hoyt Kogan could easily be a top fashion model!!!!!! No one was more stunning than him. I wish I had heard him speak English.

  • atlas

    whats an all sex studio

    • Spongey

      No story just sex (Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, Chaosmen). Other studios make a whole movie and then release scenes separately. Or like Men, who do parodies, someone actually writes up that dialog!

  • S .

    Can’t believe how tiny some of the guys are.

    It’s as if those Helix/Cocky Boys never grew up.

  • Jay Mills

    Let me make a list of these creeps (including Trump asswipe Keller) to never again buy anything or watch anything associated with them and their associated trash (including the filthy beast who puts out this rag). Now, I must go shower the stench off after visiting here.

  • HoratioCaine

    cha cha le pew looks old tired and bloated. must be on the one way train back to fatsville. nice to know you can get a porn comeback award for surviving rehab on other peoples money and shooting some web porn crap. miss thing needs to retire. she’s been putting out the same by the number crap (& putting young men in the grave) for around 30 years. enough is enough!

  • T2TheB

    I don’t normally have anything to say about who wins entertainment industry awards, but this time I have to ask, “Who chose the winners for your awards?” The state of group sex videos must be really, really bad for Fraternity X to have won in that category. With their herky-jerky filming style, I literally get motion sick trying to watch their videos. I’m sure it’s nice to win, and congrats to them for having done, but shit, now that they have won, they’re sure to maintain their spastic style, and I’m sure to continue not watching their productions.

    I have to give props to Brent Corrigan. He seems to have evolved quite nicely from “twink” to “normal” looking, sexy “grown man,” (blessedly too, he’s refrained from offering his body as canvas for tattoo artists) and his ability to continue to be successful and popular suggests he’s “got his head on right,” a combination which in its own right is sexy, all the more so insofar as by count of the assaults, incarcerations, pettiness and scandals one reads about on sites like this one, among gay male porn performers seems is an uncommon a set of character attributes. Kudos, Brent.

  • Pertinax
  • Spongey

    Detox’s reaction to Marc falling down was the best. I met Brandon in the bathroom in which he yelled “fuck” in my face, (he might’ve been drunk) but then he allowed me to take a selfie with him. He’s hot in person for sure. I wanted to get a photo with Zach but he seemed stressed and distracted, it was a big night for him and I didn’t want to bother him. How Diego kept a straight face was beyond me when his man got up there in that Tarzan outfit. I thought Chi Chi gave a lovely heartfelt speech even though she wondered, where she had been to deserve “Comeback” award. Ryan Rose looked cranky all night but maybe that’s his normal face since he seemed fine when he presented and was game to take his shirt off for Austin Wilde. He even posed with Brandon!