[Updated] Incest Gay Porn Director Nica Noelle Threatens Str8Up Editor For Reporting Model Abuse: “You’ll Never See It Coming, Bitch”

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UPDATE 5/9/17: Nearly one year ago, disgraced director Nica Noelle had promised to retire from gay porn after nearly a dozen models complained about her abusive treatment on sets. Unfortunately, over the course of the last several months, it’s become clear that Nica Noelle never actually left gay porn. Now, she’s back on social media, and she’s back to filming her disastrous incest movies in New England.

The post below (originally published in August of 2015) is being re-published to alert newcomers of Nica Noelle’s repeated instances of alleged abuse on Icon Male sets (click any of the links in the below post to read all of the eerily similar abuse accusations made between 2014 and 2016, from performers Brent Corrigan, Colton Grey, Dirk Caber, Jessie Colter, Seth Santoro, Nick Capra, and several others), and to remind everyone else of the dangers that come from having any interaction with someone this disturbed. After over three years of consistent and repeated allegations of abuse, Nica Noelle has not publicly apologized to any of the models she’s allegedly abused and demeaned, and the straight-owned studio she films gay porn for, Icon Male, continues to employ her, despite her multiple public meltdowns and her multiple violent threats, as thoroughly documented below.


Original story published on August 27th, 2015:

Nica Noelle has been repeatedly accused of creating horrific working conditions and verbally abusing at least eight different gay porn performers (update: that list has now jumped to at least 10) while directing movies for straight-owned porn studio Icon Male, but no one has alleged that she’s ever committed an act of physical violence. Today, however, Nica Noelle has taken a step in that direction by making a clear threat of violence against the editor of Str8UpGayPorn (me), solely because I’ve reported on all of the abuse accusations against her.

When performers have been willing to come forward and share their stories of Nica Noelle’s abuse (including forcing them to sleep and film in a house covered in rodent feces), I’ve published those stories. In response, an increasingly unhinged Nica Noelle (using “Little Miss Sunshine,” one of at least three different Twitter accounts she operates) has just sent me the below threat:

nicathreatThat violent threat was in response to a Str8UpGayPorn story summarizing Noelle’s latest tactic in deflecting accusations (the latest of which have come from her own so-called friend, performer Nick Capra), in which the troubled director revealed that her dying daughter was responsible for her “belligerent and erratic” behavior on set.

After reporting and blocking Nica Noelle on Twitter for making a violent threat, she followed up with yet another threat. This one is more cryptic, but it still indicates that she’s planning (or wants to plan) something in “real life”:nicathreat2I’ve reached out to Nica Noelle’s boss, Icon Male owner Jon Blitt, for a reaction to these threats, and I’ll update this post if he responds.


Nica Noelle continued to send several more tweets to Str8UpGayPorn late Thursday evening, many of which were in violation of Twitter’s TOS. In one, she posted my personal telephone number (which I’m presuming she got through an industry peer, as I’ve never given it to her or spoken with her on the phone). Here’s that tweet from Nica Noelle (I’ve pixelated out my phone number before posting Noelle’s tweet here, obviously):

nica1mmThen, Noelle jumped on her alternate Twitter account (it’s unclear why, but perhaps she knew that Str8UpGayPorn had blocked her main account, and this was her way of ensuring I would see her tweets) to send another threat, this one referencing the straight porn conglomerate that owns Icon Male (Mile High Media) and how, apparently, they can’t stop her from carrying out whatever she has planned for me:nica2

The “you and yours” in the above tweet is clearly a threat against me and, based on Nica Noelle’s next tweet, my mother:

nica1My mother is a retired school teacher who has absolutely nothing to do with the adult entertainment industry.

Both of Nica Noelle’s Twitter accounts have been reported for TOS violations, and I’ve notified the local authorities of these threats. Given that the threats are being made over the internet, I was instructed to file a report with the FBI tomorrow.

This is, quite obviously, a dark reminder for any adult performer or aspiring adult performer: Do not, under any circumstances, work for Nica Noelle or Icon Male. Shoots for Nica Noelle regularly end in disaster (police have been called to her set at least once), and she’ll clearly stop at nothing to try and silence anyone whom she abuses on her sets.

  • BoomPow

    It’s easier to kill the messenger than to address the truth.

  • Dave

    As if you’re taking these “threats” seriously Zach…give me a break!!!

    • WillG

      One should never assume that someone making a terroristic threat isn’t serious, especially someone as “erratic” as her. But I doubt Zach will be losing any sleep over it.

      • Diogenes Veritas

        don’t they live on opposite coasts?

        • WillG

          She has West Coast operatives.

      • daniel harcourt

        no I doubt he will lose sleep,, still if Zach is invited to take a long train ride LA to Chicago I would advise him to decline. Certainly No Murder Mystery Partys at pornstar houses. Because if Zach is found dead the suspect list will be coast to coast and a 100+ deep!

        Seriously though Nica needs to be “retired” by the FBI for terror treats and pornstar abuse

  • Lionel Del Rey

    I can’t wait for her to start sending yours messages like this:

  • You both need help.

  • Todd

    ‘Zach, listen very carefully …. the tweets are coming from inside your pathetic little shithole in Long Beach. Grab Joey and RUN !! (I wouldn’t run too fast though, Nica will most likely fire the hitman before he gets on the plane !!) ….. https://thegirlwhoreadtoomuch.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/8.gif?w=344&h=205

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      She gone stab him in the eye with her whack ass nipple :(


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    Does she plan on licking you to death or nippling you to your demise? Eww, awful ways to go. Her kryptonite is truth keep going Zach!

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    • Todd

      From ??

      • Kandel

        Danger 5

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      omg this is too much.


  • I wonder how long it takes to charge her flying vacuum cleaner.

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    It’s a bit rude to jump the queue.

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    Don’t get anywhere near her, she’s the kiss of death!!!


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    Can someone just punch this hoe-.-

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    Really? Posting your phone number online??? What’s she going to do next, TP your house? Put a flaming bag of poo on your doorstep??? lmao for the threats she’s making she sure is playing childish games.

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    Never mess with a crazy bitch !

    If she comes for you Zach, aim for the face !

    If ever there was a case for allowing Euthanasia for crazy people this is it.

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      I would aim at one of her nipples…

      • Myko

        The thought of her nipples make me shudder

  • R.A.M.J

    So is she trying to join Jerek in jail or what? None of her “friends” stopped her? I always stop my friends from being stupid.

    • sxg

      This is porn, where everyone is everyone’s friends yet they don’t do shit to prevent you from doing something stupid. If industry “friends” don’t do anything after you relapse and before you have to enter rehab, then clearly industry friends are not going to stop you from making threats and posting personal info online.

      • R.A.M.J

        True enough.

      • Myko

        Spot on. They are all friends with each other (apart from Jake “the nobody” Bass) best of buddies when its time to share the limelight but vanish when the shit hits the fan.

        • sxg

          That or complain/chastise when someone criticizes that person for the outcome of their actions.They love to say how awful we are for criticizing such actions or making snide remarks, but where the fuck were you when their lives were falling apart? They want to draw attention to us and try to make us feel awful so they don’t have to for absolutely doing nothing for their “friends.”

  • R.A.M.J

    I just checked her other account. This bitch does not really write for the huffington post does she?

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      That and a MetroCard will get you on a New York City bus.

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    She is completely whack-a-doodle.

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    Well … that is one way to prove to the world you are not the abusive deranged whackjob you are mad at them for saying you are.

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    Side note: you moved to Long Beach? I am sad! All that time, I had been walking around SoMa secretly hoping to run into you and Joey. Sigh.

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    She’s gotten it into her head that you “fucked with” her child — by quoting a public tweet about her child? So now YOUR family’s fair game.

    I admit that until now I thought the accusations against her were a little overblown, but no more. This is seriously crazy behavior.

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    She’s a fucking pathetic bitch and as a Seattle resident and supporter of the Seahawks her Brady 12 Jersey pic just makes me hate her more.

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      Seriously…there’s no forgiving being a fan of that asshole. Most offensive thing she’s done yet.

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    Her daughter must be nigh on her deathbed to explain this level of crazy from the “Nurp”. Don’t these kinds of threats violate some kind of law? Zach, she’d damned well better hope that nothing happens to you or your family, else the FBI may well want to speak with her. Allegedly.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Be careful Zachary, this bitch is serious!

    • Nana Eristavi

      It seems to me that she’s either raving mad, or has some serious drug problems. In any case, to report on her was quite a wise desicion, for no one can be sure what she’s really capable of. Such persons as she are making the contemporary American porn scene looking like a complete freak show, – so sad! :(

  • Mimi B

    Ewwwww weeeeee… You go Zachary. I bet the bitch is beginning to quiver. Let us know what the Bureau says….

  • Careful Zach. Bish be cray cray. Bish be coming for yo’ ass!


    • “IN-LAWS!!!” Best. Gif. Ever.

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        I think it’s from The Addams Family Values.

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          Knew it was familiar; good call. I’m still gonna steal it.

        • …Yeeeees. “IN-LAWS” is what Debbie shouts about two seconds before she cocks the gun.

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            Ah ok. I thought you were confusing it with another film. I haven’t seen it in awhile, even though I have it still I think, so I didn’t remember what she said there.

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    Something about this crazy bitch gives me the vibe that she keeps jars of urine in handy places in her home. She’s clearly a very damaged individual, and it’s honestly appalling to contemplate someone this unstable is raising a child.
    Not to be too flippant about a very serious subject, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some Munchausen-By-Proxy in that child’s future.

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    Just. Flabbergasted.

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    She sounds even more deranged everytime I read something new about her.
    Don’t underestimate the capability of her making good on her threat.
    Take your precautions as soon as possible.

  • AP

    If you get any strange requests to interview a couple porn stars for a tell all on her don’t fall for it! It’s Nica setting you up ala Bryan Kocis. Oh and don’t trust Mr. Corrigan either.

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    What’s with the tongue out in every picture ?

    • She’s ruling the internet so much, she’s become an emoji. A sweaty, unstable fucking emoji.

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    Seriously….all this over porn…good lord…

    • Porn or not, it’s more over an employer being called out on the mistreatment of her employees, which to this extent is no small thing. Plus, you know, bitch be craaaaaaay.

      • BjorkNut

        Well Icon better give her a Xanax prescription as a bonus

        • sxg

          Or arsenic.

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    Condolences, Zach — you finally dialed it all the way to crazy with this one … http://media.giphy.com/media/phyayGre2H4Ws/giphy.gif

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    Well … That escalated , but any drunk ass bitch can make a threat so I don’t think she’ll actually do anything to you Zach.

  • Pascal

    So did the FBI arrest Crazy Nica or not?

    I need another [UPDATE] damnit!

  • Nica needs to just go away and never have anything to do with the gay porn biz again because she just keeps digging herself into a deeper hole and burning bridge after bridge with her threats and awful treatment of others. Plus her porn is not all that great. Gay male directors make much better porn than that bitch.

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    I have never wished a terminal disease on any one other than my future mother in law.

    Monica, I hope they find a stage three in ya.

  • Ugh, what an embarrassment to her ovaries. Working for the gay porn industry as a chick is complicated enough without these crazy cat ladies giving us a bad name