On A Scale Of 1 To Bitch, Please!, How Much Photoshop Was Used To Create These Photos?

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Gabriel Cross is a ripped cutie with a tight bubble butt and a big cock. Bravo Delta is a handsome fuckstud with an even bigger cock. But…do these photos even remotely resemble what they look like IRL?

64045_0164045_05 People like Gabriel and Bravo need very little Photoshop when it comes to enhancing their already jumbo-sized body parts. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a little Photoshop here and there to clean up a blemish or tweak some colors or curves slightly, but, uhhhh….

64045_03 64045_06surejan1

The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is that the Raging Hot Falcon photo editors are just blatantly trolling us now and/or trying to provoke blog posts like this one. So, job well done, guys.

64045_11Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Hot House: Bravo Delta Fucks Gabriel Cross]


  • Todd

    Bitch PLEASE ……….. SUCH hot guys and SO unnecessary … AS IF

    …. https://media.giphy.com/media/QUVoMCLpFDDXy/giphy.gif

  • xcxzwost

    Sean Cody should hire these editors to fix their fake fucking situation.

    • jackson803

      Maybe you’re getting them confused with Corbin Fisher. Most of Sean Cody’s clips feature actual penetrative sex from start to finish (at least when the fucking begins). I can’t remember some of the more recent clips that Corbin Fisher has provided with fake fucking, but I remember noticing it for the first time in Colt & Truman’s 2014 gym fuck.

      • degeule

        There are posts on this blog about some obvious fake fuvking in seancodys latest winter getaway scenes

        • jackson803

          That’s right. I do remember that one. Still, I think CF has a bigger record of this than SC. Not trying to be a cheerleader for SC, just saying that recent events don’t make them the biggest offender.

          • degeule

            Yes, CF also seems to do the fake ass-to-mouth routine a lot. That’s to be understood because they are also sloppy about enemas for the bottoms.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Wow are you for real? Sean Cody had one, possibly two, fake fucking moments on that Winter Getaway shoot and suddenly they have a situation!? As opposed to, you know, Corbin Fisher who has consistently had obvious fake fucking in many scenes for a good 2+ years now?

  • RavensNationFlacco05

    Bravo Delta……………….?????

  • Myko

    Wait. Are you telling me every guy doesn’t have a massive and perfectly straight cock ?

    The second picture of Gabriel looks like they have stuck his head on another body its that bad.

    Maybe they outsource their photoshopping to some students.

  • Stiffo

    Those last two portraits seem more like a mix of the right lens and the right pose. They’re both leaning back, teetering on the edge of the bench. If Falcon did alter their cock sizes, then you’d expect Delta’s cock to be cartoonishly larger than his hands, but they’re proportional. Cross, whose cock “only” reaches his belly button, looks to be about the same size as Delta, who’s 5’4″. Tight little body + big cock = huge-looking cock.

    However, as sexy as Bravo Delta is, that hairstyle isn’t doing his thinning head any favors…

  • ShadowC0N

    I know photoshop can do a LOT. But I’ve watched the trailer and I’m confused. What seems photoshopped? Maybe it’s just me lol. Plus, I’m going to assume Zach has seen non photoshopped versions of these guys.

    • sxg

      Yes, it’s just you because we all are very aware that Raging Falcon House photoshops everyone’s dick! They even photoshopped Boomer’s dick to make it look bigger which wasn’t necessary. But they did photoshop it to look erect which WAS necessary!

      • ShadowC0N

        Lol thanks for the input. I personally don’t keep up with Raging Falcon enough to know they photoshop things like that. I just think the guys look good the way they are. No photoshop needed.

      • RavensNationFlacco05

        Nice to know. Also , as a photographer (Not of naked men) There are ways to shoot a person so that his dick looks a lot bigger. bending in the midsection. Filming from slightly below not dead on. In real life I bet his dick , hard, would be below or at his navel. because he is so short. There are always tricks in the trade.

  • sxg
  • Maximus

    Photoshop: Deceit in the form of software. (Brought you by the makers of Half-Truths and False Alibis.)


  • RavensNationFlacco05

    Nothing new to see here. Done ALL the time. I love seeing “Molded from real gay porn star So and So ‘s cock Dildo’s) The thing’s like as round as a beer can and and like 12 inches long. Then you look at the real guy and you are like what? I mean Jeff Stryker had a big dick but in no way did it look like this! (We know one person who won’t be putting one of these out,,,,,,CoughVadimBlackCough.

    • snoopyfo

      I remember back in the day Matthew Rush was my favorite porn star and the first time i went to a sex shop i saw one of those dildos, like u said “molded from his cock” so i bough it but yeah that thing was HUGE!!! i could never used it i was just too big is somewhere in my room collecting dust lol

      • RavensNationFlacco05

        You mean this one? Someone I know had this and gave it to me, It was in a red satin bag but there was NO way I was using it. (Back then I hadn’t even done that) The packaging is misleading. There was no way I was even going to attempt this. But when you read the description – I threw mine away.

        Product Details – Matthew Rush. (This won some Award for “Packaging” LOL

        Weight: 2.81 lbs (The thing weighs Three Lbs)

        Length: 8.75 Inches – (That’s the bottom of the balls to the tip)

        Insertable Length: 6.75 Inches (This is all you can put in you) So basically it was a THICK above average sized dick.

        Features: Made in USA , Suction Cup , Harness Compatible

        Materials: PVC

        • James Johnson III

          I wish I had known you before you tossed it. His is one I have wanted for years but I don’t have the $$$ to own

          • RavensNationFlacco05

            They still sell the damn thing all over the place on the internet. I think the lowest I saw was 33 bucks. But you can just take a tall boy and use that. HAHA

      • Scrapple

        I thought Matt’s toy was huge too. But with a little persistence I was eventually able to ease on down, ease on down the mold.

  • Zealot

    Oh yeah….they’re both THAT big. Trust me…I’m a doctor..

  • Jason

    I saw Bravo Delta in Chicago last year. He’s a great looking guy, but I think his dick looks so huge because he’s like 4 ft tall.

    • Ed Woody

      I don’t see that as a problem.

  • stephen

    hmmm yes, definitely some suspicious activity here

  • snoopyfo

    bitch please!!!! i love both of them but Bravo Delta’s dick looks like is half of his body omg!
    so unnecessary!!!

  • lance

    I am more like “Zach c’mon” they are fine, both of this models are short ones and the do have big dicks. trust me I know. Anyways…

  • anna smith

    oh Zach LOL Falcon does photoshop the hell out of their models but these 2 are far from that.

  • John McKee

    I also love that JJ Knight is always bragging about his 10 inch dick. No doubt it’s a big dick but I’m going to need to see a ruler if I am to believe it is 10 inches.

  • Swifty #AHoeNeverGetsCold

    This is unnecessary. Add a few more inches and Bravo’s cock will be on his chin.

  • WhimsyCotton

    The Photoshop on Bravo Delta looks fucking stupid. His dick doesn’t need such cartoonish augmentation.

  • OverKill


    I don’t understand why they photoshop these photos, especially the dick. When you see them on camera, you can see how big their dicks actually are, so shouldn’t be exaggerating the size in a photo. It’s so stupid and unnecessary and makes the performers look stupid. Raging Stallions are notorious for this, I remember seeing a photo of Ricky Sinz and they greatly exaggerated his size, it was so obvious. It was for that movie To The Last Man.

  • n24rc

    • lance

      great Photoshop skills –,

  • buckguy

    Must be a slow news day. Among the things one learns about porn is (1) that a lot of porn guys are relatively short like these guys–I’m 5’9″ and the typical porn guy who claims to be around my height that I’ve seen/met are a couple inches shorter than me, and (2) photographers know the best angles to make cocks look big esp. with shorthish porn guys. Also, there is a lot of photoshop in these pics–no zits, no wrinkles, nor birth marks. No real news here but I guess there nos new “Bareback!” which seems to be the other way to blather through a slow news day.

  • BlogZilla

    I would not care if they had 5 inchers. My clothes would be off in light speed for these two.

  • lordgabux

    Let call them “glamour shots”