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brentnicaShe’s blatantly lied to customers about the content she produces. She’s faced allegations of abuse from gay porn stars like Billy Santoro, Jessie Colter, and Seth Santoro. Now, MILF porn star turned increasingly troubled gay porn director Nica Noelle is dealing with her most high profile accuser yet: Brent Corrigan.

Last year, Brent Corrigan performed in several scenes just now being released on Nica Noelle’s recently launched “Icon Male” (this was before he signed his exclusive contract with Raging Hot Falcon), and they did not go very well!

Complaints against the erratic and allegedly abusive female gay porn director have ranged from lack of food and cleanliness on set to “mind games” and bizarre interactions with performers, and Brent Corrigan’s epic Twitter tell-all last night revealed even more disturbing details about what it’s like to work on a Nica Noelle set.

Some touched on Nica Noelle’s lack of ability to communicate with her cast:

bc2a bc3 bc4Even worse were some of Nica Noelle’s responses, in which she basically admitted to Corrigan’s accusations:

nn3How is Nica Noelle even a director?

bc5 bc6Eventually, Nica Noelle confessed that she was afraid of Brent Corrigan. (Again, this is someone who’s been put in charge of shooting content for an entire studio??)


Reality check:


If there’s one thing every gay porn director should know, it’s to never put Brent Corrigan on a blow up mattress at 3 a.m.

bc9 bc9a Icon Male just launched this month, but given Nica Noelle’s horrific reputation (not to mention her inability to be an effective director—by her own admission) among gay porn stars and the industry at large, she won’t be able to continue production much longer. My prediction: She’ll be shut down by April.bc1

  • Alan

    Ah, I knew we could count on Brent!

  • n24rc

    What needs were they? I’d like to know.

    • Alan

      Perhaps being allowed to sleep at 3 am?

      • n24rc

        It depends, some sets have a call time to shoot at night. I’m not sure what was the problem is from a simple 120 character exchange.

        From the company she keeps, and the actors she employs, most of these guys have been known to be drama queens. So it is hard to tell.

    • FrenchBug

      Yeah there does seem to be some interesting factual tidbits missing from this exchange.

  • Zealot

    This take down is comparable to Kathleen Turner (Serial Mom) terrorizing Dottie Hinkle on the witness stand….culminating in the famous line, “Mrs. Hinkle,..are you insane?” #Corriganwinning

    • n24rc

      Are these P-U-S-S-Y willows?

    • Estelle

      No I’m not you mother fucker!

    • zach

      Thank you for the reminder. One of my favorite movies of all time!

      • Zealot

        One of my favorites too Zach. After watching Serial Mom the term “Pig Fucker” entered my vocabulary, never to be replaced! Poor Nica, I mean Dottie…never stood a chance. It’s like Brent caught Nica wearing white shoes after Labor Day and called her out for it. It’s just insane and WRONG.

  • Personally I don’t think women should be directing gay porn cause they are women and not gay men.

    • n24rc

      well, be sure to tell Mr. Pam that!

      • McM.

        I see where Seaguy is coming from, in the sense of what I’m seeing from (straight) women directors often contains a conflation of gay sex with deviant behaviors or taboo situations. And they’re presented in a way where we’re expected to be turned on by those things, and not just two or more men engaged in well produced fucking. Nica Noelle’s work has this, as does a lot of content from

        I understand where this conflation comes from. It’s ingrained in our society, and as a part of acceptance each of us has to unravel our sexuality from behaviors and complicated situations it is commonly lumped into. Most gay men I’ve met share the same sense of sexual propriety and interpersonal boundaries as everyone else. Fucking their sister’s husband, or best friend’s son is really out there, and I think some people can enjoy it as a form of porn b/c it’s something you’re just not going to do, or come across, in life.

        But mr. Pam ABSOLUTELY cannot be placed in the same category as other women directors whose main interest in our sexuality is as a business venture. I’m not writing this b/c I really enjoy mr. Pam’s work, or that she is bisexual and has also gone through the process of “unraveling”, it is simply b/c she is part of our community. If you ever wondered why mr. Pam is able to pick up on the nuances of what turns men on about men fucking, and convey them onto film, this is why.

        I suspect b/c she communicates and interacts with gay men on levels beyond commerce, a large body of mr. Pam’s work presents gay sex as being healthy. Yes, even those scenes or acts not to everyone’s tastes.

        • rather be lucky

          Mr. Pam only gets a pass from people because of her personality. How can you not like her? She’s bubbly, outgoing, life of the party, etc. But lets be real folks, if she were a man directing lesbian porn, injecting herself into the lesbian community, pal-ling around with all the lesbians, she’d be seen as creepy and predatory. But, because of her personality, she’s hard to criticize because if you do you’re just seen as “mean.” Sorry but she’s just fucking annoying, obnoxious, overbearing, “white girl drunk”, and starving for attention 24/7.

          Her quirky “I’m an unofficial fag”, overweight & loud ‘best friend we’ve all had’ fag hag personality, doesn’t make her porn any better, it just gives it nicer packaging.

          Sadly she’s a lot like typical gay men — she has a thing for “straight” men and “straight” men in gay porn. She actively supports the whole gay-for-pay sickness and one reason she’s so welcomed is because “straight” men in gay porn require female presence to make them more comfortable and to make things seem “less gay.”

          The woman knows nothing about gay sex beyond penis-goes-in-mouth, penis-goes-in-ass. Her scenes are all exactly the same in terms of sex. You can swap the storylines and the players and the sex is always the same same same with her. People act like because she’s “successful” that speaks for itself. That’s not how porn works. is successful. Next Door is successful. Lucas Entertainment is successful. They’re all successful and they put out absolute crap. Porn is a “we’ll take what we can get” business for the consumer. Sometimes we have NO choice but to take what we can get. She’s not successful because she’s good or creative. She’s successful because someone gave her a job and she gets along with people. That’s IT. Think about it….when was the last MEMORABLE or HOT Naked Sword release? Yeah…a decade ago. Naked Sword isn’t even on the tip of anyone’s tongue.

          A ton of gay directors get started in porn by filming their own fantasies playing out on the screen. (Sean Cody, Chaosmen, Jake Cruise and their “watch me seduce this straight guy!!!) Mr Pam does the same thing but in a different way. Through porn she’s able to get access to a sex life she otherwise wouldn’t have. Outside of the gay porn world, her redeeming qualities might make her the life of the party but nothing else about her is going to get her attention much less laid by the caliber of men she gets to surround herself with in the gay porn world.

          The ONLY thing worse than Mr. Pam are those lesbians over at Men who film TERRIBLE gay sex but give guys like Paddy an excuse to get fucked. It’s the gay porn version of “it’s not gay if the balls don’t touch” except it’s “it’s not gay if women are filming you.”

          I won’t fool myself into thinking that Mr. Pam is going to go away any time soon but I’m also not going to fool myself into thinking that Mr. Pam creates anything memorable or even slightly arousing. Shit, the stuff over at Next Door Buddies is hotter than what Mr. Pam films and that’s saying a lot. At least over there you don’t have to feel bad for being totally creeped out by her even though she seems like such a nice, happy person.

          God damn she’s a boner killer. Shake a can of pennies at it.

          • maurice

            mr Pam is as good (or as bad) as any other producer of porn. She has produced and directed her share of both good and forgettable scenes. She has a clear passion for porn and if the gay porn stars don’t mind filming with her, i don’t see people should be unhappy about her.

            What I don’t understand is why lesbians produce gay porn (hello

            What is the motivation behind shooting gay porn if you are a lesbian? I don’t suppose lesbians particularly enjoy seeing erect penises.(Or do they?) Is it a lack of creative freedom? A case of misogyny in the straight porn industry? Is it a purely professional decision? (Gay porn = more money than doing lesbian/straight porn?)

            Please, can someone enlighten me??

          • n24rc
          • oh gawd – so tell me…what do you really think?
            I wasn’t going to chime in but this discussion is going in so many different directions…. I just can’t help myself.

            First of all, thanks for giving me compliments on my personality. Yes, I’m extremely bubbly – some people love it – some hate it. Oh well… would you rather be around someone melancholy or someone who pretty much loves life and likes to laugh??

            I truly LOVE my career – yes, directing, filming, photographing, editing gay male porn. I LOVE gay men and I love sex and expressions of sexuality – so I just happened to land myself a perfect career. I’m extremely lucky that I have been so successful in this male-dominated industry and actually just celebrated my 10 year working full-time in gay porn. Its been an awesome ride and I’m truly blessed to have met all the men I have filmed and gotten to travel to so many exotic places. And yes, even I am shocked sometimes… how the hell did a Catholic school girl end up an award-winning gay porn director? yeah, that’s funny! lol!

            I am very proud of the movies I have worked on over career – especially the last 3 years when I headed up the original production film department for NakedSword. We have produced some kick ass movies that vary from hardcore sex loops (Addict) to political movies commenting on gay marriage (The Mix), SF’s nudity ban (Golden Gate 5: The Cover Up), to… yeah, you boys are going to cringe… but autobiographical stories like “Cheaters” and “Stalker”. Most companies these days just throw 2 dudes in a room with a handycam… how much creativity does that take? (especially if they’re not into eachother?!?) We have large scripts, film permits to stage fake ‘rallies’, shoot live scenes with audiences plus I do extensive interviews to try to find GAY GUYS who LOVE SEX and will be fun to film fucking on camera. I go above and beyond to not produce boring porn, but instead making something that’s epic, that the gay community can be proud of and most importantly, gets you guys off!

            I put so much passion and love into every movie I shoot, every scene I direct….and yeah, I’ll admit, sometimes they suck. Sometimes the models aren’t into each other, or there’s some issue on the set – like when a model found out his mom had cancer right before we’re shooting him getting pounded. This is the stuff that’s not so ‘sexy’ that we never mention, but its shit that all us porn directors have to deal with and try to get a hot scene. I try to encourage the guys to always do their best – fuck their hardest and put on the best show they can. Whatever you do in life, you should do to the best of your ability… (not to mention because some anonymous commenter on some blog is going to rip them to shreds. See above & below. 😉

            I LIVE the gay boy culture… it doesn’t stop for me the minute I put my camera down. I live in the Castro, I’m very involved in my gay community, all my best friends are gay boys, I go to gay sex clubs and photograph gay events, speak on panels and help with benefits. I officially identify as bisexual but more accurately, a gay man because of my community and sex preferences. All that and I just started doing drag – I love it. I love hanging out watching guys fuck & suck each other in the dirty leather bars in San Francisco…and all over the world. I’m not judgemental – I LOVE hearing stories from my slutty friends which more often than not, end up scenarios in my films.

            I truly love what I do and I hope the love comes out in my work.
            I’d love to chime in more but we have a huge movie coming out tomorrow – NakedSword’s “A Wicked Game” & I have some hot porn to make. I hope you guys watch the movie and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

            big hugs… happy humping…
            mr. Pam

          • Mr. Copper

            ” Most companies these days just throw 2 dudes in a room with a
            handycam… how much creativity does that take? (especially if they’re
            not into eachother?!?) We have large scripts, film permits to stage
            fake ‘rallies’, shoot live scenes with audiences”

            Nine times out of ten, the “2 dudes in a room with a handycam” is hotter, more authentic, and less gimmicky than over scripted, convoluted, overwrought scenes in so much bubblegum packaging.

            While I’m sure a tiny fraction of porn consumers enjoy drawn out scripts and productions, the majority bypass the unnecessary pretense and get to what they really want: sex.

            There’s a reason why studios like SC, CF, CM, GH, and the like are so popular. Unlike NS, Falcon, Raging Stallion, etc, they FINALLY understand that the majority of consumers don’t need or want all the extra “creativity.” If MrPam scaled back to basics and focused on the sex and the sex alone, I’m positive she could produce good porn. She obviously has an eye for it. What she doesn’t have is an understanding of what the majority of porn consumers seek out when they sit at the computer for ten minutes to seek out porn real quick. That lack of understanding has nothing to do with her being female, because other producers suffer from the same fault.

            Don’t look down on two dudes in a room with a handycam, MrPam. That right there is some of the sexiest, realest, and most difficult to perfect. I actually suggest you give it a go! I’d love to see what you could produce without all the unnecessary pretense.

      • So you’re close to Mr. Pam huh? Anyway I meant women in general not all women there are always exceptions to the rule. I am not a huge fan of Mr. Pam’s work but have liked some of it.

        • n24rc

          I don’t know Mr. Pam, I just think it is stupid to assume that someone’s gender means that they can’t fulfill a job.

          Since when is it the Director’s job to make sure the scene is hot? I mean, the models are doing the work and the Director is relying on them to do that.

          So I’m not sure what difference it makes if the director has a dick and is into gay sex, when a Director’s primary focus is the technical aspects of shoots. The performers show up and make it work, if they are good at it.

          • Umm the director is the one directing, running the show so they set the tone that can make a scene hot or not just as much as the actors playing the scene.

            I never said woman cannot fulfill the job of directing or making gay porn I just don’t find that they make a product that in the end is something I myself like. Just like I [probably could not make porn women would related too porn with feelings, emotions and those female desired things.

          • n24rc

            So you think a gay guy can’t possibly screw up in gay porn? Sexual desire and fantasies of gay men aren’t often shared. SO you might watch something that gets you off, that someone else would find unappealing or not “hot.”

            If you consider this, you would then have to consider that maybe some gay guys out there would think the porn produced by Mr. Pam is hot. As she said, SOMETIMES shoots have nothing to do with her when it is a success or failure – it is due to some personal drama that the actors have.

    • M3xa

      And why does it matters? Mr Pam does better porn than a lot of gay men directors!

      • FrenchBug

        Well I don’t agree with that assessment of Mr Pam (although she sure seems to be very popular with her performers which puts her way above Nica Noelle in my book) but I don’t think it has specifically to do with them being women.

        I do wish I understood why there are so many female directors of gay porn. They sure seem to be strangely over-represented in what is ultimately a small circle. Is that because there is little space for female directors in the largely sexist straight porn world?

        But you’d think there’d be more gay male directing talent emerging … Maybe it is like the gay-for-pay phenomenon … There might be a strange undercurrent of internalized homophobia for gays in the gay porn world…

        • OneOfTheManyChris

          I think it’s just because porn is a female dominated business. Straight porn outnumbers gay porn, and the male stars are meaningless (unless you’re Ron J. or James D.). A lot of women move to the the production side as it’s a career that won’t end when you’re 29 and you won’t get fired when your boss figures out how you supported yourself after your parents cut you off. The women directors have the same skill sets. And straight porn is notorious for making features that center around the dehumanization of women, where gay porn has a lot more “I want it, you want it, let’s fuck” themes. I’ve actually read some things by straight men who switched to the gay side because they weren’t comfortable with all the nastiness towards the women performers.

        • ThatsEnoughGravy

          I don’t agree with that assessment of Mr. Pam either. For all the reasons already enumerated here.

      • Zealot

        As for me I don’t much care who directs gay porn if the end result is good. My criteria is 1. The scene makes me want to get off (it’s the whole point IMHO); 2. The scene presents a new situation in an interesting (erotic, fetish) unexpected way, like using bondage in a romantic setting; and 3. Actual good acting occurs (which is the rarest of the three actually). I think gay porn suffers from over-production and over-thinking things in general. I find close-ups of penetrations go on too long and we don’t get to see the men’s whole body while engaged in sex. I appreciate how men look when their having sex, whether or not it’s a hard S&M scene or full on romance. Even when I watch bear porn where the men are heavier and not as defined, there is something about the actual chemistry/heat men generate when they’re really into the sex with one another that makes me want to see them fully from head to toe while they’re fucking. For me, THAT’S the quality missing in a lot of porn these days. I don’t need weird futuristic scenery that looks like 4 paint cans committed hari kari, or football shoulder pads and day glo knee socks to be interested in the sex. So as there are a shit-ton of hot men in gay porn right now, a lot of them don’t look like they’re that into what they’re doing– which is why I think so many gay men are turning to amateur and bareback product where the commitment of the men in the scene is closer to 100%, which makes it hot to watch. I’m not sure if straight companies owning most gay productions is the cause, or if it’s a lot of men doing porn for money only….? That’s why I’m kind of obsessed with Tim Tales, Butch Dixon, Chaos Men and Sean Cody right now. Lot’s of really hot men having really hot sex.

        • JJ

          1.I find close-ups of penetrations go on too long and we don’t get to see
          the men’s whole body while engaged in sex.

          Yes yes! You find this a lot in both straight and gay porn. Too much focus on genitals and penetration. And just not enough passion and FOREPLAY!!! There is no or hardly any build up. They go straight to the main course. Porn sex is very – in the words of Ginger Lynn – very A-B-C-1-2-3.

          2.There is something about the actual chemistry/heat
          men generate when they’re really into the sex with one another that
          makes me want to see them fully from head to toe while they’re fucking.
          For me, THAT’S the quality missing in a lot of porn these days.

          Yes! Passion! PASSION!!!

          3.I don’t
          need weird futuristic scenery that looks like 4 paint cans committed
          hari kari, or football shoulder pads and day glo knee socks to be
          interested in the sex.

          Correct! We just want pure raw hot passionate horny sweaty sex!!! We don’t need props and silly gimmicks.

    • JJ

      I believe it’s their right to direct gay porn but for me, I feel really uncomfortable knowing that the scenes I watch have been directed by women.

      • It is their right and it is my right to not watch it.

        • n24rc

          and it is my right to judge your harshly for it.

          • I guess it is your right to be a troll hater.

  • pennessee


    • pennessee

      dang, cannot post animated gifs here… help, pls?

      • FrenchBug

        Actually it works as a screenshot too lol

  • DeanD

    I actually like Icon Male’s content. As for the drama, that’s something they obviously need to work on.

    • FrenchBug

      I am not sure. It suffers from the same directing disease that has spread across gay porn in the past couple of years which is porn shot in a bizarrely framed close shot where you can’t see either the face or the penetration. It is neither a close-up nor a wide shot and it manages to miss both! LE and Eurocreme do it all the time too. It is incredibly frustrating and bizarre. You basically see skin and limbs but no dick or ass or face. You see blowjobs where only the bottom of the chin and half the dick is in the shot, etc.
      I am not sure if I am describing it right but avid porn-watchers must know what I am talking about, right?

      • DeanD

        I can’t/won’t disagree but there’s still some quality that I appreciate about their content even if I can’t name it.

  • SaminLA

    It has been my experience that female gay porn directors are predators. Usually unable to maintain any normal romantic or sexual relationship with a male. Behind all the pretending and fake smiles and faux Miley tongue out happiness are some pretty seriously depressed and deranged individuals.
    Straight companies like to hire them because they don’t relate to gay male sexuality and find it easier to relate to women and gay men like the camp aspect. But they are usually never seen as equals and they often pressure the models to have sex with them. Look around at the players and draw your own conclusions.

    • zach


    • OneOfTheManyChris

      This is probably true but it applies to the male directors as well, except that gay male owned companies don’t relate to the women directors. Honestly anyone who ends up doing this as a career probably has an “interesting” story about how they ended up there.

  • FoineThen

    I wouldn’t say anyone is winning here. This conversation should be happening in private.

  • Diogenes Veritas

    I’m sorry to hear about all of these issues as I also like the Icon Male films. They’ve reintroduced narrative back into gay porn beyond “the pizza guy shows up so let’s fuck” scenarios that have pretty much become the only reasonable facsimile for a plot in the current crop of movies. I hope they are able to work through all of this because I sure would like to see Nica’s approach to movies continue. Another moral to this story is when Zach has a vendetta against someone watch out. To use an oft paraphrased line, “Nica, you in danger girl.”

    • zach

      Vendetta? When multiple gay porn stars are airing dirty laundry all about the same person (a director with a high profile and her own studio), I’m gonna call it out and cover it. Not a vendetta, just doing my job.

      • Diogenes Veritas

        Don’t disagree with that. There are just times when you do your job with particular relish. It’s what makes reading your blog a fun experience. Keep it up.

    • DeanD

      I think the fairly strong narrative was the heretofore un-nameable quality I was reaching for earlier. I will actually watch the story lines unfold instead of skipping straight to the action with their scenes. Now if they could film the sex better (as FrenchBug commented) then I think it would be one of the better sites out there.

  • dave1984
  • Luca

    Nica sounds very defensive here. And frankly, if she has so many issues about interacting with people perhaps she chose the wrong job!

    By the way, the idea of having a more scripted porn is great, I’m all for it and it’s an art that should be rediscovered, but perhaps in the hands of someone saner!

  • Zoompietro

    Nica needs to get her shit together and Brent needs to remember that he’s not an A-list celebrity, he had to come running back to porn because his acting career flopped. As for the 3AM shoot, it just goes to show what little success Brent had as an actor if he doesn’t think a productive, professional set operates at 3AM; lot’s of shoots have a wrap or call time in the early hours like that (especially smaller indy projects). I’m on his side about the air mattress though, that’s just poor planning on production’s part.

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      From behind the scenes videos it’s pretty clear that Sean Paul is familiar with the 3 AM shoot. I got the idea that they shot at 3 AM because they ran out of time and his flight home was already booked.

      • Zoompietro

        If he’s familiar with it it doesn’t make much sense for him to say that it doesn’t happen on productive, professional sets (because it does, all of the time). Another thing that happens all of the time is some overrated egomaniac who thinks that their every desire and mood swing is worthy of attention and placation; 9/10 times that person is either a director or a performer. Looks like the people working on this shoot had to deal with booth, unfortunate. I don’t see the need to take up for one of them over the other, in most situations there’s wrong on both ends and this one is no different. For god’s sake this bitch is complaining over “45 pages of dialog [sic]”, the horror! It’s no wonder his career didn’t take off.

  • Todd

    Just Imagine If Mena had gotten involved in this fight too !!!

  • GN