Jessie Colter, Seth Santoro, And Billy Santoro Vs. Director Nica Noelle

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nica noelle

The horror stories about working on a Nica Noelle set (18 hour b-roll shoots, no food, shitty accommodations in the middle of nowhere)—not to mention the horror stories about Nica Noelle being mentally unstable and just plain awful to work for—that have been floating around the past few years are finally starting to see the light of day thanks to three gay porn stars who recently worked for the “Icon Male” director: Jessie Colter, Seth Santoro, and Billy Santoro.

billy1Billy was first to chime in on Twitter, and Jessie Colter agreed.

billy2It’s not clear what, specifically, the problem was. Something to do with cheese (because asking for cheese is so high maintenance)?

billy5Nica Noelle will never be shooting Jessie Colter again (not that he cares):


Then, Seth Santoro revealed that he was on the “verge” of posting some of Nica Noelle’s texts pertaining to recent shoots. Do it, Seth!

billy4Nica Noelle is confused. Also, she’s puzzled!

billy7Anyone else have a Nica Noelle horror story, with specific details? Email me (zachsire @ gmail dot com) to share your experience. Anonymity is guaranteed.

UPDATE—August, 2017:

Since this article was originally published in January of 2015, nearly a dozen models working on Nica Noelle’s sets have now made allegations of abuse against her. Nica Noelle has continued to deny any wrongdoing on her part, and she’s made multiple threats of physical violence against me for reporting on all of the accusations over the last three years.

  • yeah yeah

    The shade of it all!

  • Alan Keddie

    And I thought where I worked was bad…

  • Alan

    Brent Corrigan has filmed scenes for Ms. Noelle, yes? I can’t imagine him holding back on any ‘horror stories’ he may have been part of or witnessed…

    • dave1984

      Brent doesnt eat. not catered food anyway

  • Todd

    Porn Star Problems ….

    • Kiwini

      Hire more uncircumcised models I guess

  • I can relate. If I misbehaved when I was younger, my mom sent me to my tiny room without any supper. …I hate her.

  • dave1984

    to all of them:

    • sxg

      lol is this bitch wearing a Sailor Moon costume???

      • dave1984

        it’s a .gif quite funny. not sure why only uploaded as 1 pic :(

  • P17C

    dear god that picture of Nica! You gotta give props to any models that can get hard, stay hard and fuck while she’s watching and telling them what to do

  • reginald jones

    3 queens who can’t take direction from a woman?

    • Porn Star

      Nothing to do with direction…. everything to do with refusing to feed models for 3 days while we were trapped in a deserted porn house on a semi-deserted island. Her direction when she actually came to set was really necessary as we were already done when she showed up. She is pathetic and has no business directing anything.

      • n24rc

        Then order a pizza you stupid fucker! If your ONLY complaint is about your lack of catering on set, then you are a tired ass queen! Why don’t you retire from porn?

        • Dazzer

          Ummmmmmmm…. if part of the payment for your services – agreed in advance in the contract – then your fucking director and producer pays for fucking pizza if that’s required.

          What do you expect models to do – use what little money they’ve earned from a shoot to sue someone?

          Get a fucking grip, kiddo. This is how payment for goods and services work – if you’ve agreed to fucking pay for your staff, you fucking pay for them – and that includes food if it’s part of the deal.

          And – as I’m no particular fan of Porn Star (don’t dislike him, can see all his good points – he just doesn’t do it for me in porn, but regularly makes me laugh or think on this blog), if he agrees to retire from porn, will you agree to retire from breathing?

          While I can see why people don’t want Porn Star to retire from porn, the number of people who’d want you to stop breathing – or the charitable Catholic nuns who’d at least want you to stop commenting on porn blogs – well, the numbers are pretty m’eh in your favour.

          • n24rc

            Next he’ll suggest that the green M&M’s were supposed to be picked out, and the dressing room was supposed to be in white. Dazzer’s estimation of porn sets on par with the set of an actual Hollywood film is laughable.


          • bronco clayton

            You sound like a god damn idiot food on a 3 day starvation does not equate the demands of a diva.

          • n24rc

            With such a public record of on-set traumas this self proclaimed “porn star” has, I would naturally assume this is a long list of coincidental ills that happen to fall upon him and no one else.

            BTW, did none of the other cast and crew who was there shooting get anything to eat – where were they when they left without food or water on set? Did they have to cannibalize someone?

            Maybe next time she should give him a subway gift card.

          • n24rc

            I’d rather sound like an idiot then be one like yourself, infantalizing gay porn stars.

      • sxg

        necessary or unnecessary?

        • dave1984

          Your time’s better spent cleaning my toilet (a compete stranger’s toilet) than correcting “Porn Star Girl Bye”‘s gramma or typos or whatever-the-fuck

      • Zoompietro

        This may seem hard to believe but most people’s job’s don’t feed them! Pack a fucking lunch like the rest of us and shut up. None of you are Angelina Jolie, porn actors are a dime a dozen and no sane person is going to go out of their way to feed a bunch of basics who think that they’re divas.

        • bronco clayton

          Really??? Pack a lunch box on a porn shoot…lol

        • dave1984

          to be fair, some people might’ve expected to have food on set so they didnt pack food

          • n24rc

            Sure. But don’t they have access to a phone, and could call for catering at any point? Did “Porn Star” make this request in person?

            Did none of the models think to ask?

            How about making it known, if in fact this was a contractual dispute with legal requirements to be fulfilled, that they needed to order food on set.

            Of course, they could use the car that brought them there to be taken off set for a lunch break.

            Or they could have walked from the job when they found this was in dispute.

          • dave1984

            calm the fuck down! I only responded to “pack a fucking lunch” I’m no fan of “Porn Star” whatsoever, just happened to think the bitch with a real coooch is the biggest bitch of all. The complaints (no food , shitty accommodations in the middle of nowhere) seem quite legit, not diva-ish to me. That said, I’m NOT a porn star :)

          • n24rc

            All of whom? There is one vocal porn star and his bestie having a twitter meltdown, evidently because the studio wasn’t going to invite them back.

            Contrary to what these two think, there are other people in this world on the crew who haven’t complained. Maybe because they didn’t have a bug up their ass to bring food to the set or leave the set for lunch break, which everyone is entitled to.

            Regardless of why the twitter meltdown happen, it is obvious those two are the most entitled people either expecting recurring work or expecting their work to provide food. They can go fuck themselves.

          • dave1984

            girl bye

          • John

            Who is Porn Star. I can’t tell from that dinky image.

        • R.A.M.J

          actually McDonald’s does provide its employees with a free lunch allowance. Mainstream movie sets at least set out a fucking veggie plate. If you are filming in the middle of nowhere, obviously a Burger King isn’t around the corner.

  • sxg

    Has anybody read this crazy bitch’s tweets? I can’t help but feel I’m reading Connor Habib’s twitter page, I can do is just be like:

  • n24rc

    This is the same twat that penned op-eds, as her ex-gay for pay boyfriend. So nothing surprises me.

  • Diogenes Veritas

    you’re gonna have to do better zach because there are numerous models who have worked with her repeatedly. i can’t imagine they would keep going back if it was that horrible.

    • Porn Star

      They are broke so they go back.

  • Colorful Kent

    Girl directors in gay porn, don’t get it at all.

  • Zealot

    Well MY decision to stay out of gay porn (specifically with ICON Male) has been confirmed! No food…NO ZEALOT! LOL