Now Nica Noelle Is Fighting With Diesel Washington

Posted March 11, 2015 by with 46 comments

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Another day, another Twitter war for Nica “Nutjob” Noelle. She’s already had major blow-ups with gay porn stars Billy Santoro, Brent Corrigan, Jessie Colter, and Seth Santoro, and now she can add Diesel Washington to the growing list of porn stars she’s pissed off.

This time, Nica stands accused of lying and manipulating Diesel Washington during contract negotiations for one of her upcoming movies. Nica Noelle, a liar and a manipulator? I’m shocked.

Other fun tidbits that came out during this Twitter war: Nica once tried to date Connor (Maguire?), and her studio, Icon Male, is now shooting bareback content. She denies being a bareback studio, but Str8UpGayPorn can confirm that Nica Noelle has in fact filmed bareback scenes for an upcoming “couples” movie. So, add that one to the collection of Nica Noelle’s lies.

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At this point, Buddy Profits—the affiliate program that manages Icon Male’s content—has to be regretting that they have anything to do with Nica Noelle. How long before her crazy meltdowns, blatant lies, and public wars with porn stars force them to sever all ties and dump her completely?


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