Brent Corrigan Calls Out Nica Noelle For Abusing Models (Again)

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In case you didn’t believe him (or Jessie Colter, or Colton Grey, or Billy Santoro, or Dirk Caber, or Caleb King, or Seth Santoro) the first time, Brent Corrigan has once again taken to Twitter to reiterate his allegations of “ill treatment” against embattled Icon Male director and noted pathological liar Nica Noelle.

It was this tweet from Nica Noelle (in which she claims to be a victim of misogyny without offering proof, and then brags about how much money she makes) that set Brent Corrigan off:

nica1Corrigan’s response:

bc1bc2 bc3 bc4 bc5Surprisingly, Nica Noelle didn’t fight with Brent Corrigan as much as she did during their last feud, so maybe she’s finally learned how to behave like a professional? Maybe she’s finally realized that, as the one and only real public face of her company, it’s not wise to engage in Twitter wars and social media meltdowns with former employees? Haha, yeah right.

Here’s Nica Noelle subtweeting Brent Corrigan (and accusing him of using steroids) later that night, which is just as immature (if not more so?) as arguing with him directly:

nica4 nica5

Speaking of delusions of grandeur:

nica2Nica Noelle’s most trusted sidekick, Nick Capra, had his own subtweet for Brent Corrigan, in which he (falsely) accused his former fuckbuddy of being a misogynist by comparing Noelle to mr. Pam:


Capra’s labeling of Corrigan as a misogynist is not unlike Nica Noelle’s own pattern of attempting to marginalize her accusers by pretending that they are just “anti-women,” when in fact their complaints have had nothing do with Nica Noelle’s gender. Also, Corrigan wasn’t comparing Nica Noelle and mr. Pam’s “abilities” as directors—he was comparing the amount of people they’ve allegedly hurt and fought with publicly, which, again, has nothing to do with gender.


  • FrenchBug

    What happens when a handful of publicity-craving sanity-challenged egomaniacs bitch-Tweet each other? I yawn.

  • FooFight

    Oh, my God. This again?!

  • Ayda
    • Seth82

      I am frankly sick of seeing that disgusting nipple every time we read about that crazy bitch.

    • ansonsf

      No more nipple!

  • sxg

    A cunt arguing with another cunt. I like neither of these animals. Brent’s just scheduling his routine attention whoring, while Nica is still a trainwreck of a human being.

    But I think Nica is putting up more of a fight this time around with Brent than last time. The last time she folded so easily, she was downright scared to go at it with him more deeply.

  • mariodemocrat

    Looking at her twitter feed, this is bitch is so far gone. Women like you make women look bad, Alex Forrest. “Hide your crazy,” indeed.

  • mariodemocrat

    Kind of disappointed there was apparently no way to work into the story this fantastic disclosure: “The lady at my hotel here confessed to me that she’d built a whole narrative that I was a film star or an abused woman in hiding.” How much time is Nica spending fraternizing with the housekeeping staff, and what kind of movies have they been watching?

  • Lionel Del Rey

    Does Brent Corrigan think he’s an actual actor working with actual directors that make actual movies that go to theaters?

    I don’t see why he’s being dramatic over something that should be over already tbh.

  • Mark Anthony Vitelli

    Why does anyone in their right mind care about any of this?

  • yaoirabbit

    There’s really no one to root for here. But I will say that if she really didn’t care what people think of her, she wouldn’t have left that tweet in the first place bragging about the abundance of her success. And it’s annoying when people use their bank account to validate their self-worth as if it somehow makes them better than everyone else. You may have money, but are you happy?

  • ansonsf

    Here we go again! I find it hard to dismiss Brent’s allegations as there have been numerous credible stories about how Nica treats models. That being said, models, you are warned. You have to be crazy to work with crazy.

    • Zachary Sire

      Or broke.

      • Stacy

        But there is a site that looks for “broke” boys in the title!

  • Todd
  • Zealot

    When there are so many straight men lining up to be butt fucked for pay and pussy whipped by Noelle, why do gay men work for her at all? Isn’t that the obvious question here?

    • Zachary Sire

      Some people really need the money.

      • Zealot

        Knowing how she treats the talent, I think they’d rather wait tables. If this was the last and only job available then God be with them, I suppose.

        • Hereweare

          Wait tables? That would be an actual job.

  • Todd

    Capra doesn’t understand the comparison of one female director that you never hear any complaints about her sets/treatment of modesl and another female director that has had numerous complaints about her sets/treatment of models ?

    • good point! I don’t know why I always get pulled in when there’s an issue with Nica…? lol!

  • Deli73

    Given the number of tweets she’s done about how evil feminists are, when it comes to her cries of misogynists I find I have no interest in helping or defending her. She thinks feminism is horrible, she can sort this shit out for herself without it.
    Her obvious double standards sicken me.

  • Porn Star

    I’m so over Nick Capra defending her….I’m this close to posting his LONG email to me in Jan 2015 bashing her which included the email he sent to her boss and encouraging me to contact him as well. If you’re drawn to trying to further hurt those whom have been abused by her, I will post it…let the fans etc decided for themselves how Nica won you back into her good graces. Since you were ALSO a model she abused and said you would never work with her again [I guess your word means shit], you should just shut your damn mouth or speak the truth.

  • ansonsf

    The question is, has Nica Noelle finally gone too far?

  • John Iii

    Frankly a vast majority of viewers just don’t care about such behind the scenes porn drama. It not like we don’t know the business is full of all kinds of scewed up people.

  • Diogenes Veritas

    is this the same brent corrigan that once said he wanted to quit the business because it tolerates your blog zach?

    • daniel harcourt

      yes sadly Brent never follows thru on his promises.

  • Myko

    Normally I love a twitter outburst/meltdown but whenever Nick Capra is mentioned I feel all creeped out.

    Obviously Nica (mad as a box of frogs) Noelle proves once again how deluded she is with her comparison of her porn to the making of an indie film !!! Hilarious.

    I will hand it to her though for making gay porn for women to watch.

    As for Brent Corrigan I thought he had died… he hasn’t been in the “news’ for ages nor had a rant for months until today. Glad to see he is safe and well !

  • Stuart

    This shit is better than daytime tv.

    I love this site, more shade than a pile of open umbrellas.

  • kkdd1

    All of these people cannot be wrong about this CRAZY BITCH !!!

    • R.A.M.J

      Thats what I said.

  • Nana Eristavi

    All those Twitter wars are simply riduculous and anecdotic, I suppose. How can grown-up, mature people behave so childish and stupid, – is completely over my head. Phew. :(

  • Spencer87

    *Rolls Eyes* Both of them need to have a fucking seat.Both attention whores.

  • Spongey

    So much drama. What happened to all that love & light BS.

  • R.A.M.J

    I personally like Brent Corrigan.Don’t know much about the crazy bitch he’s talking about other than what I seen since her antics have come out.
    I just have one question. I her stuff selling well because it’s actually good, or because of the talent she uses. I ask this because personally, if I ever do watch a studio porn scene, I usually fast forward to the fucking. I could give a shit about the script or plot. So again. what is the real reason he shit is selling. If it’s really selling as well as she says it is.
    In addition, I don’t think the talent she uses is that hot. Nick Capra creeps me out. He has that creepy gym teacher vibe. Or the old guy who hangs out at high school parties trying to relive his glory years.