[UPDATED] Colton Grey: “Something Needs To Be Done About Nica Noelle”

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[Update: This story has been updated below with text messages between Colton Grey and Nica Noelle.]

It’s déjà vu all over again.

Gay porn star Colton Grey has just posted a lengthy and unfortunately all too familiar account of his recent experience working (or at least attempting to work) with Icon Male director Nica Noelle. Grey joins a long and growing list of performers—including Billy Santoro, Jessie Colter, Seth Santoro, and Brent Corrigan—who have reported horrific and abusive experiences after working with Nica Noelle and Icon Male. And remember, these are just the guys who’ve been brave enough to go public.

Here’s well-liked and popular performer Colton Grey describing what happened after he was informed by Nica Noelle that he’d be traveling until 5:00 a.m., and then he’d be expected to shoot for up to 16 hours. As Grey explains, Nica Noelle and Icon Male left him stranded at JFK airport (Grey lives in Ohio) late last night.


I asked Nica Noelle if she was the one booking all the travel (it’s odd that the director of a studio is handling tasks usually performed by a production assistant), which she confirmed.

nicq4Then, another performer, Caleb King, weighed in on his own experience working with Nica Noelle. When it rains, it pours:

calebkingcaleb3 caleb5caleb7

Luckily, Men.com director Marc Macnamara was able to assist Colton Grey with getting home. Also, he had some advice for Nica Noelle:

marc1 marc2If you’re wondering how and why Nica Noelle has been able to continue producing after so many models (with Colton Grey and now Caleb King, we’re now up to six who’ve gone public) have come forward with similar stories of abuse, the answer is simple: Money.

I’ve heard it several times from multiple people with direct knowledge of Icon Male’s membership sales: “Nica’s crazy, but her stuff sells really well!” So, as long as Nica Noelle continues to churn out content that “sells,” none of the higher-ups at Icon Male parent company Mile High Media will do anything to interfere with her insanity. And in turn, it’s the performers who suffer, as we’ve now seen over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Can anything be done to stop Nica Noelle? The Free Speech Coalition (the adult industry trade group which is supposed to exist in part to protect the welfare of adult industry performers) could get involved, but don’t hold your breath. Agents could stop sending Nica Noelle models, but that won’t happen either. Highly trafficked blogs like The Sword, QueerMeNow, and QueerClick could stop promoting Icon Male content, but they make money off Nica Noelle, too. In other words, as long as people stand to profit off Nica Noelle, they’ll continue to work with her. (The weird thing is, her movies are truly horrible and completely unwatchable, so it’s bizarre that they keep selling—but that’s another story.) In order for Nica Noelle to be stopped, it’s the performers themselves who have to stop working with her. If she has no models, she has no content. Until and unless that happens, the craziness will continue.

Long story short: As long as Nica Noelle’s movies are making her bosses money, models will continue to be abused.


7/26/15 Update:

Yesterday, performer (and friend to Nica Noelle) Nick Capra tweeted out a series of text messages that appear to be between Colton Grey and Nica Noelle. Obviously, Nica Noelle forwarded the texts to Nick Capra so he would post them (evidently, she was too cowardly to do it herself, so she had one of her friends do the dirty work for her). The funny thing is, the texts show that the conversation went down exactly as Colton Grey described, and they do absolutely nothing to make Nica Noelle look good.

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And, in case he deletes it, here’s Nick Capra’s original tweet containing the text messages between Nica Noelle and Colton Grey:


A director forwarding a performer’s texts to another performer so they can be published crosses so many different ethical and professional lines, it’s almost impossible to even comprehend. This is just more proof that Nica Noelle is completely out of control, and if her bosses at Icon Male/Mile High don’t put a stop to the abuse, there’s no telling what she’ll pull next.

In my opinion, if Icon Male owner Jon Blitt (who, it’s worth noting, is a straight man) wants to salvage whatever is left of his studio’s reputation, he should fire Nica Noelle as soon as possible, then issue a formal, public apology to all of the performers who’ve been hurt by her wildly unprofessional and clearly abusive behavior.


  • sxg

    But yes what a fucking mess of a cunt! I don’t understand why that shit sells well the sex part is hit and miss, and the “acting” is worth skipping over.

    • Xander

      any person who calls a woman a “cunt” in my presence gets their teeth knocked out so you better watch how and where you use that word!!!

  • Alan Keddie

    Dude! Bitch be cray cray. No gay (/4pay) porn star performer should have to put up with that kind of tripe. Skank needs to be dealt with. Post haste. I nominate one Zachary Sire for the task.

  • R.A.M.J

    5 actors ( at least) with the same or similar story, are more than likely NOT wrong.

    • Zachary Sire


      • R.A.M.J

        Who’s, the 6th?, corrigan, both Santoro’s, colter, and now Grey.

        • James

          Caleb King

      • Dazzer

        When it gets to 666 do you win a blogging award?

  • Webslinger

    oh yeah

  • Pascal

    Icon Male obviously does ‘gay porn for ladies’, where it’s not the athleticism of the fucking that counts or how big the cocks, but rather how much chemistry the models can project and how ‘boyfriend sex’ it all looks.

    There’s no reason why the segment shouldn’t exist, nor should it be derided since it seems to be very successful. It’s just that they need to hire a crazy-proof production manager ASAP.

    • John

      I would have NEVER thought of that explanation. Clever.

    • Luca

      it’s also worth mentioning that Nica has a rabid fanbase which lashes at every criticism is done to her and which is mainly composed on women.

      By the way, I agree that Icon does gay porn for ladies but I think sex itself counts a lot. It’s the translation of the yaoi model in comics that (also) sells so well. Not surprising she always finds her own public.

      • Deborah Zarett

        She does age-play, which is most of what she’s done in straight & g/g porn as well. She’s now doing age-play in trans porn. It gets really dull after awhile. As a female, I don’t consider what she’s done to be “gay porn for ladies.” If I want to watch pretty men having sex, there’s Bel Ami/Lukas. And Nica doesn’t particularly like her own gender.

    • Ayda

      If that is “gay porn for ladies”, I want to be a man right now.

      • Pascal

        Thanks for chiming in. What are your favourite sites for gay porn then or if you don’t have any, your favourite performers?

        And as a woman, don’t you think that some of the comments on here smack of misogyny?

        • Ayda

          Uff that’s a hard question.
          In porn I value a good filmmaking, aesthetic care and I think a good chemistry between the performers is the most important thing. You can see this combination in the Ethical porn.
          Inside the gay porn industry the company that best fits to these basis is Cockyboys. Then outside are companies like XArt (most of their films are directed by Erika Lust) which have gay,lesbian,bi and hetero porn.
          Another company I like is Kink because they explore fetishes and BDSM.
          I can’t denied it, SC make some scenes that really turn me on.
          Some of the companies that I almost fell sleep when I saw their scenes are Falcon, Men.com…
          About favourite performers. I can’t pick. I prefer versatile, people who know how to give a blowjob… Lastly, performers who are (or seem) into it and “take care” of their coworkers.

          To be honest when some people call a man by “she” in a way of degradation, for me that’s misogyny.

          (Sorry If I made some mistakes but English is not my first language)

          • Pascal

            Wow, it’s the first time I’ve encountered someone who could name a porn director but no performer!

            Do you like Kink for their gay/femdom lines or the ‘regular’ stuff as well? Because it seems that a lot of accidents happened on those sets and the safety of female performers was not a priority at all…

            I must say I don’t get the reaction gifs from exclusively female personalities on here either.

          • Ayda

            I don’t know many porn directors hahaha but Erika Lust is well know for doing “porn for women” but I don’t believe in this label.

            The thing is I’m bi-hetero so the only thing that makes me spend my time watching a Kink scene is if I find the trailer hot (I don’t really care if it’s femdom, gay, lesbian etc), well and my mood too.

            Yeah I heard rumours about some incidents on the set. A couple months ago a spaniard porn actress (Amarna Miller) who have a blog where she tells her experiences in her job, she talked about her work with Kink and she was beyond grateful actually. So I don’t know…

            I’m with you about the gifs being mostly female personalities.

          • Pascal

            The only gossip I’ve heard second-hand about Kink was from a gay performer and he was describing the since-fired director Van Darkholme as a huge psychopath on set basically.

            But strangely enough and since he was a guy I guess, not a peep about it on here or other blogs, contrary to Nica Noelle (who I personally find creepy for seemingly and serially dating her g4p stars off-cam).

  • Scrapple

    I still don’t understand why any of these porn actors would put themselves through this nonsense? It’s understandable if you’re a newbie in the game, and you haven’t heard the rumors about Nica (or other directors). But if you’ve worked with them multiple times, why would you keep accepting offers? Politely decline and go about your business. Another project will turn up.

    • Xander

      because all them act like this once they are fired. that is the real pattern emerging!

  • n24rc

    have someone hack her shit and post it online on a tube site; that will eat her profits. 😀

    • James

      It already does get posted on tube sites.

  • Stiffo

    Though I haven’t seen any of her videos, I can get why her stuff sells in spite of crappiness. You only need to look at mr. Pam’s work for Lucas Entertainment and its advertising. Sexy casts, hot photos, steamy previews, but then you sit down to watch one of her movies, and it turns out to be unedited nausea-inducing shaky-cam, ADHD framing, and missed cumshots. At least Pam is like Adam Sandler- shitty movies, but treats everyone well and has a reputation of being a joy to work for.

    • James

      Mr. Pam doesn’t always knock it out of the park but her stuff is far from shitty.

      • Stiffo

        Well maybe she’s gotten better in the years since, but I’m hesitant to give her work another chance. All the ones I saw were consistently bad, sometimes nearing incompetence.

        • FrenchBug

          Nica Noelle is an unpleasant person with at the very least an unprofessional handling of her performers and Mr Pam is a wonderful human being who clearly loves her models. And yet their movies bear the same poor trademark: the sex is impossible to distinguish. The lighting is inconsistent and the image quality look “filtered” rather than clear. The angles are shaky, weird, too close to know what is going on and who is doing what, yet too far to be a close-up. They film piecemeal parts of bodies and yet seem to miss all the “action”.
          In both cases they focus on situations and scenario and forget that if we can’t see ANYTHING, then it is not hot porn. Beautiful film maybe. But not sexually arousing.
          So indeed based on the fact they are two different people with wildly different approaches to their performers and yet their work has the same basic flaw, it is clear the only thing they have in common: the fact they are women and therefore approach gay sex with the perspective of female sexuality. Considering the audience for this should largely be gay men who are looking for more in porn than merely “mood”, that is a big problem. They might be genuinely interested and aroused by gay porn – but not the way their intended audience is.

          • Dazzer

            I’m not sure I agree with that, Monsieur Bug. I like mr pam’s stuff because she has an elegance and humour to her films. She gets me hard and she also makes me laugh – and sometimes she offers background music that actually makes me want to know who is the composer. Nica Nicolle does none of those things. She just seems to look at two men and do the ‘Hulk Smash!’ thing of smacking them together and expecting them to be atomic.

            mr.pam understands tone and pacing and wit and everything that goes with it to make the sex good. Nica Noelle’s concept of gay sex seems to be ‘He’s got a six pack and a dick – what more do I need?’.

            I’m not some fanboi here, but in a previous life I used to get paid to review mainstream movies. Nica Noelle is lumpen. She has a leaden hand when it comes to envisaging a scene. On the other hand, when she’s good, mr. pam throws in so many little touches of cutaways and music before she introduces the idea of sex that you’re beguiled before the fucking begins.

            And before anyone says anything, no, I’ve never met the woman. I have precisely no connection to mr. pam. She just has a precision and delicacy and craft in her work that I appreciate in any kind of filmmaker.

          • FrenchBug

            Well, I won’t argue with you on whether Mr Pam is a lot more competent and interesting than NN (duh!). But I stand by what I said in that all the things you compliment her on are not really what matters in a porn movie in the end as far as I am concerned. Makes for an interesting cinematographic product at times, sure, but if I can’t properly SEE the men having sex, it is all very irrelevant to me.
            Again, the fact she is beloved by her performers is a sign she is competent in a general sense (and a cool chick). I particularly notice that a lot of them seem to be PROUD of the movies they make with her – which again speaks to what they are as “movies” rather than porn.
            That’s very nice and heartwarming but I have to be crude and cynical and point out that that’s not really what I ask of my porn. Creating an erotic titillating mood is not the same as getting me off.
            I really wish she could combine the two because those do make the best porn movies. But if I have to choose, I am afraid I will side with paint-by-the-number movies where I can see the sex between two hot guys over a really well-made movie in which I can’t tell what is going on.

          • Dazzer

            We’re just going to have to differ on opinions on this. You’re not wrong in what you’re saying, I’m just looking for something different.

            To be honest, I’ve seen too many pizza boys ravaged and too many masseures giving happy endings and too many cops demanding a blow job. I like something different.

            It’s probably just me, but I really loved the cutaway shots of flowers and the cheeky music of the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels rip-off that made me really enjoy that film. Don’t get me wrong on this, I really loved the sex scenes, but it was all the non-sex scenes that gave the film context.

            This will look pretentious as hell, but there was a lot of beauty in that film. She didn’t just rely on her cast for the pretty.

            Men simply pretending to go through the actions of gay sex bores me rigid.

            I like to see some emotional interplay. I like to see that me as a gay man exists within some kind of context as a sexual and emotional being.

            There’s nothing crude or cynical about what you’re saying. We just disagree, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

          • FrenchBug

            Absolutely. Which is why I still upvoted your comment. It is an honest but interesting disagreement.
            I just suspect your film buffiness is influencing you here and most porn consumers think like me. But obviously there is no right and wrong.
            In the end I am sure we can agree that she COULD combine what I am looking for and what you like about her and that she does well and she would be on top of the gay porn world.

          • Dazzer

            ‘Buffiness’ wins you a thousand points of up-voting.

            At every point, this will look pretentious – but, no. mr. pam has to follow her own muse.

            She doesn’t have to make me or you happy. All she has to do is make money for her employers

  • James

    Crazy bitch needs to go back on her meds.

  • john

    Please….we all have terrible bosses that abuse us and take advantage of us..Stop being a little bitch

    • Stiffo

      Yet, for some reason it’s okay that people in porn can be treated to 16-hour days, without food, without sleep, be expected to work and fuck immediately after deplaning a red-eye, and finally be thrown on another red-eye at the end of the day. No wonder people call Noelle’s porn bad. The performers need to demand limits as conditions of working for her, especially regarding sleep, lodging, food, working hours, and travel.

    • Porn Star

      LOL… Trade places with a Nica model. I dare you. You have a better chance of winning on Survivor

      • n24rc

        you are rambling now.

  • One is starting to see a pattern emerging…

  • Lemar

    If she’s such a problem, why work with her? I’m confused.

    • R.A.M.J

      If you were making 6 figures and your direct supervisor was bat shit crazy would you quit, or tough it out for the salary until they pushed you over the top?

      • Lemar

        So he toughed it out and complained basically what you’re saying

        • R.A.M.J

          Exactly! Wouldn’t you agree stranding someone in another city is a valid breaking point?

  • Bob Bilbert


    • slipperyslope

      You stupid, clumsy bitch!

  • wickedboy2015

    I don’t feel bad for three simple reasons:

    1. He has worked with her in the past so her behavior is not new to him.

    2. If true like Nica said then he had his travel itinerary in advance and should have made the necessary changes.
    3. Its completely his fault that he traveled long distance without any money! Who does that?

    • James


    • R.A.M.J

      I think the money he was referring too was not what was in his pocket, but the money he would have made from that scene.

      if there was an intinererary why hasn’t she produced it to defend herself?

      I’ve worked with crazy bosses and still went to work everyday know they were, but at some point enough is enough.

      • wickedboy2015

        No he was crying about not having any money in NYC. That’s his fault.

        • Porn Star

          That’s not his fault. He has grounds to sue her for lost wages, labor violations, filming permit violations, breach of contract….it goes on and on. If he wanted to be a cunt [like me] he would pursue truly damaging her. Fuck her shooting porn. Destroy her life.

          • Xander

            seriously billy? you can’t sue someone for getting fired because you have a lousy attitude! if that was the case everyone would be rich from suing. get your facts straight!!!

          • sxg

            Pornstars are not employees of the studio, they’re individual contractors. Yes he could potentially sue for lost wages because of the inconvenience of him having to be stuck in NYC until his return flight with now previous arrangements made BY the studio to send him back home immediately. But a court would probably laugh their ass off if any person brought a type of lawsuit involving a porn studio into their courtroom. OR they can take it to The People’s Court and none of them are out anything!

          • Xander
          • sxg

            lol oh you, thinking you know things when you really don’t.

          • Xander

            the simple fact, which you are obviously not grasping, is that he was fired for his lousy attitude and demeanor towards the director before he even boarded the plane in NYC where he had been all week long. So get your facts straight.

          • sxg

            And she had a return flight booked to him to Cleveland with a connection through Boston. AND he already had his bag checked in and probably arrived in Maine and sat there until it was returned to him. So yea, if she booked him for a return flight, she’s responsible for his return home. So in the time it took him to get home he could sue for convenience fees (hotel costs, booking his own return flight home).

          • Xander

            then he shouldn’t have been flying in from a city that wasn’t his home! makes no sense. so if i get fired from my job and i’m traveling from my boyfriends house i can sue my ex boss for gas money? doesn’t add up dude!!!

          • sxg

            But the circumstances are different because you are an employee from a job that gives you an hourly or salary wage, and Colton is NOT an employee of Icon Male so in order for him to work for Icon Male they reach a verbal agreement, which is enough to serve as a contract! If Nica knew he was flying from another town instead of his hometown, which she did because she books everything herself as mentioned on twitter, then she knew EXACTLY that she was stranding Colton in another city with no way of going back home. So yes she does bear some, if not all the responsibility of making sure Colton had no issues getting home.

          • n24rc

            IF she had smarts she would have an uber account and get these guys access to it for them to be picked up at the airport and taken to the nearest place to meet.

          • n24rc

            Billy isn’t that bright, so I don’t think he can make a distinction between these things.

          • Myko

            If he knew all this beforehand what the fuck was he doing agreeing to work with her again in the first place?

          • R.A.M.J

            Money talks. Maybe he crazy never really affected him like this. Like I’ve said before, I’ve volunteered to work with people I knew were nuts because it would advance my career (now i have their jobs), but if one of them had left me stranded in a city nowhere near home, who here wouldn’t agree, that that is BEYOND low down.

          • n24rc

            Well, all he has to do is put up a rentboy ad and suck dick, he’d make a few bucks. Right?

          • LeanStud79

            I would LOVE to see this shit on Judge Judy!!!

        • It is kind of dumb on his part to not have some sort of backup emergency plan in case things fall through.

    • Xander

      finally someone with a decent head on their shoulders!!!

  • TK

    Something Needs To Be Done About Colton Grey

    Cause that sexy fucker’s eyes haunt my wet dreams!

    And that peen…


    Gee, I wonder who Nica got to step in for Colton and get fucked by the father/stepfather/coach/priest?

  • slipperyslope

    I just want Colton to know that I’m here for him if he needs a shoulder to cry on. Or a penis to suck on. Whatever. I just can’t stand the thought of him down in the dumps!

    • Mike Julius

      I too am here for him if he needs a body part.

  • Todd

    Oh Sweet Baby Jeebus ….. it’s HER NIPPLE again !!!! http://www.labourmobility.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/eye-covering-2.gif

    • C3xxx

      Whenever I see this GIF (Shining?) can’t help but cringe imagining the pupils being pushed back onto the retinas 😮

  • czer

    I don’t like Icon Male videos at all. Now I know why. That cunt should not be directing gay porn.

  • Evan

    ok that bitch is crazy

  • Evan

    This is better 😉
    Diesel Washington looks like Big Momma !
    Diesel is ugly ! Upvote +1000

    • Ryan Rose


    • Marc V.


    • Diesel Washington

      You spent so much time with photo shopping my picture with the Joker (creative)…

      Getting my other pics, all just to post on this thread because of? Makes no sense…

      • Evan

        so much time?hahaha
        just 44 seconds and without Photoshop
        Thanks that joker picture is very good .

        • Dazzer



          Did someone steal your Ritalin recently?

          • Evan

            Try harder ! Hi Diesel (Dazzer)

          • disqus_9xayOTnP13

            Sold it to pay for the cell overages more likely.

          • Robert


          • disqus_9xayOTnP13

            evan may have sold his ritalin to pay for cell phone over useage charges.

    • Diesel Washington

      You stole the whole up vote from Sean (another blank profile )..in the Ryan Rose post. Not only can’t you come up with an idea on your own. The whole Big Momma joke falls flat.

      Wasted energy by you on a joke that falls flat. Instead of a laugh, you get this….

      • McM.

        Dalia Royce!!
        She was one of the best characters on the show Suburgatory.

      • Evan

        Wasted energy by you on a joke that falls flat ?
        Are you sure ? Hahahaha

        • Dazzer

          So someone suspended your Reddit account? Guess it sucks to be you.

          • Evan

            Hi Diesel

          • disqus_9xayOTnP13

            “The Daz” isn’t Diesel. I think he is an Subject of the QoE writer.

  • Zealot

    OMG it’s NICA’S NURPLE! RUN!!!!!

  • Denis-Adam Pompa


    • Todd

      Zach summed it up best. If Icon Male continues to make money from Nica’s work, she ain’t going anywhere. The fanbase for her movies probably cheers Nica on as a ‘tough broad’ http://data1.whicdn.com/images/51723753/large.gif

      • disqus_9xayOTnP13

        I’ll be honest till this I always thought Nica was Nicolas in drag.
        And it still don’t matter.

        I’m Will and I like story driven porn, even if it is bad.

        “Hi Will”

  • Porn Star

    Now, it’s well known that I speak my mind. I lashed out at Nica for her neglect/abuse etc. But Colton is probably the sweetest, most relaxed, go with the flow guy I’ve ever met. Icon does not need Nica. She is a minor part of the process. She is never really on set and has only filmed one, ONE of my Icon scenes. She only stays for the B-roll then the cameraman directs the sex. Nica only writes the bad scripts, then harasses agents for performers, since few will work with her, then she takes forever to pay for their services. I said my piece months ago in January, but became beyond furious when Colton texted me about what happened. I have no problem being a bitch. I posted a Mile High Media contact on my twitter for model AND their fans to flood him with complaints. Colton did not deserve this. No model deserves this. I made a statement that I would never work for Icon again if Nica is involved, I stuck by that statement. But at this point, I will never work for Icon again PERIOD because you, as a company, are condoning this behavior. You are as much the blame. Boycott Cinemax….I mean Icon Male.

    • Xander

      says a disgruntled former performer of nica’s. every story has 2 sides. you should be ashamed of yourself billy. you know what you have done in the past to this woman. if anyone should be boycotted it should be certain porn stars who emotionally abuse their husbands don’t you agree? people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! by the way Nica is the one who said she would never hire you again!

    • sxg

      It’s pretty obvious that she doesn’t do much on set, or doesn’t even pay attention. I saw her tweet out that she will address the “band of lunatics” once she’s done with her shoot, yet she’s been tweeting for hours before and after she made that statement. Someone spending that much on twitter addressing every single response and RT is not doing what they’re supposed to do, and in this case it’s directing.

      • disqus_jkuFhOrHcN

        There’s something from her posted on Men of Porn. Sounds like a typical victim, poor me response.

        • FrenchBug

          And actually the series of texts she posted on Twitter mesh with what CG says. Not sure why she thinks it boosts her case to share them.
          In their interaction, you can see that the minute he expresses a hint of reserve about the plan she had made for him, she jumps at his throat aggressively and “fires him”.
          If that’s how she reacts in texts I can only imagine how easily it is to trigger her in person.

          • n24rc

            Cause she is insane. Any person in porn is nuts. There is no rational thought behind their thought process.

        • slipperyslope

          The tweets have already been taken down. Do you happen to recall any specifics? Cheers….

    • n24rc

      well, she had a reputation from straight porn. just ask that group of people.

    • Marc V.

      What is your real name ? I want to see your videos <3

      • Porn Star

        Billy Santoro

    • Todd

      Hey there !! Hope you are doing well this summer !!!

      • Porn Star

        How are you baby? I’m having a nice summer.

    • James

      Well said and Damn straight time to boycott.

  • Caleb Exhem

    Lol wow Nica like get your life together .

  • Myko

    Do you not have an affiliate account with them Zach ?

    So you have a issue with your “boss” so you turn to social media to vent your anger. Who does that?

    The only way the industry will ever change is if performers stop working with the studios that think its ok to treat people like shit. If she is bat shit crazy ( clearly she is) STOP working with her – simple. He knew what she was like, not only from previous personal experience but also from other porn performers experiences but still chose to shoot with her – Who does that ??

    Zach is right its all about money. The porn performers continue to work with her (including Colton) because of money ! Her shit sells = money .

    Coltons’ outburst isn’t going to make any difference to Icon’s sales, the only thing that wold affect sales is if she has no models to film !

  • robirob

    How can Nica be stopped? When the fans of the mistreated porn performers, who had the courage to speak out and take a stand, bond together and outnumber the fans of Nica and her work and boycott the shit out of Icon Male. Then the ball is in Icon Male’s court.

    Nowdays it’s never a good idea to let an egomaniac run a company or leave them in charge of projects, because they usually run the company into the ground. And the reason for that is social media and blogs give fans and consumers a very bleak look behind the scenes what is going on and how people in charge handle themselves and others.

    • Diogenes Veritas

      who needs to boycott? if you’re a porn performer and don’t want to be mistreated, don’t take the gig. if the people in the industry don’t self-correct the problem then why expect the consumer, many of whom don’t read this or any other porn blog and so are completely unaware, to do so. that is assuming that even if they did know they would care one way or the other.

  • zipperpull

    wait, they film Porn in Maine?

  • OverKill

    Here’s a solution, how about not working for her. If Icon Male approaches them, say no. Since she doesn’t know how to treat performers the performers can cause the company to lose money and shut down. Simple. May not be simple for the performers as they might need the money but still.

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    If her stuff is super profitable, then High Mile Media should get her a production assistant. Problem solved.

    That aside I suspect her stuff sells well because no one else is doing anything quite comparable.

  • disqus_9xayOTnP13

    They sell because they are the only story driven porn out there, but you are right they are of the quality that Falcon fell too, after Rutherford and Scarborough opened their own production houses.

    Stories are good
    Script are okay
    Models are better to best
    Location are great.
    Cinematography is fine.
    So what is holding Icon from being top notch?

    Somebody needs to let go of the day to day details and focus on the art.

    So Nica if your are reading this I got some free time.

    And why Maine in the Summer? The bugs could carry off Armond Rizzo. What is wrong with Big Bear or Idellwild?

  • I hope that the ticket was non refundable and it gets taken out of that bitch Nica’s pay. What a snatch I will never watch her crappy porn.

  • jimboivyo

    And so…..@NicaTheory no longer exists. Was she hacked? Did she finish her breakdown with one last final desperate statement?

    • R.A.M.J

      nope, she moved it to tumblr it looks like. http://nicanoelle.tumblr.com/

    • disqus_9xayOTnP13

      I am guessing Mile High is doing some damage control.

  • Marc V.

    Hi bitches

  • John Iii

    It’s true. The only way to rein in such folks is not to work with them. You see the same stuff in mainstream hollywood. If enough refuse they either get fired or clean up their act.

  • Denis-Adam Pompa


    • John Iii

      The models will have to boycott is the reality of the situation. The average porn viewer doesn’t give a shit about such things

  • R.A.M.J

    Ok im sorry. landing at midnight, baggage claim is at least 30-45 mins then a 3 hour drive, puts him getting there around 3:30-4am barring traffic and stops for gas and peeing. that is NOT a fulls night rest. I wonder what time the scene was supposed to start shooting?

    a fulls nights rest is between 6-8 hours.

    Lets say he arrive at 5am like he said he would, after settling in, probably getting something to eat, maybe a shower, he probably wouldn’t have gotten into bed until maybe or 6:30 so unless that scene was scheduled to shoot at anywhere between 1 and 2pm, he was not going to get a full nights sleep.

    bitch needs a clock.

  • R.A.M.J

    Nick Capra should have stayed out of this. Not his monkeys not his circus.

  • James

    I guess Nick is stupider than he looks, you can’t call something a “story” claim it false while publishing texts that prove said story. It’s illogical at best, maybe he didn’t even read the texts. Oh and as you said real professional of her to send said text to her friend.

    • Myko

      Nick Capra is a thick as shit – there is enough evidence of that

      • James

        Admittedly I dislike him so I read the least about him I can.

  • yaoirabbit

    This is the same Nick Capra who blabbed about topping a celebrity client. So of course he’s not above leaking private text messages.

  • n24rc

    I see the problem. She wanted him to land and do the shoot and then return so he couldn’t stay overnight at a hotel- essentially what Colton expected. But in her mind she felt he wasn’t a significant part of the story – just a scene with no dialogue. He complained about the long shoots – and then complained about the flight/without any overnight stay.

    Seems both were at fault, considering it seems BOTH FELT THE OTHER was doing a “favor.”

    In the future she shouldn’t be handling these problems, she should have someone handle the models. She also should expect to have the models make a verbal/written confirmation from the itinerary she sent.

    I’m sure she has other issues, but this time it seems both really didn’t follow up.

    • FrenchBug

      Not entirely sold on your reading but even assuming you are right and it was a double misunderstanding in the first place, as JP Dubois rightfully pointed to her on Twitter, it is her job as a director to keep her model happy even when she feels he is being unreasonable (and even in your gracious reading of the situation, what she was misunderstanding he was saying was not THAT unreasonable).
      In their exchange, she literally went from 0 to 100 in the space of two texts. It may have been a double misunderstanding on the substance but only one participant chose to escalate it. She is at the very least not emotionally equipped to do a job that requires her to be good with people, let alone be patient and sometimes accommodating as a director needs to be.

      • n24rc

        Yes. She was wrong. Her response didn’t make it better. She shouldn’t be handling the itinerary or flights etc….which is my point. Also, being cheap doesn’t help, most productions are expensive and the return on some of them is almost non-existent. She shouldn’t be spending money on lavish storytelling if she cannot afford a hotel stay. At this rate she should probably move production to Las Vegas – the rates for flights are lower than most other places since the tourist industry is dependent on it. Not to mention she can budget herself a little better.

        Also, Colton texts were a bit passive aggressive. I think text messages aren’t exactly a conducive way to do business….#millenialgap. I would never send text messages to a boss or employer, or business contact. It would be annoying and frustrating to read texts while I”m at work. Either call and make it a phone conversation, or nothing at all. He seems to lack a bit of social graces that technology has robbed his generation of.actual skills to talk via phone or in person.

        • disqus_9xayOTnP13

          I would rather get a text at the office or in a meeting, because most issues can be resolved in less then ten words.

          Did no one give the models a integrated itinerary/call sheet?

          Arrive BGR 2300
          Car pickup outside United baggage claim
          driver’s cell (555)555-5555
          apx arrival at location 0130
          your call is at 1100
          car back to BGR 1800
          departure flight 2200

          A little info and the world wouldn’t of known way to much about both these peoples lives.

          • n24rc

            What you are describing and what I’m discussing are two different things. I’m saying that they were having a conversation about the itinerary and the issues of being transported so late in the evening. If he felt this way – he should have called her and discussed this. But they didn’t because each was acting very passive aggressive.

          • disqus_9xayOTnP13

            What I am describing is a way that this issue never would of happened.
            I wasn’t attacking you, just brought up a solution so in the future this won’t happen.

            slo ur roll.

          • n24rc

            i didn’t think it was attack – i was only pointing out the underlying behavioral problems of both people. You read it as a “solution” but really it is more about maturity and willingness to properly address problems and conflicts – that texts aren’t suitable for that purpose.

          • disqus_9xayOTnP13

            I provided a solution so they wouldn’t do this all again: just a itinerary call sheet exemplar.

            I never disagreed with you about the P/A nature of both the participants, nor would I.

  • Chpchipp

    Reading the Capra texts cements this director as a sociopath, maligner & manipulator.
    Not a fan.
    Colton Grey on the other hand, not only a stud but a stand-up guy. And I like Mark Mac Namara more now as well.

  • wickedboy2015

    “A director forwarding a performer’s texts to another performer so they can be published crosses so many different ethical and professional lines, it’s almost impossible to even comprehend. ”

    Zach did you not promise to do the same thing if studios/actors removed their affiliate program from your blog?

  • buffy2004

    Nick Capra read those messages before posting them?? because like you said is exactly what Colton said and does nothing for Nica. is incredible ridiculous. She sound defensive and pissed when Colton didn’t really said anything that bad to her. This woman needs to think before acting or talking because she is not making herself any favors.

  • Luca

    the update is an embarrassing mess. Why Nica had to post the messages through Nick Capra?! but as he says, let’s the “fact” speak, and Nica comes out VERY badly.

    Anyhow, of course she will never be fired. She has a cult-level following and she is rentable to the company, and there always will be models trying their luck to work with her, so…

  • Diogenes Veritas

    well, if the industry isn’t going to do anything to rein in this kind of behavior, i have a hard time mustering much concern. sorry, but if the people with the money and power who could do something about it don’t have concern for their performers then i’m not sure why i need to spend much time focused on this issue.

  • Spencer87

    Nick Capra is just as retarded as Nica.You posted EXACTLY what Colton said…

  • Kiwini

    No one’s forcing anyone to do porn. How many people go through a lot more from bosses for a lot less cash. Maybe it’s a sign