Sean Cody’s Brandon Gets His Ass Fingered In Teaser Clip

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Hope you aren’t sick of hearing about Sean Cody’s Brandon yet! It’s “All Brandon, All The Time,” as Sean Cody is going into promotion overdrive on the eve of his bottoming debut with Tanner. Here’s one more teaser to get you pumped for the main event, which goes live here in about 36 hours from now. It’s a “model spotlight” clip put together by Sean Cody and GayTube (both sites are owned by conglomerate MindGeek).

[Brandon’s Bottoming Debut With Tanner Is Live! Watch The Trailer And Full Scene Here.]

The clip is kind of annoying for one main reason: Not enough footage of Brandon’s ass. The glimpses that we do get of Brandon’s butt show that it’s bigger and better than ever, but that’s all we get—glimpses. Someone (it doesn’t look like Tanner’s arm, so I guess it’s the cameraman??) with a lubed up hand starts fingering his hole at the very end of the clip, and then it cuts off. There’s also a bit of Q&A, and Brandon reveals that he started lifting weights after he was beat up in high school. Aww :-(

[Sean Cody: Tanner Fucks Brandon Bareback]

  • sxg

    You can’t really tell if there’s anything going in or not, it just looks like they’re teasing his hole. But yea that definitely doesn’t look like Tanner’s arm, it doesn’t look muscular enough.

    But hasn’t Brandon already had his hole fingered before? Can’t remember with who though.

    But my god his ass is looking phenomenal in that video! I think SC has done a great job promoting the video, although they should have waited until 24 hours before the scene to announce Tanner as the top. I had no interest what-so-ever in Brandon until this bottoming announcement. But Sean Cody better hope the scene lives up to the hype, because if it doesn’t it’ll be a huge letdown and quite possibly alienate some of their fan base.

    • Jace

      Daniel fingered Brandon. Tanner has eaten him out as well.

      • CA

        And Brendan…I’m sure we’re missing one or two others.

    • FooFight

      I don’t think that’s Tanner’s arm. Tanner’s arm has a lot of hair, so unless he clipped the hair for this scene, I think it’s the interviewer doing the honors for Brandon.

  • FrenchBug

    Yes. I am sick of hearing about it.

  • Kim Davis

    • Mike Julius

      LOL @ your username!

  • paultacoma51

    Oh, you know that’s Mr. Sean Cody’s hand. And if it’s not, it’s only because he got to sample it off camera.

    • Zachary Sire

      The actual “Sean Cody” left the studio around a year ago when he sold the company to MindGeek.

      • paultacoma51

        Oh, you got me there! Good point! I totally forgot about that.

      • sxg

        I thought he was still an employee of the studio even after the sale?

      • Multiverse Inhabitant

        Are you sure? I still hear his voice from time to time in the new videos.

  • stephen

    Happy Thanksgiving/Thanksreceiving everyone

    • sxg

      Ugh, Seth Fornea. The biggest tease in porn that never happened!

      • Sebastian S

        And a real sweetheart IRL.

        • sxg

          I don’t doubt it. But I just loathe how he came on, did some softcore shit with Colt, and then that was it. He shouldn’t have bothered doing even that!

    • Al

      Seth Fornea is so hot.

    • prestes_antony

      Yeah… I could get me some piece of that Hamm…

  • Persevere

    Please god…i hope that doesn’t mean this is one of those “gym set” videos.

    • CA

      That’s all I could focus on in this clip…that Brandon gets fucked in that awful gym–first fingered by some dude with unusually delicate hands and arms–then filmed bottoming in what I think most fan overwhelmingly dislike, that awful gym.

      As much as I don’t enjoy Tanner, I get that most like him and he was a safe choice–fine. That said, we found the first major fuck up from this scene…that awful gym. I’ll assume, more to come.

      • erexshawn

        my first reaction was one of disappointment about the gym set. I don’t think that I have ever been really satisfied with any of the scenes filmed there – maybe one with Jaime but that was mostly due to Jamie. I hope at least the second part of the video moves to a bedroom or couch.

    • Maximus

      But that gym is where Randy fucked a handsfree load out of Curtis!!!

    • sxg

      Did you not see the post before this announcing that Tanner is the top? There are 2 gifs from the scene that have them both on a bed. If they were filming in the gym they would have started out the scene there, even with the Q&A that usually leads up to the sex.

      They just did this video I’m sure to further promote his bottoming debut.

  • Oliver Narrow
  • Oliver Narrow
    • Al

      Yes that jockstrap looks so good on him. I would tear it off with my teeth. I don’t recall if he ever wore a jockstrap in any of his scenes. I can’t wait to see this scene.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Especially with a supreme ass like Brandy’s.

    • Chpchipp

      Agree. Brandon in a jockstrap is a win.

  • john


  • Norminah

    Hurry up with the damn scene already!!!!

  • Scrapple

    Seems like they worked in a mini documentary. That could be interesting. From what Brandon has mentioned in previous vids, it sounds like he has had a rough life.

  • Swifty

    He’s so perfect. Just looking at him makes me hate my body even more.

  • Pascal

    Good God! Please make it stop!

    It’s even worse than the Johnny Rapid going bareback promo deal you had going!

    I truly hate MindGeek for making you do this!

  • Todd

    Fingered ? Well, hellooooo Brandon ….

  • sxg

    Wish we had a Thanksgiving post today like we did last year! I loved reading this today, especially knowing where certain pornstars are in life today from a year ago. Certain posts are that much more comical today!

    • Maximus

      Uhhh… Killian James’ mom follows his career? Isn’t that kind of…Oedipal?

      • sxg

        Jesse Jackman’s mom follows his career. It does seem a bit weird, but I hope they’re just following like following their twitter and facebook acct and not masturbating at their sons getting their asses plowed. Now that is fucking disturbing.

        Oh and that’s not the one that made me snicker the most. It’s Chi Chi’s lol

        • Maximus

          You HOPE that she’s just following him on Twitter, but Killian isn’t exactly the most psychologically healthy individual. Maybe that’s the reason why…

          Regarding you being a bad person: You get a pass because you’re entertaining about it.

  • Okosan

    That hole Is Just begging to be fucked.

  • pangelboy

    His ass is a national treasure. Sean Cody is hyping this up entirely too much, though. Break the internet…uh-huh.

  • Eric from Sweden

    I must say that he does come across as a very down to earth guy in the preview.

  • Joey

    Wow, that’s definitely new for a SC scene. He’s so lovingly filmed and framed. Such different directorial choices after all these years.

    He looks incredible tho, he’ll look back on this years from now and will be glad there’s at least proof of his youthful physical peak.

  • MAnthony
  • MAnthony

    Since when did “Fingering’ mean just rubbing lube on the outside of your ass? There was no fingering, was more like brushing on by.

    • erexshawn

      this was a tinder swipe, not fingering

  • sammy1023

    Unless it’s as hot as this I’m sick of hearing about him already!

    • sxg

      Damn where is that from???

      • sammy1023

        Don’t quote me, but i think it might be Kent North getting DP’ed in At Your Service. That or it’s Brandon’s worst nightmare…

  • Sebastian S

    Like many, I got over Brandon agrees ago, but holy hell he looks good in this clip. I’m looking forward to all of the masturbating I shall be partaking in this weekend.

  • Odetofear

    Well my dick exploded

  • joe campbell

    Brandon is possibly one of the hottest guys in porn ever.. Boring, but still the hottest..and Tanner is not too far behind him ( pun intended) But this scene is being hyped up like crazy and I’m convinced it will disappoint.. Porn is porn and mostly contrived but there is nothing like when your a viewer and it actually seems like the models are into each other.
    These guys are totally in it for the money … gay for pay or whatever , so no matter how pleasing to the eye both of these men are – unless SC has pulled out all the stops … this will be a disappointment like most of the sex at Sean Cody

    • nick

      The thought that the guys are probably straight ruins it for me, when you can see they’re not into it, and what kind of fantasy/turn-on can that be ?

  • NG212

    That’s the longtime cameraman’s voice, hand and arm. It’s quite a shift for SC, where they have kept things professional between the talent and staff since the early days, when Sean fucked and sucked his talent. Maybe the cameraman thought this was finally his chance to touch Brandon.

    I hope the extended clip of the fingering is in the BTS of the Tanner scene. Hot to hear Brandon say he likes it. I hope he tells Tanner how good his dick feels. I want this scene to be 45 minutes long. Just a massive director’s cut.

    • Clusterfuck

      Maybe it’ll be a surprise threesome with Brandon being spitroasted by the cameraman and Tanner!!!!

  • Jon A

    I have my reservations about this tbh. Brandon is hot and all, but as Bel Ami shows, that doesn’t always equate to good sex, seeing as that site has tons of boring fucks.

    I hope Brandon is being paid enough to at least pretend he likes it. Would be awful if after all this while, we get some limp bottom performance. Tanner is beautiful but most of the time also has boring sex on cam. They better step it up.

  • Chpchipp

    Okay. That’s the hottest clip SC has put out since the takeover. Weigt jockstrap, weightlifting is sexy. Brandon’s looking good

  • Swifty

    Did they really troll us like this?

    • Persevere

      yes. yes they did.

  • BjorkNut

    Whelp…not sure if the reviews for the scene have started rolling in, but, stepwise it was a bit of a yawn…seeing Tanner and Brandon fall in love and on path to altar…thumbs up…over all score:

  • sammy1023