UNHINGED: Nica Noelle Goes On Bizarre Rant Against Dirk Caber

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As if her public fights with Billy Santoro, Jessie Colter, Seth Santoro, Brent Corrigan, Diesel Washington, Colton Grey, and Caleb King weren’t bad enough, now troubled director Nica Noelle is lashing out at yet another performer. The man in her crosshairs this time? Universally well-liked gay porn star Dirk Caber.

Over the weekend, Men.com and TitanMen star Dirk Caber tweeted what appear to be words of support to Colton Grey, saying that he was “sorry” things ended up the way they did for him.

dirkcaber33That tweet, unfortunately, was enough to send Nica Noelle even further over the edge, as the now completely unhinged director took to her Tumblr to publish not one but two cryptic posts threatening to release Dirk Caber’s private emails.

In the first post, Nica Noelle seems to be claiming that publishing Dirk Caber’s emails would “exonerate” her in the court of public opinion (uhh, just like publishing Colton Grey’s texts did?):

I have saved all of the emails back and forth with Dirk, and within it, the “skewering” of Dirk, if it indeed occurred, should be apparent. I am leaning towards posting this email thread, with any private information of his (names of others in his life, etc.) removed. Would this be ethical? Would it be fair? If someone is claiming publicly that they were “skewered” by me, do I have the right to post all correspondence that might exonerate (or convict) me of that charge as I see fit? Increasingly I feel I should not be obligated to be the Keeper of Discretion while others take public swipes. The bottom line is, I want to know the truth, too.

In the second Tumblr post, Nica Noelle is deliberately more vague and doesn’t mention Caber’s name (but it’s clear that she’s writing about him, as she once again mentions the emails). Here, she calls Caber “manipulative” and says that his tweet to Colton Grey implies something more sinister:

Unless the scandalous backstory is that the discussion was held politely, graciously, and professionally, and that a long string of emails exist to attest to that and to the relative normalcy of the discussion. What we have, then, is not someone who is too “classy” to divulge sordid details on social media, but someone who is manipulative, opportunistic and socially savvy enough to know that if he creates a bit of smoke, the reader will imagine a fire far more spectacular than reality could ever deliver.

The entire delusional, paranoid, and nonsensical post is screencapped below, in case she deletes it.

For his part, Dirk Caber has indicated that he will not be baited by Nica Noelle:


Which gay porn star will Nica Noelle target next? Don’t get caught offering support to anyone she’s fighting with online, or it just might be you.


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  • Nica Noelle continues to lose her grip on reality? I am all levels of shocked.

  • Webslinger
  • Dazzer

    I don’t know whether or not Nica Noelle is a sociopath, but she has a sociopathic tendency to bring everything back to herself.

    The way she analyses situations is to bring everything back to herself. She’s got no empathy about how her actions effect anyone else.

    And this isn’t just a behaviour existent in her responses to Dirk Caber – it’s how she reacts to every person who – calmly or otherwise – asks her to be a different person in the way she treats another human being.

    I’m not being overly dramatic here, but she seems to consider herself her own Sun in her own solar system and people like Nick Capra are allowed to be rotating planets to reinforce that concept of herself.

    Once someone, no matter how kindly, rejects her world vision, she lashes out to reinforce that the criticisms are a nonsense and hers is the only world-view that matters. Everyone else is discardable if they don’t support her concept of life.

    I’m not writing any of this as someone who wants to destroy her, but she has problems and she needs to address them.

    Looking at that email above and the other emails, tweets, messages, whatever posted before, Ms Noelle is scared. She’s scared about herself and not scared by other people. Her world-view doesn’t work for herself, but she’ll be damned before she allows another world-view be established for her.

    The woman needs help. She also deserves help – as and when she asks for it.

    And before anyone asks, yes I do have knowledge in this field.

    I’ve volunteered in psychiatric help lines for more than 20 years.

    I’m not writing any of this lightly.

    • Evan

      Ok Diesel .
      I’ve volunteered in psychiatric help lines for more than 20 years! Omg ,How old are you? 55 ,60?

      • Dazzer

        I’m not Diesel and I’m no longer in my 40s. Also, if you had a fucking brain cell, you’d know by my spelling that I’m not American. But please continue to be a fuckwit. But by that, I mean you’re not someone who gets fucked and you’re not a person with a wit.

        Either way, though, feel happy.

        You might need drugs, though.

      • disqus_9xayOTnP13

        I tried to tell you evan.

    • Mimi Bahl

      It’s termed narcissism…. And she’s got bucket loads of it!

  • Evan


  • Mmmmmmm Dirk Caber and Colton Grey having sexy time together.

    • sxg

      These two were the only to redeeming qualities at Icon Male. Dirk’s sex and non-sex performances were far better than the rest of his cast. And Colton is always delicious to watch!

  • FooFight

    I know it’s the porn biz, but it IS a business, right? Is there no sense of professionalism? Are there no standards of behavior? Instead of all this tweeting and Tumblr-ing, did this Nica woman ever think to actually pick up the phone and have a discussion with her disgruntled employee – offline and outside of a public forum? Did any of these other people think to do the same? It seems the theatrics never end, even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

    • Luca

      but nowadays half of porn business is done on twitter or similar

      • FooFight

        Fine. Conduct your true business functions online, but take your HR issues offline.

        • Luca

          yes yes, it’s the whole system that’s fucked up.
          But, at least, luckily for us. What could porn fandom be without twitter wars and meltdowns!?

    • AussieB

      Why would anyone work for this studio. Where there’s this much smoke…. Interested to see Jake Jaxson post his bill of rights because that’s the only studio I’d consider working for if I were choosing a porn career

  • Evan

    That bitch is crazy !

    • Mimi Bahl

      LMFAO…. Amazing & unquestionable match. Truly a relic! Give the bitch some grass!

  • wickedboy2015

    So Dirk is backing down over what he emailed to her. I’m thinking he is hiding something.

    • sxg

      How is a non-response a backing down? He basically put it up to her whether she’s going to be cunty enough to release the emails to the public. If he was actually backing down, he never would have even acknowledged those tumblr posts and he would have deleted his tweet to Colton.

    • disqus_9xayOTnP13

      How so?

  • Todd

    Zach …. on her Tumbler, wasn’t Nica also threatening to sic her legal ‘team’ on you, you misogynist, you ! HA https://d.gr-assets.com/hostedimages/1380386037ra/745267.gif

    • Zachary Sire

      Yeah, “legal team.” This from someone who can’t even successfully get people to and from an airport.

      • James Withers

        If you use the term “legal team,” you probably don’t have one.

      • GN


      • Mimi Bahl

        Very true Zachary…. Of course there are a LOT of cray cray people who file ridiculous lawsuits.

  • sxg

    “but someone who is manipulative, opportunistic and socially savvy enough to know that if he creates a bit of smoke, the reader will imagine a fire far more spectacular than reality could ever deliver.”

    She basically described just how she interprets everything she sees!

    Publishing Dirk’s emails, no matter how juicy she may think they are, won’t do a damn thing to ruin Dirk or his relationship with Jesse. Her, and of course her bestie Nick, will just end up looking stupid.

    This must be what it’s like to talk with Nica!


    • Zealot

      Agreed! It also makes me wonder if Icon Male performers are going to have to insist on a non-disclosure statement signed by Nica before they step foot on set.

  • Zealot

    (in thick Hungarian accent) OHHHHHHH Kris-tle ballllll……it is I!! NICA NURPLE NOELLE!!!! I have looked into the INTENT of Dirk Caber’s tweets and I KNOW ALL….and will TELL ALL!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (burp) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Porn Star

    She gives me gas.

    • Porn Star

      to fuel the fire

      • Porn Star

        that causes the smoke

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    It’s like Bill Cosby. If enough people come out with the same story then the problem probably isn’t the accusers.

  • Mimi Bahl

    Quick question… Don’t know much about her. Is she transgender m2f? I know she has a child (could be adopted).

    BTW Zachary….. This article’s pic featuring her in one of her sane moments is HILARIOUS!!!

    • Deborah Zarett

      Not trans. Always been bio female. Son’s not adopted. She’s always been a diva, though. Frothingly despises
      feminists as hairy-legged man-haters.

  • Nickolas

    Whenever I hear about Dirk Caber, I can’t help but think about that one time him and his prissy wife Jesse Jackman begged for money (and succeeded!) on gofundme for a grand piano.

  • Myko

    The porn industry is just full of “mess”.
    Whilst I love the drama of these twitter outbursts it just confirms how fucked up so many people are in the porn industry. There is no sense of professionalism, self worth, or reality.

    Its all a bit of a boner killer. I used to like Colton Grey and now I just think he is a “pram brat” I only found out yesterday he actually shot SEVEN yes SEVEN scenes with the Crazy Bitch previously. So he knew exactly what she was like. I guess beggars can’t be choosers, until you get sacked.

    Airing your dirty laundry is very play school.

    I am sure there will be a new drama next week.

  • Caleb Exhem

    I love Dirk , he is amazing lol . Can’t say that about Nica , I really don’t like what I have seen of her so far ….

  • James

    Dirk is one of the nicest people in porn and she is going after her bitch better watch herself.