Billy Santoro: “My Goal Is To Force Nica Noelle To Stop Filming”

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Just a quick reality check for Billy Santoro, Nica Noelle, and any of their delusional fans who’ve been watching their “friendship” play out on social media over the last several months (a friendship that has, sadly, destroyed the relationship between Nica Noelle and her former BFF, Nick Capra, who does not like Billy Santoro): These people are not actually friends.

titanBilly Santoro and Nica Noelle (a.k.a. @MissScherzo, who recently promised to retire from gay porn) might be sucking each other’s dicks now, but that could (and undoubtedly will) change at any moment.


While Billy Santoro might be kissing Nica Noelle and Icon Male’s ass now (hey, he’s gotta book enough scenes to earn enough money to get his $50 iPhone cum dump website up somehow), Billy Santoro was actively and persistently attempting to get Nica Noelle and Icon Male shut down just one year ago.

Here is an email that Billy Santoro forwarded to Str8UpGayPorn last March, in which he tells a local newspaper reporter in Martha’s Vineyard—where Nica Noelle used to film all of her creepy incest porn for Icon Male—that the police were sent to her shoot house:

bill7When the reporter wrote back asking for more information, Billy Santoro sent yet another email, this time introducing the reporter to me. Also in this email, Santoro revealed that his agenda was to “force” Nica Noelle to stop filming.


While Billy Santoro and Nica Noelle have since “made up” (Billy Santoro apologized to Nica Noelle, blaming his problems with her on his own alcoholism, which is totally plausible), it’s not clear if Noelle knew that Santoro was emailing a reporter in an attempt to destroy her career—if not have her sent to jail(?). Also, there’s one other piece of information that Nica Noelle is likely not aware of regarding Billy Santoro.

Last August, Str8UpGayPorn obtained and published an email sent from Nick Capra to Icon Male owner Jon Blitt (Nica Noelle’s boss). Capra’s damning email, as you’ll recall, accused Nica Noelle of being “belligerent” and abusive to her performers, and forcing them to sleep in a house “covered in rodent feces.” I published Capra’s email here without revealing how it was obtained, but in the interest of transparency (and with his permission, at the time of receipt), I can now disclose that it was Billy Santoro who forwarded Nick Capra’s email to Str8UpGayPorn.

Here’s Billy Santoro sending Nick Capra’s email to Str8UpGayPorn, via text message back in July::


And finally, here’s Billy Santoro giving Str8UpGayPorn permission to reveal that it was him who forwarded the email, adding “fuck them both” in regards to Nica Noelle and Nick Capra. What a great group of people.


  • sanfv

    I too have of goal of stopping Nica from filming.

    LOL at sanitation saying Titan needed her crazy ass to do dialogue.

    This little gem was from one of her most recent “films”;
    “I said I saw you taking a load not doing one”. Someone give this bitch another grabby for that MFA workshopped screenplay!

  • Zealot

    There once was a director named Nicca
    Whose breasts looked like deflated pitas
    She pissed off Santoro
    Who shit cum and, Oh NO!
    …then ate up her ass like a churro.

  • Trepakprince

    The novelty is over, I’m done with these two.

    • nick

      I love that gif

  • sxg

    The irony of Billy Santorum reporting Icon Male and Crazytits to the local news and getting them in legal trouble, only to go running back to that studio and director because they’re the only ones left that are willing to hire him!

    And in all honesty, ALL dialogue in gay porn at every studio is corny as fuck. I love Titan but they’re not always an exception either. But you know what Titan scenes have that Icon Male scenes don’t have? Daylight.

    • Awai_Moon

      Color me impressed by that shade you just threw there…. You did good

    • Scrapple

      Of course Billy changed that tune. When nobody is willing to pick you up, you have to settle for whatever ride you can get.

  • Eric AS

    In “addiction” to the copy of the email he sent. Autocorrect for truth!

  • R.A.M.J

    Nica: Crazy as fuck
    Billy: I wouldn’t share a bag of chips with his sleazy ass let alone a sex scene. I question the self-esteem of any talent that fucks him or lets him fuck them.
    NIck: why is he in porn too? what is his appeal?
    2 alcoholics and a crazy bitch, sounds like the name of a fox sitcom.

    • sam my

      This. Maybe Billy should take his own advice and quit porn. I honestly don’t understand Billy Santoro’s appeal. He looks like a pug, has the most annoying voice, tries too hard and looks as if he smells of old cabbage and a Trailer Park strip club’s bathroom.

      • R.A.M.J

        all three of them look like the stink.

    • sanfv

      I’ll direct it. I’ll fly them all in, make them wait 14+ hours to shoot, send them threatening text messages when they complain, have an empty, freezing, boring set , have cat poop everywhere and when they pound at my door asking for an answer and why I’m not out there I’ll reply belligerently that; “I’m too shy!”.

  • Awai_Moon

    *reads and assesses story* I find it highly amusing how someone can go from trying to kick to kissing someones ass so quickly … Tea is delicious though…

  • OverKill
  • C3xxx

    Miss Scherzo? How appropriate a name as “scherzo” is Italian for “joke”

    • sans

      Nice one!

  • WhimsyCotton

    LOL what a bunch of messy ass people.

  • V1

    Next week on the Young and the Restless… Will Billy make up with Nica? Who planted the rats in the guest house? Yes, things are getting hot and sticky in Genoa City!

  • V1

    Next week on the Young and the Restless… Will Billy make up with Nica? Who planted the rats in the guest house? Yes, things are getting hot and sticky in Genoa City!

    • Porn Star

      I love Y&R

  • Dale Bergman

    Nica Noelle, Billy Santoro, and Nick Capra need to go away from gay porn for good…

    The sooner the better. I never got the appeal of Billy and Nick…

  • Pertinax

    In addition to good conditions on set and the fellowship of nice people, porn really offers a very stable position for all its employees.

  • Scrapple

    Both of them.

    I think I’ve found the perfect b-day gift for Billy. I hope he doesn’t already have one.

  • Todd

    Kudos to Seth Santoro ….if Billy is currently sober, I can’t even imagine what his drunken behavior was like. Yikes.

    That toxic Billy-Nica-Nick relationship is classic frenemies.

    What is the story on Nick hating on Billy ? Sounds dishy, but I don’t follow either on social media, so it is news to me ….details ??

  • n24rc

    Newsflash: Porn stars are batshit!

    • sanfv

      Nuh uh!

      According to cockyboys they’re performance artists and according to Connor Habib “sex workers” are part of the next civil rights movement!!!!!!

  • kkdd1

    What does Billy career and Nina tits have incommon ? They r both sagging

  • Maximus

    The craziest part of this story is that Little Miss Borderline thinks of herself as Dorothy. Scarecrow wouldn’t need a brain to recognize that Nica is clearly a Wicked Witch. Also, while Billy Santoro is brainless, scary, and frequently propped up by wood, he is much more akin to a flying monkey.