Is This Who Fucked Sean Cody’s Brandon?

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6H2A5255As first confirmed here last week, Sean Cody’s Brandon will make his bottoming debut this coming Friday night on Sean Cody. The only thing unconfirmed has been the identity of Brandon’s top, but now we might be one step closer to figuring that out.

[UPDATE: Brandon’s Bottoming Debut With Tanner Is Now Live! Watch The Trailer And Full Scene Here.]

Last night, Sean Cody introduced tattooed muscle hunk Brennan in a solo scene. He’s a handsome guy, but he does not fit in with the studio’s aesthetic at all. Is this Sean Cody or Raging Stallion?

6H2A5272As the promo text for this scene reveals, Brennan is “friends” with one of Sean Cody’s “most popular models.” There’s also an indication that he’ll be coming back for a duo scene.

Brennan is actually friends with one of our most popular models and was sent to us by him. “He said it was a good time and that I would be a good fit, so I figured why the hell not?” “Do you think that maybe you would do more than a solo?” I had to ask. “Let’s take it one day at time here.”

So, who’s Brennan’s friend? Surprise:

braondonbrennanA tipster pointed me to one of Brandon’s tweets from 2014, featuring the image above of him and Brennan “eating dirty.” It’s clear that Brennan has gotten ripped in the past year:

6H2A5294Introducing Brandon’s friend in a solo scene right before Brandon’s bottoming debut could just be a coincidence, or you could be looking at Brandon’s top. If I had to bet, I’d say this is our man.

6H2A5341Brandon could’ve told Sean Cody that he’d only bottom for someone he selected, in this case his friend Brennan. And while this guy is objectively hot as fuck, him being the one to pop Brandon’s cherry is incredibly underwhelming, given all the speculation over which established star it might be. Also, we don’t know what kind of performer Brennan is, so this could be really terrible. Or, it could be amazing. We’ll find out in less than five days.

6H2A53616H2A5692Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Sean Cody: Brennan]

[UPDATE: Brandon’s Bottoming Debut With Tanner Is Now Live! Watch The Trailer And Full Scene Here.]


  • Kavine

    I expected to see Brandon cumming while being fucked in the ass, I hope I’m not asking too much.

  • Tim

    That was my first, immediate thought too. Brennan is hot. And as far as fitting the studio aesthetic, maybe not. But Randy and Jack don’t quite either. This guy starts about as ripped as a lot of the models get. so that actually works.

    If this guy tops Brandon, fine. If I were the studio I would have said “sure, if you have a suitable buddy you can do it, but 1) he has to appear in another duo for us besides with you and 2) you have to bottom for someone else besides him.” brandon would probably refuse that, but I hope that is what we see. I’d still love to see Randy or Sean or Abe completely tear the guy up. And this guy.

  • trekord

    Brennan has a “boyfriend” size dick, which will work best for Brandon’s first time bottoming. But I’m hoping Brennan knows how to use it well.

  • Okosan

    Here it cums !

  • MAnthony

    The ink on this guys left shoulder in the picture with “Brandon” does not match the ink in his other pictures. Unless the images are reversed? In the pic with the two of them he has a big tat under his left bicep, pretty much under his armpit, but it’s not there at all in the other pics…??The pics with his left arm up shows no ink at all. hmmmm

    • FooFight

      I do think the Brandon picture is a reverse image. If you look at the tattoo on Brennan’s right forearm in the photo with Brandon, it matches the tattoo on the left arm in Brennan’s SC shots.

      • JackNasty

        I noticed the tattoos and figured it was a mirror image.

    • sxg

      Yea it’s a reversed pic, and if you compare the twitter pic with the 2nd to last pic, you’ll notice the squiggly line tattoo on both, and if you look real close above it on the 2nd to last pic there’s a hint of something else that is similar to the tattoo on the top of his shoulder in the twitter pic that you’ll see clearly.

  • Eric from Sweden

    But isn’t it a little bit weird to get fucked by a friend?! I mean, for a straight guy. But if the money is good I guess anything is possible.

    • nodoubtfan

      I’m getting flashbacks to Bailey and his friend (old time Sean Cody fans will know what scene I’m talking about). The friend never came around again, but it was a hot scene. So if Brennan is Brandon’s top, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it unfolds.

      • FooFight

        That’s one of SC’s all-time best scenes. Bailey and his friend Jess were so into each other. I love how Bailey tells Jess, “suck my testicles.” Not “suck my balls,” but “testicles!” So cute. Neither one of them came back after that scene. I like to fantasize that they fell in love after that scene and got married.

        • Ha ha, that would be my dream as well. Two homos with a white picket fence and even a few little mini-Bailey’s too.

    • JackNasty

      I’m sure it’s not the first time they’ve fucked.

      • DPS

        My thoughts as well. Seems odd to just ask a buddy to fly out to San Diego and get paid to have him fuck you. Then head home like nothing happened.

        • CA

          When you write it like that, it does sound odd, ridiculous and basic…then you realize who the subjects are and your statement may not be too far fetched.

      • Hudsonman

        Exactly. I’m sure they’re just “good buddies giving each other a helping hand, mouth and ass…” Experimenting if you will and yet certainly not GAY!

        Is it just me or does anyone else long for the days when we just didn’t know that much about the “guys on film?”

      • andrew

        It’s interesting that you are “sure” about something you know nothing about.

    • S .

      I don’t like my friends THAT much no matter how hot they are.

    • John McKee

      Yeah, that struck me as weird as well. Which isn’t to say I haven’t slept with plenty of my friends and would sleep with several of them that I haven’t (yet) but if I was a straight guy I would rather be fucked by someone that I never had to see or talk to again.

  • Alias74

    I already didn’t really care for this despite all the damn hype (ruined by Brandon’s twitter feed and shenanigans).

    I now care even less.

    My review will be interesting.

    • rather be lucky

      Your reviews are NEVER interesting and they are the sole reason I stopped visiting MenOfPorn.

      Your special brand of mental illness is vomited forth upon every single post you make and god help us all if we’re forced to read any more of your inane dribble.

      • beariac

        Best, Killian James.

      • Alias74

        Awwww. Thank you for the kind words. I will take your constructive criticism and write better in the future.

  • Where’s Randy the Destroyer when we need him?

  • Xzamilloh
  • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

    steroids. so many steroids.

    • Jason

      Exactly. The shriveled little peanuts where his testes used to be are a huge turn-off… along with baldness, backne, stank, and craziness.

    • lndn

      Agree. He looks so much better in the older pic. Why do guys ruin themselves?

    • Justin Trenton

      Probably HGH.

  • Rafael Carlos

    That Is fine to me!

  • FooFight

    I like the 2014 version of this guy better than the current Robocop version. I have a feeling sex with him would be very…mechanical.

    • Azkaban

      I agree. He looked just right in the Twitter pic, now a bit too muscly. Although I do like the tight nut sack.

      • DPS

        He looks like Max Emerson in that Twitter pic

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    Well this makes since for I couldn’t think of anybody on SC current roster that would be up to the task, have a small enough dick and hasn’t already been fucked by Brandon in a previous scene. No I am FINALLY excited for Saturday. Though I’m sure there will be lots of people upset by this. I’m guessed nag there won’t be any cock sucking going on here.

  • hotdickcum

    Damn fuck. If this is the dude, then damn, hell yea!

  • Norminah


  • DPS

    I was really hoping Robbie would have the honors. But, if indeed Brennan is the top/flip-flop partner, it kind of leaves a question as to any bromance IRL. I’m all in about this guys look but hope he jumps over to Titan Bjorn or Raging Hot Naked Falcon. Then maybe he can take Sebastian Kross’ virginity next!

  • Caprice Goldberg

    All them muscles, ‘cept the one that really counts….

  • John

    Maybe, being “friends” and all, they have already practiced a couple of times;-) I don’t like the beard and the body is a bit too muscle bound, BUT, if the chemistry is good, we may be surprised. I want Brandon to really enjoy being taken and be hard and cum for this friend. The friend better eat his cum up off of Brandon’s tummy and breeding would be a big plus!!!!!! I would like to know what he got paid to bottom. $5000 or more? I don’t think that is out of the question for him with his diva status.

    • CA

      More than that.

  • sxg

    Doesn’t fit with the Sean Cody aesthetic???

    He is EXACTLY what the site represents! He’s handsome, he’s muscular he’s basically the all-American jock look SC has been putting out for years. The only thing is the tattoos, but I haven’t heard any complaints about David not fitting into the SC aesthetic from many people, nor Graham because of the tattoos, and Graham doesn’t have much of a body either so there’s that as well with him.

    I think this guy is beyond hot, but if this is the guy who’s fucking Brandon then we’re in for probably a disappointing scene.

    • lndn

      disagree. bodybuilder muscles and tattoos are not what SC was. Sad change in direction, just another cookie cutter site now.

      • sxg
        Sean Cody has, and always will focus on guys with muscles, and not just one particular muscle type. They have your twink athletic muscle, like Jess, Brooke and Graham, and then you have borderline bodybuilder to full-on bodybuilder types that they’ve been focusing on the last 5 years with models like Abe, Landon, Brandon, Jack, Randy (when he first started), Rusty, etc. So as long as he has muscles, it’s within what the site represents.

        As far as tattoos go, the site does have a clear preference towards less tattooed models, but that’s not written in stone as the site has allowed models with some tattoos. The thing with Brennan is he has tattoos in various locations, whereas some former models had them focused on one area. But he doesn’t have the most distracting tattoos among the SC roster.

        Peter had a sleeve tattoo, and one above his pubic area. David had some on his arms, and he had some in color as well. And some have had even more distracting tattoos like Bran who had a chest tattoo and of course let’s not forget Brice/Connor Kline with his 2 arm tattoos, one of them kind of half-sleeve, and his gigantic Born This Way tattoo. Does that eliminate him as representative of a SC guy? Nope it does not. No one here complained about how he didn’t fit in because of his tattoos as he was a great performer, we just complained about the gay as fuck tattoo itself lol

      • Speak for yourself darlin’.

    • Zachary Sire

      You’re officially on crack. The guy has tattoos, a beard, and crazy ear gauges. If you think that’s Sean Cody, you’re insane, or you literally have no idea what Sean Cody is.

      • Tony161956

        sxg ‘s comments are notoriously out of whack.and often self-contradictory.

    • RBLover

      True, David had a lot of tattoos also but the face and personality that he gives off is very different. David still has that…”surprise! he’s a hot porn star in a secret life”-vibe to him. This guy? if I saw him in line at the local supermarket, I would think either gay, douche-bag, fitness model, annoying trainer, go-go dancer, or…porn star! Definitely not the SC aesthetic.

  • Jax

    He’s ridiculously hot and if being a with specially requested top is going to make Brandon a better bottom then I’m all for it.

  • Maximus

    Alright, let’s break this dude down, shall we?

    •Hair: Trendy cut, styled with product, subtle highlights.
    •Face: Nice smile, HUGE nose, nothing special about the eyes.
    •Torso: Do his abs look odd to anyone else? They don’t quite level with each other, and the shape seems off. Did he get silicone injections? Amazing pecs though.
    •Package: Very nice, cut, good dick to balls size ratio. He didn’t seem very hard during his solo.
    •Ass: Hot damn.
    •Skin: Looks like they might have photoshopped some of moles, hopefully they didn’t also have to photoshop any acne.
    •Tats: Gross, especially the gushing blood skull on his left upper arm.
    •Piercings: Spacers make my skin crawl.
    •Voice: Rather heavy southern drawl.

    Overall assessment: Definitely not the typical SC model. I’m actually getting gay vibes from him. He’s not my type, but I can see why other would find him attractive. The quality of the scene will really depend upon the chemistry between him and Brandon. Hopefully it will be a case of them acting upon sexual tension and not an awkward fuck that will ruin their friendship.

  • bob80

    Hot AF. Now I want to see this guy getting fucked too. Start another countdown please.

  • MV

    Brennan, I hope you can treat and stimulate your bottom right

  • Jameson

    That would be a damn shame. If so, it sounds like they’re going for a Bailey’s fuck buddy recreation.

    • Ha….I thought I was the only person who remembered that…

      • erexshawn

        there are some of us around from the old days

  • Todd

    mmmm mmmm, Brennan …. Thank you for being a friend (of Brandon) ….

  • marcuz86

    I hope so, Brennan is so gorgeous!

  • Alex

    Well there’s a letdown!

  • kevin

    brennan’s pretty fuckin’ gross . . . first sean . . . seems to be a trend toward trash since the MG takeover.

    any truth to the rumor that CF’s ‘Pete’ is now working for SC/MG?

    • sxg

      If that’s true, then that’s the MindGeek influence speaking because SC AFAIK has NEVER allowed a model who has previously worked for another site come onto theirs. At least not come to the site doing more than just a solo scene.

      • Tony161956

        Pete isn’t a model any more. He’s been directing, blogging, etc for CF for many years.

    • CA

      I admit to starting/suggesting the idea that Pete and/or Connor left to work for MG…did you hear it anywhere different than comments here or WB?

  • FieldMedic

    I’m sort of hoping it is Brennan, he doesn’t carry as much baggage as the other SC models do including Brandon. Pairing baggy Brandon with non-baggy Brennan (are their names indicative of a gay couple or what?) would put the scene more at ease in my estimation.

  • Norminah

    Brennan..Brandon…Brendan…Not a lot of WASPish names left is there huh Sean Cody?

    • sxg

      They’re doing their damnedest to try and not repeat names, which I can’t blame them. But yea, they’re running out lol. If they would actually hire more minorities they would be able to use more ethnic names.

      But I’d rather they repeat names rather than end up with some totally nonsense names like BiLatinMen has. Have you seen their model names? IDK, Racoon, Chris Faded, River, Bolt, No One, Benja, etc? lol

      • Norminah

        HAH! But seriously at this point I’d rather them experiment with more creative nonsense names like Hot Rod or Flexx than spelling variations of Brandon. They need something more that makes you remember their models because at this point most of Sean Cody models clump together into a pile of generic white boy muscle.

        • sxg

          Well they can always do some countrified or odd white names like Hoyt or Sabin. Yes I’ve met a Sabin before, it’s pronounced say-bin. He was a hot meaty muscly guy who used to do some dancing when he was younger!

          • Norminah

            They could throw a goddamn Y or I in somewhere, keep it fun! Or maybe they just need to buy of of those baby name books.

          • Jer

            Are you sure it wasn’t Sabin from Final Fantasy 6 (who is also a bodybuilder)?

          • sxg

            No this was a white guy from east Texas at one of my old jobs. He was in his early 20s and a fucking mess lol. I think he was secretly gay/bi but didn’t want to admit it. He also had a kid and a baby mama and was living with his dad at the time.

    • andrew

      They are not Anglo-Saxon names. They are Irish names. Big difference.

  • bo69

    Let’s hope not. Too roided up.

  • reginald jones

    I just hope it’s a lively fuck session and not the mechanical ” ooohhhh, aaaaahhhhhh” crap they usually turn out.

  • carl lafleur

    The inversion of those tattoos are throwing me off. I was gonna say the tattoos seem to switch lambs then i realized the one Brandon took they could’ve have been in front of a mirror.

  • Luca

    does he have a face paralysis?

    And yes, he was much better before.

  • andrew

    I hope Brennan is NOT the guy who got Brandon’s cherry. I think it should be a SC type guy like Abe, Jack, Tanner et al.

  • Oh Zach please. I’m sure you know just who the bottom will be since Sean Cody is paying you for all of this fabulous coverage, no doubt.

  • Zealot

    Oh, these new-fangled guys and their modern friendships. Whether it’s working out, or playing sports, they’re just so cute doing their “thing” together.

  • i wonder how much money the company had cough up to get Brandon to bottom

  • Al

    I can see him topping Brandon if they are friends already. They pry fuck off camera already….just “practicing”. For some reason I see Brandon’s bottoming debut being a flip flop scene.

  • Odetofear

    so that’s his boyfriend huh? Nice.

  • n24rc

    Well, I knew the only way to get Brandon to bottom would be that the model has a very special member.,204,203,200_.jpg

  • Blacharrt

    Str8 guys not enjoying gay sex… doesn’t sound appealing at all especially considering Brandon seems like an entitled douchbag.

  • Dutch Courage

    I can spoil this highly likely forthcoming scene for most of you by posting Brennan’s bodybuilding pics where he looks absolutely GROSS. And his GoFundME where he begs for money to enter a bodybuilding competition. But I shall not bitch today!

  • Paulo

    Please,for GOD, someone can tell me the Sean Codys Cameron real name???

    email me :

    I have a sean cody password and I can share

    I really feel happy knowing that these kids are in real life

    I have the social media these guys (sean cody and corbin fisher) and I can share too:

    Brennan (new face …brandon’s friend)
    Cain (CF)